Recreational centres for foreign workers

‘Singapore plans to build more recreation centres in the suburbs to draw migrant labourers away from the city after a rare riot in the congested Little India district last year, a report said Monday.

The multi-million dollar centres are the latest in a series of government measures to better manage areas where foreign workers congregate after the rampage by South Asian labourers on December 8 injured 39 people and saw 25 vehicles destroyed….’ TRE

It is something that has to be done. We have more than 2m foreigners working and living here. The rich foreigners have already bought their homes in the private estates, some renting out HDB flats and many living in the dormitories. 50% of the population here are foreigners and it is lucky that they did not take up 50% of the space and facilities here. It is simple arithmatic. You have so many people you need to provide them the living space unless they can be canned away after used.

Oh, while they are finding new and cheap land for the foreign workers, I hope they would be able to find some cheap land to build more nursing homes for our oldies instead of sending them to JB, Batam or Bintan. If we can find space for foreigners, we should have the decency to find space for our old and forgotten citizens.

Funny no one is trying to talk about appreciating their contributions in building this city. And no one is sending them encouraging letters to show how we value them. But many are writing such loving letters to the foreign workers here today. And no one is trying to socialize with them, to make them feel wanted, to make them feel not so lonely or neglected.

Really funny right if you can remember all great things the people are suggesting to make the foreign workers feel at home here. Our oldies can go to Bintan, Batam and JB, who cares?

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Anonymous said...

I am sure there is money involved. Who will profit from the foreigner centres? Who will have license to sell all the beer?

Anonymous said...

"Our oldies can go to Bintan, Batam and JB, who cares?"

Tiok. And who has more value now, foreign workers or Sinkie oldies, u tell me lah?

So I think PAP is also thinking this way.

And of course PAP cannot say it aloud like RB or Anon me lah, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Please lah, PAP now even think that younger Sinkies, let alone oldie Sinkies, have lesser value than foreigners.

That's why it is only to be expected that PAP will care more for foreigners than some loser and daft Sinkies, doesn't matter young or old.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I tell you, the sheer cleverness -- or "cunning" -- of the Singapore government belies the generally accepted nature of governments to be slow, clumsy and full of cock-ups.

They'll probably use the foreign worker levy to pay for this. Also, now they can monitor the activities of these Banglas and Indians, and even control their booze.

NTUC can supply the F & B. For security just chuck a few NSF Police there as part of a "weekend duty roster".

The Singapore govt has got so many businesses, it can run its own economy :-)

Damn good scam/ scheme lah.

Anonymous said...

haha ...

the biggest joke ...

sale of liqour banned in little india area during weekend


tekka market not affected

not surprised though, even serangoon area is part of marine parade grc

knnccb ... well done papigs, u r the bestest of the best

Anonymous said...

This could be punishment to Sinkies since more and more are not supporting them. We are now being treated as abandon children, unwanted and irritable. PAP has switched side and started to woo the foreigners. Either we are Fxxk or the other round. This is playing with fire. Period.

Anonymous said...

What a fuk joke. Is the Govt the employer of these foreign workers?.

The final responsibility should be their individual employers to look after them during working and leisure time. They cannot just bring them in for cheap pay to work and make money for them only.

Why can the Govt make it a condition for their employment?

b said...

In other words, if sinkies want more facilities, they should learn from the foreign workers to get drunk, start a riot, destroy some properties and injure some people? This is a dangerous preposition. The gov is rewarding bad behaviour.

Anonymous said...

So long as Singaporeans do not mind the Rulers taking better care of fts and fws, it should be okay.

As it is, Sinkie Employers also prefer to employ foreigners. In some ways the Sinkies and the Rulers are similar in behaviour.
Who is to blame who?

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are by nature a very selfish lot. They want their highways, condos built. They want naids to slave for them from dawn to dusk. They want repairs done for them when their homes need repair. They want their roads and streets swept clean. They want their buses driven and all the other dirty jobs that the high and mighty Singaporeans refuse to do. When it come to even say a small "thank you" they bitch and moan. Do you think these foreign workers are here because they love to be in your pathetic island? No, they are here to better their lives and that of their families back home. This is my advice to the Singaporeans, please try and be a little more gracious and compassionate. I know these two qualities are very rare among Singaporeans. Maybe the Singapore government should launch a campaign to reach the Singaporeans to be more tolerant and less selfish. The foreign workers are here to help you have a better standard of living, at the same time give our families back home a more comfortable life.

Anonymous said...


who is not selfish in the world?

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Anonymous said...

'The foreign workers are here to help you have a better standard of living, at the same time give our families back home a more comfortable life.'

Anon 5:49, Please lah, this kind of shit talk is only farted by the silly politicians for their vested interests. The money is so good here that even if the govt were to charge them $2000 for a permit they will still queue to come.

And they come for the money, nothing to do with the silly thing of helping Singapore. Only stupid Singapore politicians will say such silly thing to con Singaporeans. And only daft Singaporeans will believe it.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> Maybe the Singapore government should launch a campaign to reach the Singaporeans to be more tolerant and less selfish

I agree. The govt should socially engineer the population by more island-wide campaigns. Forget about logic and reason, and good communication...and all the other "esoteric concepts" they teach in top business schools.

No. Govt should ONLY communicate to the sheeple in soundbites, slogans and propaganda. Afterall, sheeple are just numbers, bricks in the wall...they have no feelings or emotions and are essentially just souless robots.

@549, you are brimming with brilliant ideas. I take it you are in real life a "resounding success"? ;-)

Anonymous said...

"May 17, 2014 9:37 am"

You are right, that is the one and only reason.

Anonymous said...

This is anon 5.49 again

Hi Matilah, I am no success. Just another person seeking the best the world can offer to me and my family. Like you I believe that no one owes me a living and I will do the best to get what I need. Unlike many in Singapore, I do not moan and bitch, I just try to overcome whatever difficulties I encounter and just get on the best I can.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


OK. However you did suggest for the govt to embark on a campaign to "change" other Singaporeans.

If you were truly independent as you apparently purport to be -- i.e. overcoming your difficulties and getting on as best you can -- then I would doubt you'd be calling on the govt to "fix people" -- which you'll admit is impossible. People will change if they realise they need to, not because of some silly govt "campaign".

I'm just pointing out inconsistencies in your reason. I am not attacking you.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.19 here again

I am only thinking that in the Singapore environment and because the Singaporeans have been mollycoddle for so long they might need some government " push " or " encouragement " to embark on such a major undertaking. Singaporeans will NEVER give willingly unless the government " encourage " them.

Anonymous said...

Hello, anon 5.49

Your brain is so empty that you cannot join the dots together. Here, let me help you...

1. Your Sinkie friends, family and neighbours are out of job.

2. Employers get cheap labour from foreign workers.

3. The govt build gardens for the foreign workers to relax.

4. Your taxpayers money are used to build the gardens. Employers enjoy the cheap labour and bring in more of them.

5. Join up the dots - you are paying your tax to help make your friends, family and neighbours jobless.

Can I make it more simple than this?

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon 8.10

I am a FT. I do not have friends, family or neighbours who are jobless in Singapore. I am OK. If you are not, just tough. Get used to it. We are here and we plan to stay as long as it is necessary to earn money for our family here and also to send home. When the time is up and we have earned enough we will say bye-bye.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@643 aka 119:

>> they might need some government " push " or " encouragement "

Err...I don't think you are the one to judge other people in that way.

I can tell you NO ONE in their right mind likes to be "PUSHED". To "push" someone just because you alone think that they need it, means you have no problem interfering with their lives, because apparently they are not conforming to "your standards".

In most cultures that I know, to "push" someone without their consent is considered quite RUDE.

In fact, there are many Singaporeans who think that they've been "pushed" too much. And you want to "push" some more?

Frankly, I doubt that it is a wise thing to do.

IMO, mature, adult people can think for themselves. They will make mistakes, as we all do. And for the most part, they are quite capable of getting on with life, despite the odd error here and there. Thus, I believe that people (i.e. mature, adult people, generally quite responsible and law abiding) become their best selves when they are LEFT ALONE to decide for themselves what their lives are and how they are to live.

BTW, if you are going to "push" kindly give me a heads-up so I can make sure I am not there to receive your application of force upon my person.