Singaporeans First or Foreigners First

When Jee Say and his comrades announced the birth of a new party I was a bit uneasy. We don’t need more opposition parties but for opposition candidates to gel together as a united front. My misgivings were kind of softened when the name of the party was announced. It is called Singaporeans First Party. And I was quite agreeable with his manifesto that puts Singaporeans First. At least we have a political party that values and wants to protect the interests of Singaporeans.

Yesterday in Parliament when Foo Mee Har called for Singaporeans First in employment opportunities she was shot down by Amy Khor. Amy’s position is the same as the PAP/Govt. Cannot put Singaporeans first and lost out on foreign talents. If there are better foreign talents, just too bad if Singaporeans were passed over. It is a competitive world and we must fight for the best foreign talents. This is the same as ST’s Fernandez position, regardless of nationalities as long as they are talents. This position also presumes that the foreign talents hired are really better talents than Sinkies and not otherwise, not because they are of the same kind or clan.

Foo Mee Har ended having to qualify her position that all things being equal, or something like that, Singaporeans must be given first right of refusal. I like that.

Is Amy Khor’s foreign talents preference against Singaporeans First the policy position of PAP? If this is the case, then we will have two parties with two different priorities with respect to jobs for Singaporeans. Singaporeans First Party would put the hiring of Singaporeans First as a major policy. PAP will be talents regardless of nationalities. Am I right to make this conclusion?

Would the PAP care to clarify its position on this new development in Parliament? Was Amy Khor spelling out PAP’s policy on the hiring of talents?

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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Sour grapes again over toe-to-toe competition?

I guess so ;-)

kia su -- scared to lose

kia si -- scared to die

WTF Singapore? How to improve liddat?

Anonymous said...

I never watch the debates in Parliament. They make me really sick. Nothing more than a sick opera that runs over and over again.

In time to come may become the longest running opera in history. Or should I qualify it and call it 'wayang'

Anonymous said...

Things did not change after GE 2011. Things will not change after 2016 if they still retain power.

What we can do is try to VTO in 2016 or further down the road. Sure it will be very difficult, but what is the alternative looking at what the PAP is doing to us citizens.

Anonymous said...

Amy Koh's angmoh husband must be best of the best

Anonymous said...

But even both are from PAP, but Amy Koh is a senior minister of state and Foo Mee Har is only a backbencher, tio bo?

So who is more powerful and so whose views will prevail and be carried out, u tell me lah?

And who is Tan Jee Say? And did he announce that his Singaporean First is also ready to be govt? No, tio bo? So can he even be compared with Foo Mee Har?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> looking at what the PAP is doing to us citizens.

And exactly what would that be?

(Here we go with the case of an embedded sense of entitlement within a victim-hood mentality. i.e. nothing will change in this area)

Anonymous said...

I think PAP can only be voted out if 60% think that Hainan Ah Ko Tan, Teochew Ah Hia Low, SDP Chee, SPP Ah Chiam, Ah Chiam's wife, RP son of JBJ, DPP bald head Pui, NSP what's the leader's name? or even PAP Ah Loong can be together in the same cabinet as coalition govt!

Possible or not, u tell me lah?


Anonymous said...

More than S$400m spent on foreign students, yet our poor local students' parents have to resort to bank loans for the uni fee. Foreign students entitled to free tuition and our poor parents have to tighten their belts.

Is that fair to local students? If similar support is given to local students, then i think it is fair to say "let's compete and the winner shall get the reward".

Anonymous said...

Is that fair to local students?
anon 11:42 am

Not fair? Then why 60% still vote for PAP?

Anonymous said...

It is sad that our Minister is telling the country that there will be no Singaporean First policy. You serve NS, your problem but when comes to jobs, the cheaper person will get them. No point going to NUS or NTU even though these are rated the World best. $$$$ is the determinate. Being a Singaporean is a curse, so to speak. You are disadvatage due lost of two years in NS and you are likely to ask for higher salary because of higher housing, transport and medical. At the end you will lose out to Pinoys, Indians and Ang Mo.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Did you see Inderjit Singh bring up "Hotel Singapore" in parliament?


Anonymous said...

Being a Sikh, it is his duty to tell the truth. That's they believe. So, I do believe him.

Anonymous said...

With just a few excuses CPF is gone? The author discuss why: http://www.todayonline.com/voices/life-without-cpf-scary?

Those who depend on taking their CPF at 55 will be in trouble?

Many of those work hard in their life hoping to get their lifetime savings out CPF will be shock, many still don't know CPF can't be taken already?

Those with less education don't know what happen to their CPF? They will be shock of their life CPF promised to give back their money suddenly change its policy can't return the money to them?

This CPF is their lifetime of savings, their don't have much savings as their pay is not high, the inflation likely eat away their savings if he out of job due to the high influx of cheaper foreigners? At least if they get back their CPF the can ride through their difficulties? Between the period of 55 and 65?

With not much savings they would be trouble, going to the credit companies and ah long to borrow money instead of last time able to get out their CPF as put aside for rainy days?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Yep. That was a good article from Inderjit. I will post something about that tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

theonion said ...
I am adopting a Vote Opposition First policy.

Millionaire Amy Koh makes it clear.
I would be daft to vote PAP because I would be voting myself, my wife and my children out of a job.

Isn't it fair to say that if I vote PAP, I am increasing the chances of a Singaporean being replaced by an alien?

Anonymous said...

Never have I heard of a political party thinking of foreigners' first. The party is so aloof and anti Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Amy Koh is a PAP Minister.
Minister means she was chosen by PM Lee to be part of his inner circle to implement his vision of Singapore.
Clearly that vision is not a pro Singaporean vision.

So how can Singaporeans do well under such a pro alien Prime Minister?
If Singaporeans cannot do well, then how can Singapore do well?

oldhorse42 said...

Surprised that MP Foo Mee Har speaking more like RB than MIW. All the bad things said about her and her husband before the election. Have these been forgotten or forgiven.
All foo are hainanese but not all hainanese are fools.
Is FMH a hainanese, too. Most hainanese are anti -establishment. It is in their gene. They are descendants from scholars in Imperial China who said the wrong things to the wrong people and were put to pasture in Hainan, a god foresaken place.

b said...

Is she the same girl with six fingers in one hand, born in msia, driving around with a 's' class mb, short, small sneeky eyes?

b said...

When pap mouthpieces talking for sinkies, the old man must have passed away. Damage control mode.

Virgo 49 said...

Right bro, at least can tide over from age 55 to 65 if withdraw all at age 55.

Who the hell knows you live beyond 65??

So between 55 to 65 have yo pick card boards to exchange for 10cts per kilos even got own cpf monies that cannot be with draw.

If after 65 no more monies or even at sge 90 no more monies you think the government will give you meh???

Only solution go to pinnacle@duxton to be superman and let the black Marias collect your body

Virgo 49 said...

Bro, you are wrong.

Haninese aspires to be top government officials and not businessmen as other ethnic chinese.

They like the ah neys believe professionals are more valued added then businessmen.

The said...

Haven't you been fooled enough?
Fool Me, Ha!

Anonymous said...

Many low wages workers in their forties and fifties looking forward to get back their CPF which is their lifetime savings, suddenly, was shocked and very disappointed? They could be in serious trouble these period?

Many married late and have family and children to take care and in the forties difficult to find jobs after retrench? And with the massive influx of cheaper labour?

The only sources of funding to tide over difficult period when they are out jobs between 55 and 65 as what they earn could not keep up with inflation?

Singapore now is among the most expensive country to live?

You can find huge amount of credit companies and Ah Long setting up shops?

Their major sources of fundings that is previously promised to release back the CPF lifetime savings at 55 was locked up?

Many of those around 50s still know know they can't get back their CPF now? Because confusing news of CPF?

A news paper sometimes publish up to 14 pages of credit companies adverts, how heavy demand is credit companies funding to many of them?

Now with the new rules with the heavy influx of cheaper workers, life will be more difficult for the middle and lower income?

Many of the wages of the low end workers had been depressed for years due to the heavy influx of foreign workers?

The most important source of savings CPF around 37 percent per month was locked up, due to some excuses? They can't wait until 65 or 68 if they lost the jobs and need money for expenses?

Anonymous said...

Tan Cheng Bock weighted on CPF: http://therealsingapore.com/content/dr-tan-cheng-bock-cpf-and-beyond

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Well said Amy Koh. There should be more people like you in Parliament. How can there be preferences when it come to choice of candidates for job vacancies. If Singaporeans are not talented enough then the job should go to a FT if that FT has better abilities to perform the work. We depend on meritocracy and it must also apply to FTs as well. Our GDP depends on good performance all round. If FTs can do a better job then we must hire more FTs. Like me I can outshine any Singaporean any day in my expertise. That is why I am in Singapore to help Singapore achieve the high growth each year. Without people like me you will be downgraded to a third world status like so many of your neighbours. We do not expect any preferential treatment but we also want a level playing field. Lets face it, Singapore without FTs will be doomed within 10 years. Singaporeans are by and large not very hardworking, too demanding, too soft and definitely too pampered.

Anonymous said...

"Surprised that MP Foo Mee Har speaking more like RB than MIW. All the bad things said about her and her husband before the election. Have these been forgotten or forgiven."

oldhorse42 must be naive or senile.
You never heard of PAP wayang in parliament?

Talk no use.
Vote Opposition and get a real voice in parliament.
Better still.
Vote out Lee Hsien Loong and get a more pro Singaporean leader in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Wayang or putting up a show is the forte of PAP Cabinet Members. Will not be surprised that question, suggestion/recommendation and reply/response were and are all prepared for debate in Parliament.
Anyway, all things being equal, the One who can fill the Post at 30% or more less pay should get the Job. WHICH EMPLOYER INCLUDING THE CIVIL SERVICE SECTOR DO NOT WANT TO MAKE MORE OR ALTERNATIVELY SAVE ON EXPENDITURE? Simple commonsense.

Anonymous said...

If you are an owner of a SME in Singapore, who would you employ? At the end of the day the most important thing you have to think of is the bottom line figure. If a FT age 25 - 35 with a salary of 2/3 that of a 50 year old Singaporean, I am sure you would choose to hire the younger FT who would work twice as hard as the 50 year old Singaporean. All this talk about Singaporean First is all bullshit. When it comes to paying less and getting more out of a worker, FTs are far better.

Anonymous said...

All tiok. FT conquered Singapore without firing a shot. does not know they have lost the country lor, tiok or not?

Anonymous said...

I must agree with Anon 7.00 and 7.49

Surely RB MUST agree too, if he speaks with a conscience.

Anonymous said...

So what Amy Khor is saying is even if all things are equal, the Singaporean should NOT get the job first... AMAZING,

Anonymous said...

Don't think she said or meant that.

Anonymous said...

A Local Whore in parliament?
Selling herself so cheaply?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 8:02, Matilah would agree with you in everything said by 7:00 and 7:49. The result will be a rich and prosperous hotel but without a soul, and no country.

A country is about a people and the good of the people. There would be trade offs, and the solution is not as simple as what a hotel owner will do. Practical or pragmatic people may choose a hotel and the workings of a hotel. But they must be prepared to be kicked out of the hotel when they are not needed or no longer useful to the hotel.

A country lives and survives on a different set of ethos. You may be too young or too shallow to understand what is a country and choose the glittering hotel as your preferred choice organisation.

Heard of boat people? Heard of the saying, this island belongs to everyone?

When there is no country there will be no homes. When there is no home, there will be no families.

The forefathers of this island were migrants? Why were they migrants? Because they had no country or their countries were not countries. They could not make homes in their countries.

When you lose your country....

Virgo49 said...

To Anon at 7.00pm. Put at least a name or acronym to certify which 3rd world trash country you came from.

You must be talking thru your ass saying we Singaporeans are what you described of us.

For the past fifty odd years, our forefathers and us built up the country to what it is today and now you just simply come here to leech on our goodwill.

If you are good enough and your country is prosperous enough, you would not be here to seek employment.

We, true blue Singaporeans took kindly to you all trash and beggars to beg for employment and you had insulted our magnanimous kindness and over stepped our hospitality.

Go back to your trash country where you have to hold up a placard WILL WORK FOR FOOD and shiver in the streets.

As for the six fingers crab Amy Khor she will be having her few last sessions sitting comfortably in the Parliament which she is a disgrace to us sitting there.

Anonymous said...

A hotel is a place where one stays as a guest and not a place where one builds a family, period.
The quality of the hotel depends on how much it charges its customers. Not all hotels are similar, those at Bendemeer and Geylang probably cater to backpackers and hourly rate clients. Anyone wants to stay there long term and treat it as home?
There are 6 star hotels, however, there are hardly any long term guest. It is because hotel is not home.
There could be confusion by some who do not make or are not able to distinguish between home and hotel. And some may think whore and spouse are the same thing.

Anonymous said...

"When there is no home, there will be no families."
RB 10:30 pm

Please lah RB, u should know that Sinkies already have below replacement fertility rate for years, so how to have enough future families? And if there are no familes, why even talk about a home, u tell me lah?

That's why when PM Lee said Sinkieland belongs to all, I think he is encouraging and hinting to the most talented foreigners available to become instant and future families for Sinkieland and make it their home lah.

What to do, if Sinkies are not reproducing enough of even ordinary Sinkies, let alone talented Sinkies.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon at 11.07pm

You think want to have children, just have children in sinkieland??

You read about the poor Singaporean who was thrown into jail just because he gave a false address to have his child in a prestigious school of his choice??

The fuxiing PAP makes it so stressful to be parent in Spore. Register child to study also have to volunteer and be a Traffic controller or sweeper in the school in order to have the child to have the priority.

Whereas places are allocated to their cronies or members to override other Singaporeans!

What meritocracy or meritocracy they talking about??

Let any parents who wants to register their child in any schools they want and have a ballot. No favoritism to one and all just like the HDB balloting in the 60s and 70s under DR Goh Keng Swee and Lim Kim San.

Who wants to married and have children in sinkieland with these type of fucked up policies????

Anonymous said...

If dividend yield on 3 percent for such a huge fund of hundreds of billions, is very high if it able to give consistently long term?

The question is where it get the money to give dividend yield?
If they don't need to return the money or principal, used it to give dividend yield of 3 percent, when you are 68, just give excuses life span had risen?

Of course you can hold hundreds thousands of dollars of a person, wait until 68 to give people a few hundred here and there per month as long as you don't to give back the principal? And invest it somewhere else?

Tan Cheng Bock said the trust is very important, as the promised of giving back the money at 55 and people is expecting it?

The problem when CPF was started that time the promised giving back people the money at 55, no matter what good reasons to you holding other money, others too have very good reasons to get back their money as promised?

It better to reduce the risk to give back some of them the money when they reach 55? The question is who deserve to get back the money?

At least give back people a good percentage or 80 percent of it when they reach 55?

Anonymous said...

The question is if you want to give back people the CPF at 55 as promised, who do you want to give back to ?

Finally you decided not to hold too many funds, which is too risky, should give back people the CPF as promised?

What type of persons you should give back? The type of persons that can manage their money you would give back?

Anonymous said...

The main reasons holding back people money worry they can't manage their money properly?

So those can manage their money let them take it back as promised when they reach 55?

If they can get higher returns then the CPF the better, the state don't need to manage for them?

So if the person can get back much better return then CPF, is much better so the person can at 55, stretch their higher passive money until 80?

These types of persons can get better return yet they still can keep and not spending principal until 80, rather then the meagre 3 percent the CPF offer to them when they are 65 or 68?

Anonymous said...

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maybe experiences great skills that locals cannot and probably will not undertake

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Anonymous said...

@May 28, 2014 10:54 am

omfg .... my imagination running wild now,

so fucking gross ... i almost puke at the thoughts

knnccb .... hsien loong, wanna something constructive, u can shaft a lau wongkua up yours

Anonymous said...

Going by Amy's position on foreign talent, then to be fair and to ensure everyone compete on a level playing field, we should open up our next General Election to the whole world to attract the best talent in the world so that we can achieve a First World Parliament. After all, Singapore belong to everyone,isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Amy Koh spoke against the President. Tony Tan in his address called for Singaporeans First. Amy Koh said no, if foreigners are good, good foreigners first. No good Sinkies last.

Anonymous said...

The name is Amy Khor.
Not Amy Koh or Amy Whore.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Sorry Amy. Spelt your name wrongly. Got it amended oredy.

Anonymous said...

@May 28, 2014 2:39 pm

the good, the bad and the ugly

@May 28, 2014 1:04 pm

wah liao ..... u believe in snakes?

knnccb .... hsien loong n running dogs n bitches, may maggots feast upon you all at your twilight years

Anonymous said...

You elected them. then they said, employ foreigners first.

You voted for them. then they said, give scholarships to foreigners, not your children.

Voter seow or govt seow?