CPF Nomination

Date of Nomination : 05-Jul-1982
Your nominee(s) details are as follows:
No. Identification No. Name Share% Type* Mode^
---- ------------------ ------------------------------- ------- -------- ------
1 Sxxxxxxxx XXX XXXX  100.00 C
* Type:
C - Cash Nomination Scheme
E - Enhanced Nomination Scheme
S - Special Needs Savings Scheme
^ Mode:
1 - Nominee to receive moneys in his/their Special Account (SA) or Retirement Account (RA) first, subject to the prevailing Minimum Sum limit, and thereafter into Medisave Account (MA) subject to the prevailing Medisave Contribution Ceiling
2 - Nominee to receive moneys in his/their Medisave Account (MA) first, subject to the prevailing Medisave Contribution Ceiling, and thereafter into Special Account or Retirement Account, subject to the prevailing Minimum Sum

Hi all,

The above is what CPF sent to me when I requested to know the details of my nominations. In my case my nominee will receive 100% of my CPF savings in CASH.

The other schemes available are Enhanced Nomination Scheme and a Special Needs Savings Scheme. We already have a fair idea of what ENS is all about. I am not sure what SNSS is. Those who want to know would have to check with CPF.

Please note the mode of payments 1 and 2. In Mode 1, likely to be for ENS, the nominee will receive moneys in SA and RA, subject to the prevailing Minimums Sum limit and thereafter into Medisave Account…. I think what these meant is that if Minimum Sum and MA of the nominees are insufficient, they will be topped up first. Not sure if my reading is right. So the moneys could go to SA, RA, MS and MA, the latter two probably the deceased has no intent or no idea how much as they are subject to the balances in those accounts of the nominee.

Mode 2 is likely to be for SNSS and money will be paid to the MA subject to the other conditions, ie SA or RA.

To me, as long as my nominee is getting everything I left behind in cash that would be good enough. I do not want to bother with the rest.


Anonymous said...

Make it simple.

Just nominate all in cash to your beneficiaries.

Save yrself and the beneficiaries all the bureaucratic procedures.

Anonymous said...

Bloody hell. The way terms and instruments are structured, none will know exactly how the money is distributed. I asked CPF staff and the girl serving me is no better either. We employed scholars to help us but they screwed us instead.

Anonymous said...

Money in your pocket is real. Money in someone else's pocket you tan ku ku to take it back.

Do your loved ones a favour. Be kind to your loved ones. Make sure they get cash all in one go. din't be duped by the word enhanced or higher interest rate.

Anonymous said...

Beside Cash Scheme, this other 2 options, Enhanced Nomination Scheme and a Special Needs Savings Scheme are something new to me as I'm hearing it for the first time. I believe this also applies to everyone.

The wordings "Enhanced" and "Special Needs" sound very good, but giving the false impression that they are better than Cash Scheme. It reminds me of the those toxic banking products with misleading name like "Mini Bond" which many people was duped into thinking that it's a bond fund and very safe but turned out to be junks.

Be smart, if you do not understand the Scheme or it sounds too complex, don't subscribe to it or else you will regret it later. Choose the simple Scheme that is easy to understand.

Anonymous said...

RB, based on cna website, effective July 1, both the minimum sum and minimum medisave would be increased just under 200,000! So for the lower to middle income groups, after mortgage payment, probably can not take out even one cent

oldhorse42 said...

RB thinks that his beneficiary would receive a cash cheque from CPF on the balance of his account just because he opted for cash scheme.
Things may not work that way.

Anonymous said...

"So for the lower to middle income groups, after mortgage payment, probably can not take out even one cent."
Anon 1:12 pm

And lower to middle income groups form the majority of Sinkies, tio bo?

So will PAP still get 60% votes next GE?

Anonymous said...

Don't be surprise in the near future CPF may decide to take off the Cash Scheme leaving you no choice but to opt either ENS or SSS.

Anonymous said...

"So will PAP still get 60% votes next GE?"
Anon 1:27 pm

Why not? Although still not considered good yet, but don't u think PAP now is much better than the PAP in 2011, tio bo?

Anonymous said...


Indeed, PAP has "improved" since 2011.

So I think it's logical to also predict that % votes for PAP will also "improve" next GE, tio bo?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

oldhorse, you are right. One thing for sure, Medishield Life would probably knock off a big chunk of the savings. There may be nothing much left after that.

Dunno what new schemes could be hatched. How to protect your life savings?

b said...

I think they will just mis diagnose many time to empty the saving as much as possible. Who is there to question the integrity of the doctors?

Virgo49 said...

Hi Old-horse,

Our nominations made decades ago, they cannot entice us to change unless we want to make fresh renomination.

You see the logo how many keys the CPF have now??

They gonna change the logo to have extra few keys to lock up your monies with new rules and hai kow yew sales.

Just like when you go to the Banks to place fixed deposits.

The tellers noticing maybe a bigger amount will press the bells for their Customer Services Officers in Investments department to try to entice you to put in ENHANCED FD with investment instruments.

Many old folks thinking that they are the same with sweet talk higher interest earnings would readily sign on without much thought.

This is what the CPF Board is doing now. They will tell the members making fresh nominations to go for the Enhanced Schemes with so called higher interest rates than the Banks blah blah.

Also, with the prevailing Minimum Sum now at S$156K in July, many will be thinking that transfer to their accounts will be better when they got chance to withdraw their own savings.

Little did they know that the extra keys had locked their monies with the Medisave minimum sum going up year by year.

Also, this is the Blank cheque for the hospitals to put in their figures how much they want to charge you if you are hospitalized. Balance, if you DOA are confiscated without your beneficiaries knowing the actual balance as they only give you a lump sum figure.

So do not go again for the LayMan Bros and Sisters.

agongkia said...

"As long as my nominee is getting everything I left behind in cash that would be good enough"...

WARNING:Nominate wisely.

I know of some widowed auntie,singing happily in karaoke lounges just months after their ex pass away and trying to cheeko with me.
Nominate wisely.

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely sure that this agongkia will nominate his PRC mei mei or his pinay to be the beneficiary. He no trust his wife. Wife sure got left out.

Anonymous said...

Because of a FEW agongkias and gov exploited that to their full advantage to lock up EVERYONE cpf. When is pap going to slap the gov? Have to wait for wp or other p to do that is it? No wonder people so angry. People MUST vote in more other p to slap the gov.

Anonymous said...

I wonder who came up with this ENS? There must be people asking for it, so the government seized upon this opportunity to set a trap for those unaware of the consequences. They thought anything 'enhance' means good, having tasted upgrading for votes all those years.