Return our CPF Petition by Roy Ngerng

Roy Ngerng has started a petition at https://www.change.org/petitions/the-singapore-government-return-our-cpf-2. He will also be holding a rally at Hong Lim on 7 June at 4 pm to call on the Govt to return the CPF to its rightful owners at 55 and higher interest rates for the CPF savings among other things.

The CPF is an issue that touches the pockets of every Sinkie and will affect those who have hit 55 recently, and those younger that will come along through the years. Millions of Sinkies will fall victims to the CPF Schemes with their life savings locked away by strangers who claimed to be doing it for their good. And not only will these strangers decide when and how much to return to the Sinkies, they could even decide how to spend it by their audacious compulsory schemes. Reminds me of the days of warlordism in China.

I hope Roy will monitor the progress of his petition. I have noticed that he is using a different platform from that used by William Lim calling for the PM to resign. That petition is so heavily rigged that it is going no where. If it is allowed to run normally, my estimate is that it could hit at least 20,000 or 30,000 signatures conservatively. It is still hovering around 2,000 signatories. Would this petition of Roy go the same way, to oblivion, through rigging and neglect?

I have yet to hear William Lim making any comment on the state of his petition. Maybe he has other reasons not to say anything. Maybe it was a spur of the moment to start that petition and it is as good as to let it die a natural death. Nothing serious, not meant to be serious.

How many Sinkies will sign Roy’s petition? How many Sinkies will think it important enough to attend the rally at Hong Lim? When times are good, when the people do not have to fall back on their CPF savings, when they have other sources of fund, they may be reluctant or lack the motivation to want to make their voices and grievances heard. This is bad as people in charge may say, see, no complain, no protest, only 200, so the people are happy and they can go on with more schemes in the future.

When times are bad, when the people are desperate to lay their hands on their CPF savings, the temperature would be different. They may tear down the walls of CPF to get hold of their money. Just hope that the people are not desperate enough. Just hope that the younger generations are as easy to manipulate and docile enough not to do anything when their money are locked away against their wishes, like the older generations.

Would the people rise and march to Hong Lim on 7 June to demand for the return of their CPF savings?

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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I think everyone should sign. In that way the maximum amount of people can get "schooled" in the reality they refuse to accept.

CPF is legal. Raising the CPF minimum sum is legal and necessary. The money in CPF is not technically yours.

Anyway, let the sheeple exercise their right to be dumb and the freedom to be wrong: sign the petition :-)

Anonymous said...

What the fish must they always use facebook to facilitate comments etc. I dont hv fb acct n Dont intend to open one fr good reasons.

Anonymous said...

"Would the people rise and march to Hong Lim on 7 June to demand for the return of their CPF savings?"

It's not that Sinkies do not want to do that lah.

It's simply that Sinkies know that protests, big or small, illegal or illegal, will not achieve anything at all. Simply put, no use.

Now why do something which is of no use, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

Let me tell u one thing lah. One thing that will really make the PAP shiver with fear.

That is when a Sinkie opposition party announce that they are ready to contest 100% seats next election AS ONE PARTY! And no need to say anything more.

And that is when there is a 93% chance that the 60% will switch sides at the next poll!

Anonymous said...

"One thing that will really make the PAP shiver with fear."
Anon 9:16 am


If that is the case, then PAP will have no fear lah, let alone shiver.

Anonymous said...

Petition no use lah.
PAP won't listen lah!

Just focus on converting your parents, siblings, friends and relatives to vote Opposition.
Hit the PAP where it hurts.
Their million dollar salary job.

Just ask George Yeo.
Do you think he is more receptive to listening to alternative viewpoints now that he has been voted out?

jjgg said...

Hi anon 9.57... If u chisel long enough n hard enough...there's no dent or impression? why we should be reticent about our personal properties..you would prefer not to address the issue? As regards George Yeo...he's now listening to the mantra of his new boss..once a listener, always a listener...happy Vesak ...))

Anonymous said...

@ jigg.
We all want our CPF money back.
If you think petition will work, by all means, give it a try.
To me the petition sounds too much like PAP's "Meet The People Session". And we all know how useful that is.

I believe in going to the root cause of the problem.
CPF is a PAP policy.
You have to change the government to reform CPF policies.

In GE 2011, we voted out a Minister.
Let's vote out a Deputy Prime Minister in GE 2015.
That should get PM Lee and PAP's attention fast.

rex said...

I will not sign the petition if it is just saying RETURN OUR CPF AT 55 as implied in Redbean comments.

I will sign if the petition say GIVE US THE OPTION TO CLAIM BACK ALL OUR CPF.

Inherently, CPF is giving stable risk free returns in the long term, For those who think they can do better, let them take out. For those who are content with 4% interest in the CPF, let them keep in the cpf. To each his own.

But to demand that the Govt RETURN our money at 55, NO I don't want. I just want the OPTION to take it back. They should design something, like, once you opt, the option is valid for 5 years. You cannot suka suka change your mind. This is fair to everybody.

Anonymous said...

Having an option is more platable as it gives the people a right to make their own decision on their money. It shld not be shaft down our throat. Of course G will say we are daft and not able to make a wise decision. So u think they are wiser?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

At 55 the govt should legally return all the money to the owners. But they can devise schemes with attractive interest rates or Medishielf Life at competitive premiums to attract CPF members to opt for such schemes on a voluntary basis. No compulsion and not arbitrary changes to the terms and conditions. Let the members have the choice to stake out or to keep some in the CPF.

jjgg said...

Rb..u suggesting an equitable solution to the stakeholders...FORGET IT!!!! Hehe

Anonymous said...

"But they can devise schemes with attractive interest rates or Medishielf Life at competitive premiums to attract CPF members to opt for such schemes on a voluntary basis."
RB 1:01 pm

Please lah, although this will be better for Sinkies, it is not the best for the PAP.

Because PAP will only get the best if things are made compulsory the PAP way.

And so why not the PAP way, since the opposition is not ready to replace PAP as govt, u tell me lah?

Eddie Leong said...

What is the Workers Party doing?

They are quiet and letting others do the work for them.

I hope they get kicked out in 2016. If they so useless, then let PAP have the entire House.

Or let another Opposition Party get in.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies are called Sinkies not out if the blues. They are actually living it up to this nickname. Over the last 50 years they have been brain-washed persistently, consistently and continuously through all the means and medias under the total control of PAP Empire, to the extent that the majority of them are now politically brain-dead and too afraid to go against the Authority for fear of possible personal consequences.

So, petition and protests will not be effective as a means to rally support against the PAP Empire. They are simply child's play and too early too little.

All said, BUT it is a good start, very good start, to create more awareness of the deceptions and cunningness of the Empire that keep surfacing regularly without respite against the powerless and hapless innocent citizenry.

Green Peas

b said...

THe reason put forth by CPF is people are living longer. Actually not everyone can live until old ripe age. Many who did very physical demanding jobs did not manage to live long. Only those like LKY and ministers who have a less stressful, easy office job can live that long. In other words, they are holding our cpf monies to subsidise their longetivity.

b said...

I think we need a country that will give sinkies a passport and help sinkies withdrew their cpf and invest in that country that provide free healthcare and freehold housing. This is a win win solution.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Statistically, Singapore is one of the world top cuntrees for long living people.

And yes, life expectancy is correlated with the level of wealth of the nation.

Anonymous said...

So much unhappiness and so much hatred toward the PAP here. What I do not understand is, if you are not happy, why don't you just move out of Singapore. All the bloggers who seem so unhappy should pack your bags and leave Singapore. We do not need you here. Please leave and be happy somewhere else. The government is good for those who appreciate the good job they do. For those who cannot appreciate a good government should just leave. Why stay and be unhappy. If you can find happiness somewhere else, please go. We do not need you here.

Anonymous said...

11.40 pm does have a point that 60% of people are happy or as woody said government can only provide net Hapiness and not absolute happiness.

However it does not mean that the unhappy 40% must leave as it is democracy people are entitled to disagree. As the 60% are happy the 40% unhappy must follow the majority decision.

patriot said...

Unhappy means leaving and abandoning???
Those who make such comment must be young and be liken to the Sewol Ferry.
I suspect many Captains of and in Sin will just do that as they see dangers in the Coming Yeats.
Sinkies should open their eyes and ears and not just live in ivory towers like the Rulers.



Me am one senior citizen that havebeen calling on fellow ccountrymen to leave Sin for a very long time. Will be doing it so long I am breathing.
I never trust any leader that uses up all resources and exploit the people to maximum to grow money. The infinite materialistic pursuit by individuals, groups and nationally are seeds of corruptions, materially and spiritually. Throughout history, Rulers and Nations fell and collapsed more by decays in material and power pursuits than poverty.

Singapore despite its' wealth and natural disaster free conditions, WILL NOT LAST MUCH LONGER. SIMPLY PUT;




patriot said...

Those who made such comment must be young and be liken to the Sewol Ferry CAPTAIN.
Amendment to my comment above.

My apology


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

>>>What I do not understand is, if you are not happy, why don't you just move out of Singapore. <<<<

What you also don't understand is that tax paying voting citizens - - who deserve the government they get - - have a right to criticise and change the government they're, like you, are paying for.

>>>>> We do not need you here. <<<

Who the mother fuck is "we". Sorry, cocksucker, you don't get to "represent" views other than your own. If you think you have the big balls to even dream of "representing" others, then stand for fucking election, you dumb shit :-)

>>>>The government is good for those who appreciate the good job they do. <<<<

A government is SUPPOSED to do a good job. Your standards are obviously too low (which is obvious given your specious reasoning-- let me guess... Public school yeah?). Singapore got does a reasonable job. I can list several areas where they can improve.

>>>> We do not need you here. <<<
No one is indispensable. Thus you are not needed as well. Do us all a favour by first killing your family, and then yourself. Really, the world doesn't need you. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:40, are you a citizen, new citizen or foreigner? Or are you a traitor?