AEC, looking forward to it

The Asean Economic Community is shaping up nicely behind closed doors. We can expect the borders to become more porous with lesser restrictions to travel and work within the Asean countries. The impact could be tremendous but like the impact of 6.9m, no one is particularly interested to tell the public how it would affect their livelihood. The most immediate impact would be out entry points when a normal half an hour wait may now take half a day to cross if all the Asean workers are marching to Sin City. Come to think of it, the checks on security threat could come in very handy and we have plenty of practices to regulate the flow of traffic at the checkpoints.

What I am looking forward to is actually the exchanges of personnel at the top levels, not the PMETs. If we could exchange govt leaders and pick the best for our city, it would be real nice. Top on my list is Yingluck. It would be so nice to see her in Parliament as our PM. Attendance would be perfect and the galleries will be full. You may even have to queue for a gallery ticket months ahead just to have a seat at the gallery. And the MPs would be asking a lot of questions and trying their very best to impress her with their wits. No more absentees or too busy with their private commitments.

The other top seat that needs a change of personality is the Presidency. We need a strong and powerful dare devil to be our President. The best candidate is Aquino of the Philippines. He is the only President in the world that dared to tell China that it is preparing its military forces to fight with China. This kind of bravery is rare and if we can have him, no one would dare to tell him it would take 56 man years to come up with a report. And being paid in the millions, the jobs must be more than just shaking hands with visitors to the Istana and kissing babies. Not to forget, Aquino can stand in for the Pinoy President when the Pinoys here celebrate their Independence Day, so convenient.

Aung San Suu Kyi could be another good choice but her kind of values on happiness may not go down well with our money minded populace. We don’t believe in happiness. We only believe in money, money and more money.

The Malaysian Home Minister Hamidi would be a good choice for our Home Ministry. We would not have anymore Mas Selamat problems or Malaysians gate crashing through out check points. But what impressed me about Hamidi was his comment on the fair treatment of minorities during Obama’s visit. When asked if Malaysia was fair in its affirmative policies to the bumiputras he quoted the examples in the US to support his case. The US also has affirmative policies for the minorities. So there is nothing wrong for Malaysia to have affirmative policies for the majorities.

Wish he can be our Home Affairs Minister and introduce affirmative policies for the majorities here.

His comrades Hishamuddin would be a good one for Transport Minister. He is so experienced in handling the media and with so frequent breakdowns in our trains, he would be like fish in water, holding press conferences daily like a cake walk. He will definitely enjoy his job here and we can have free publicity to the whole world.

It would be a tough choice to swap our Foreign Minister with Natalegawa of Indonesia. Between him and Shanmugam, close fight. The only reason to replace him with Shanmugam is the cost. If we pay him half of what we are paying Shanmugam he will be so happy that he would not hesitate to take up citizenship here and may promise that his sons will do NS. He can also tell his generals not to anyhow name their warships. Diplomacy is key man.

From Vietnam we could have a war veteran as our Defence Minister, someone that have really gone to war and seen what was like fighting in the battlefields. That would would be real stuff, not paper generals.

As for environment, media, housing, I think we can stick to our own talented ministers. Oh, I nearly forgot, Health Ministry needs a helping hand. The Malaysian Health Minister Subramaniam is doing a hell of a good job producing local doctors at about 500/600 a year. That kind of experience is very good for us. We must produce more local doctors to meet the demands of the AEC. But more important is the free health care for the citizens. We would not be complaining if he introduced a flat fee of $5 per visit for outpatients, medicine included. That would be real nice.

I think the number of changes is about right. We need to keep some ministries for our locals to helm. Cannot give all positions to foreign talents, Singaporeans and locals must come first. Hope AEC would not put too many of out ministers out of job, being replaced by foreign talents.

Kopi Level - Yellow


Anonymous said...

RB, all jobs are subject to competition except the political office and NS lar. Plus may be taxi drivers. Other than these three, all are negotiable.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, the replacement for PAP is strictly open only to the Sinkies and Sinkie opposition only.

And the strongest Sinkie opposition is still not be ready to be govt to replace PAP, with or without AEC.

So doesn't matter to PAP if there is AEC to replace Sinkies from their jobs, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

If Sinkies can be replaced from their jobs, it means Sinkies are daft lah.

Or rather even more daft than the daft ASEAN foreigners who will replace Sinkies, tio bo?


Anonymous said...


Heard of the greater fool theory?

It takes a greater fool to buy from a fool.

Virgo 49 said...

Simple lah.

Simply uproot to the Pearl of the Orient living and mingling with the original natives of Alis, Muthus, Ah Sengs.

Less stressful and in time have to seek a shrink living with the chow ang mos, pinoys, ah nehs and tong sei mings

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

ASEAN is a big waste of time lah. However what they do can influence the well-being and societies of the member cuntrees.

The FTAs (Free Trade Agreements) they've come up with are excellent for the business sector, but not so hot for the working wage earners -- as a great many of them are overpaid and inefficient slack arses drawing money for years in "protected" sectors. Granted, there are people in government who are doing the same. However the FTA doesn't affect those jobs ;-)

theonion said...


Since you enjoy such ruminations, would not it better for yourself to become a resident of Malaysia since you think you can have better treatment there as local Chinese.


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