Singaporeans First Party

In the crowded political scene of opposition parties, the emergence of another new political party would definitely raised eyebrows. Any political watcher would have a lot of things to say, of doubts and doubts about the doubts they have created over such a party. I could have written another ten pages or articles to create a veil of uncertainties and smokescreens on this new party. I choose to look at it from its relevance to the political situation existing now.

Singapore is facing several very serious political changes that could turn into major political crises in the future if allowed to go unchecked. The most crucial change that Singaporeans are facing, I mean Singaporeans, no, I mean true blue Singaporeans, not the instant trees, and not the locals, is their decimation and eventual existence as an absolute minority in the country their forefathers have fought and worked so hard for, a legacy that would not be theirs to inherit.

What am I saying, true blue Singaporeans, ie, born and bred here Singaporeans are already an absolute minority today! This is a part of the statistics that is best left unsaid. What is worst is the fate of these true blue Singaporeans, their economical and social well beings. Are they getting a fair share, a bigger share of their inheritance? No? What inheritance? This is just an island and anyone who claims to be more meritocratic, who claims to be cleverer, should take over this island. It does not belong to true blue Singaporeans. It belongs to the people of the world!???

The children of the first wife is now being treated worse than the children of the mistresses, worse than the children of the stepmothers, worse than the children of unknown mothers, children of wild oats. And these children that have invaded their home, oops, not invaded but invited to the home, are bullying and discriminating the children of the legitimate first wife. Should the children of the first wife accept their fate, to be run down, to be ousted and booted out from their home? The newcomers and traitors are telling Singaporeans to get out if they cannot stand the heat.

Is there anyone championing the cause and the interests of the children of the first wife, the true blue Singaporeans? This is where Singaporeans First Party comes in. There is no political party in the island today that is standing up to fight and defend the rights and interests of Singaporeans as their main objective. They are all intoxicated by the silly mantra of meritocracy regardless of nationality. Or is it meritocrazy?

I like the ideology of the Singaporeans First Party spelt out in its manifesto. For the first time, a political party is using a loud hailer to speak for the interests of true blue Singaporeans, to fight for the interests of true blue Singaporeans without having to feel ashamed of it. The interests of true blue Singaporeans have been eroded over the years and must be stopped before it is too late.

I hope no one is going to stand up and accuse the Singaporeans First Party as xenophobic, as anti foreigners. And this Party is aware of this trick and has clarified that it is not xenophobic. Yes, being pro Singaporeans is not xenophobic. Only traitors or anti Singaporeans would say such a thing, to denounce Singaporeans for wanting to protect the interests of Singaporeans.

I wish this party well and to live up to its manifesto as a pro Singaporeans party. I wish all the other Singaporean political parties would take the cue from this Party to sing the same song. Singapore is for Singaporeans First. And I hope this Party would be able to work closely with the other parties to put up a good fight for the good of Singaporeans.
The Singaporeans First Party has its work cut out for it. It has a very crucial task ahead, to protect and serve the interests of Singaporeans first, not locals, not foreigners first.

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Anonymous said...

Well said... I concur.

As long as these people are not PAP-yesman, we should support and vote for them to be in Parliament during GE. I hope all opposition parties can work together and avoid 3-corner fight, chances of them winning will be much higher.

Virgo 49 said...

Right bro, no need single opposition party to contest 100 % seats.

Just vote the opposition candidates in to form the ruling coalition.

GRCs win big also lose big.

This coming GE is your last opportunity for salvation from the PAPies rule.

Light at the tunnel for your children and grandchildren's future

Anonymous said...

Please lah, the fact that there are so many opposition parties in tiny Sinkieland is already a gone case from the start.

So how to work out, u tell me lah?

Unless Singaporean First party can differentiate itself by contesting 100% seats, and so be on par with the PAP.

Only then will the 60% start thinking seriously about making the opposition win big, and PAP lose big.

No in between one.

Anonymous said...

It's unlikely that Singaporean First party can contest 100% seats lah.

So I predict Tan Jee Say will lose again for the 3rd time.

He need 3 or more lessons to learn because, just like some bloggers and commenters here, he still could not understand the 60%, which PAP already understood very well.

Anonymous said...

A ruling coalition of Hainan Ah Ko, Chee Soon Juan , Teochew Ah Hia, son of JBJ, wife of Ah Chiam, Ah Chiam, and NSP's what's the leader's name? And maybe even Lee Hsien Loong?


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> What am I saying, true blue Singaporeans, ie, born and bred here Singaporeans are already an absolute minority today! This is a part of the statistics that is best left unsaid.

Bullshit bullshit bullshit. You are bending the facts to suit your opinion.

Everyone has a right to their own opinion. No one has a right to their own created facts.

"Locals" in numbers, still make up the majority.

BTW, all ultra-nationalist parties end up being racist parties. But I'm OK with that. Like I said, as long as I'm doing ok and happy, I couldn't care less which bunch of arseholes in running Singapore!

Majulah Sendiri-pura!

In my private party, I put myself FIRST :-)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

So, after farting the whole morning, happy or not?

If happy and nothing else to do, go and buy me some kopi for scolding me first thing in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Any enemy of PAP is a friend of mine.

b said...

Whats singaporean first? no need to serve ns? high cpf interest return? dual citizenship? cheap housing? no more coe or erp? devil is in the details. i do not like ambitious elites that speak perfect english. i still prefer humble singlish talking wp.

Anonymous said...

SPF executive committee looks impressive but it will be outstanding if they can get TCB to lead the party instead of TJS.

Anonymous said...

Stupid Singaporeans. There is nothing you can do to rid yourselves of the PAP. The next GE will be as in all other GE. With the angpows to be dished out, redraw boundaries, import new citizens and the propaganda of the ST, how can you get a new government? If you do not think you can be happy in Singapore then pack up and get out. If oyu cannot do that then just bite on the bullet and suffer in silence. Tough luck for you lot. When I make enough money here I will have a choice to get out.

Anonymous said...

Singapore First Party contest 11 seats enough to form cabinet already. The rest of the MPs (Pappies lincluded) can be care-lare-fares. They are all yes-men anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hello, IBs aka balls carriers got money or not ? If have I also want to join. Carry Pappies' balls, and when it comes to voting kick their
Backsides !

b said...

Anti immigrants parties have won big in EU. Perhaps this is something the alternative parties can learn from.

Anonymous said...

RB is so popular that he has a permanent resident IB attached to his blog to keep him busy.