Petition rigged?

William Lim’s online petition asking the PM to resign and hoping to reach 100,000 signatures is likely to be a failure. I think the counter is rigged. I remember that this happened to my online survey in mysingaporenews. The first few surveys worked well. Then it happened. Whenever the response hit a certain level it will fall back to a lower level. It kept repeating and would not hit anywhere above this ‘blocked’ level.

Yesterday when I read about the petition I went to the site to take a look. The number of signatures was 1329. I know as I have the number typed into the draft of a post that I was preparing. One hour later I went back to the site and the number was 1296. How could it be? A few hours later I checked again and it was creeping up. So I thought it must be a glitch but things are normal.

This morning the number was higher but nothing to crow about. It was inching up. In the afternoon I went in to take a peep. The counter stood at 1879 while 3 new names appeared indicating 3 more signatures. But the counters did not move. I waited for a few minutes and nothing happened. So I did a refresh and the number changed. From 1879, the new number was 1835. Can you believe it?

Then, after 15 minutes, it was 1841. Something is just not right. And I suspect there are more things that are not going right. Something fishy is going on.

Good luck to William Lim and his petition if he can get any satisfactory numbers.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree something fishy is going on.

I was observing it off and on today, n its exactly as you described.

The results of this petition exercise will be hopelessly mutilated. Maybe its not the "right news" to read anyway.

Anonymous said...

Finally, the falcon heards the falconer....the question is really only this - what is the goal? Let me put it another way - Cui Bono?

What if I said to you, if you know the goal, then it becomes awfully easy to understand the MEANS to reach that goal.

God day to you Chin Leng.

Darkness 2014

P.S Nope...your eyes are not playing tricks on you.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Glad you guys noticed it.

Everyone should watch the counter carefully to discern what is going on. At times it looks to be working ok. Anyone looking at it casually would not know anything is wrong.

Anonymous said...

That's why petitions no use.

And so what even if the numbers
reach 5 figures, u tell me lah?

Will the opposition be ready to be govt and so be voted in by the 60%?

Anonymous said...


Only the 60% can make PM Lee lose his job in a free and fair election.

So not now, so have to wait and hope lah.

Anonymous said...

Not just the 60%, but the opposition must also be ready to be govt in order to make PM Lee lose his job.

Definitely not petitions, not protests, not even blogs overflowing with kopi.

Anonymous said...

Yup, the numbers kept on jumping backwards, whats all the talk of intergrity, hazzzzz, he can't speak to save his life!, and hes voted in as our pm...great choice sinkies.

Anonymous said...

Every 5 years, we have an opportunity to do a proper petition or survey.
But to no avail.

Second point.
tampering with the online survey just reveals the type of character of PIGS we are dealing with.
The more badly behaved the PIGS become.
The more I lose faith in any of them having any redeeming qualities.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I left office around 6pm. Before that I did a check at the petition number and it was 2002. I just look at the counter again expecting a couple of hundreds more at least. The counter shows 1995.

Anonymous said...

It's just a petition for fuck's sake.
Can't believe just how insecure these PAPigs are.
I guess that's why they need the million dollar salaries ... to compensate for their small mindedness.

I've just about had it with the insults from the PAPigs ... calling our children dung beetles was the last straw for me.

Anonymous said...

The counter shows 1995.
RB 9:23 pm

That's why u should not waste time checking anymore.

Move on and write a new topic to keep your kopi flowing.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I just checked again. almost 12 hours have passed and the number stood at 2095.

With all the tempering, the real number could be in excess of 30,000 by now.

Anonymous said...

Can some IT Experts help it to read 1.5 million signatures?

Anonymous said...

hahhahhahhha. This petition has been murdered.

Anonymous said...

All the petitions against the Government work in favour of the PAP Government in every way.

The fact that the numbers in the petitions keep going up and down tells people that they cannot really trust the numbers in those petitions or blog surveys.

Whether this is the work of someone doing the devil's work is one thing, but it makes such petitions or surveys lose their credibility and hence suits the PAP Government, without them having to do the discrediting themselves.

Isn't such petitions or surveys a waste of time and counter productive?