Helping Sinkies to fulfil their dreams

I may not be able to help the Sinkies to be millionaires before they can finish saying the word Singaporeans. I know many people can do that, to help people to become instant millionaires in months or within a year. But I can help Sinkies to fulfil their dreams that are less demanding.

One thing I can help Sinkies is to be their own boss, have all the freedom to work without having a boss to boss over them. I can help Sinkies to fulfil their dreams to be taxi drivers. I can also help Sinkies to become hawkers.

I can also help Sinkies to work with dignity until they die, if they are not choosey. I will create a lot of jobs like cleaners, dish washers and security guards to let them work and work and be happy and dignified.

I can help Sinkies to be proud owners of bicycles. I can even redesign pathways for cyclists to make them safe while cycling around for leisure or for work. But I can’t help them to be car owners.

And I can make them proud owners of public housing, $1,000 pm income will be enough to own one.

I will allow freedom of expression so that everyone can express and speak freely in a park or in my website. For speaking in the park, one must register and fill up the forms with all the information required. For posting in my website, just register your full name and particulars and you can speak as freely like in Hong Lim Park

And I can make every Sinkie die very rich, with a smile in their face even lying down in the coffin. I can help them save and save a lot of money in their CPF if only they don’t demand to take their money back.

I will create opportunities for good jobs for everyone regardless of race, language or religion or nationality. Everyone will have equal opportunities to rise to the top, to be the best they can be, even if they are foreigners , based on meritocracy.

I can also help the Sinkies in not wanting a population of 6.9m. I will make it 8m.

The above is a list of things someone suggested to me to help Sinkies fulfil the dreams of their lives.

Kopi Level - Red


patriot said...

Caged and domesticated animals are very lucky. Shelter, food are provided.
What more do they need and want?


Anonymous said...

>>I can also help the Sinkies in not wanting a population of 6.9m. I will make it 8m.

How are you going to impregnate every PAP bitch if you don't FUCK PAP?

Anonymous said...

But can u help the Sinkie opposition to become ready to be govt?

Cannot, tio bo?

So u cannot help Sinkies where it really matters.

So sad.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

That type of help must leave it to God the Almighty.

Anonymous said...

I can also help Sinkies to be magnanimous and generous towards all foreigners, whatever their creed, whatever their background, whatever whatever.

By just mumbling with the mouth moving faster than the brain that Singapore belongs to EVERYBODY!

Yeah, that's right. And this motto will be announced at the next National Day:


Clap. Clap. Clap.

Anonymous said...

singapore dream?

i yoyo ..... so plenty,

most importoon,

wait for announcements of fininacial handout from govt

and rushing to qq for application on the first day of handout

knnccb .... fuck papigs, scums of mankind

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

People have lots of grand dreams. But dreams will remain a figment of the imagination unless one ACTS to achieve them.

Unless you are prepared to make the sacrifices, apply the effort and take advantage of "luck" which comes your way, you will probably go to your grave like the majority of people with a shit-load of unfulfilled and BROKEN dreams.

Then there are cases of people who are living their dream...and then the dream turns into a NIGHTMARE.

Ah, life. Full of uncertainty. Isn't it exciting? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Pro PAP Singaporeans.
- helping PAP fulfill their millionaire dreams

agongkia said...

Shows that you do not have a broad client base as a dealer.
If you have,Just recommend me a rich widowed or divorced tai tai client whose ex earn million dollar income .Besides trading,they may be interested to invest in me.
I oso can be instant millionaire after a night or so.

b said...

Sg is not perfect but also not bad. PAP is not perfect but also not bad. The best part of sg is it is a springboard and many have springboard to better pasture and having better living. Without sg and pap, the opportunity of springboard will not even be there.

b said...

" I can also help Sinkies to become hawkers. "

- Whether a hawker can earn more money is about demand and supply. There are less hawkers now than IT workers. Being a hawker is not that bad.

" can even redesign pathways for cyclists to make them safe"

- I hope to see more cycle paths connecting the whole of sg and not stop at mrt station. Sg is so small and easily do that. That is the way to a substainable cleaner future. Cars will be a thing in the past. All cars should be ban from this crowded city. All ministers, ceo and lky should cycle to work.

Anonymous said...

I can retrain PhDs, MBAs and all graduates to become skill workers or tradesmen or service staff.

patriot said...

Springboard to greener pastures is the Best Comment(Suggestion) here.

Do Sinkies have the gut and adventurous spirits of fts and fws? Or are they afraid of this and that like caged and domesticated animals?


Anonymous said...

/// I can retrain PhDs, MBAs and all graduates to become skill workers or tradesmen or service staff. ///
May 19, 2014 3:56 pm

Why not you retrain them to be Opposition politicians?
The pay is so much better.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


My view has always been that if you didn't use the "spring board" because of some bullshit morality you hold so you can believe yourself as "morally and spiritually superior to others", you are a fucking moron.

When life awards you a free kick, even an UNEARNED free kick, you'd better take it, and aim properly.

Exploitation? Profiteering? Fuck YEAH!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Do Sinkies have the gut and adventurous spirits of fts and fws?

Of course. Singapore is full of adventurers who struck out on their own, and made it. They had to battle a culture of apathy, resignation, put-downs and their own emotional personal challenges, but they did it.

Singapore is one place where everyone has a good chance at making a bloody resounding success of themselves. There are only a few other places on this earth where this is possible.

The majority of the world's 7 billion people cannot even SMELL the
favourable environment The Whinging Singaporean (that's most of you reading this shit) takes no only for granted, but uses his imagination to conjure up reasons to COMPLAIN about it.

It's almost as if people live in such a "successful" society, they have to find ways of being a "victim", which by some weird reason elevates them to some lofty spiritual realm. ;-)

Got namaste aum shanti?

patriot said...

@Matilah Singapura;

me takes it that Sinkies want to soar higher, complaining and whining that they have not achieve much compare to the Rulers.
I deem that it is not wrong to want to be as successful as the Leaders and asking the talented to help them attain success by way of giving supports and making living easier is justifiable.

No need to take every grouse from the People as complaints.