US , the Evil Empire planning proxy wars against China.

US, The Evil Empire in collusion with the Japs, Vietnam and the Pinoys are goading and luring China to war.
Why are all wars happening in Asia now. Why are there so many endless problems occuring in Asia . Who create these wars and these problems. Can the Asians think. Can they stop smoking opium and taking heroin and wake up from their drug

induced slumber. Can they see and realise why there are no wars in Europe and America. Europe and America are mainly white caucasians and they give each other mutual protection. Other than sporadic local squabbles they will not have big wars

happening at their doorsteps. Look at Ukrane and Crimea. The European countries and America try to ply away Ukrane from Russia. Their dirty plot backfired and when Russia took the upper hand and wrenched Crimea away from Ukrane what did the

Evil Empire and the European countries do. They watched with folded arms and made some useless noise. They didn;t want to be embroiled in a long drawn out war with Russia, a big country as powerful as America, In other words they fear the might

of Russia and they would rather sacrifice Ukrane than to have a war happening in Europe.

But Asia is different and it is non-European and non caucasian. Asia is big and endowed with vast resources like oil, gas and other minerals as well as rich agricultural resources. The Western powers have been exploiting these Asian countries for

centuries and have been milking away these rich Asian resources for free. To be able to continue to exploit Asia the western powers headed by US are resorting to evil means and other nefarious activities. Their most criminal act is to create suspicion

and distrust among Asian countries and finally leading them to war so that they can enrich themselves by selling and supplying the various warring factions with military arms. In the midst of these wars the Western powers would eventually take over

these countries and with that the endless rich resources.. Look at how the Evil Empire is having a monopoly of all the oil in the Middle-East. America is paying cheap for Arab oil but selling it to the world at many multiple times what it pays for the Arab


For about four hundred years Western colonial and imperial powers enjoyed unimpeded and uninteruppted hayday of aggression and conquest. Usually these aggressions and conquests were foloowed by mass killings and genocide of native

population.Thereafter they would have a free hand in imperial control of the colonies and in exploiting and extracting all their resources .After the Second World War the Western powers except US were forced to give independence to their

colonies.However before giving independence to these colonies they planted seeds of future suspicion , dissension and contention among the colonies with the intention of holding some form of ultimate influence over these ex-colonies. This can be

seen in the Arab Middle-East , India and Pakistan, Myanmar and Bangladesh, North and South Korea, China and Taiwan.

The Western powers headed by US, The Evil Empire is instigating and fomenting troubles all over Asia . Four hundred years ago when Europeans headed by England, France, Spain , Holland and Portugal set foot on America, they claimed they were

special and that their God had meant to reserve the rich lands in the New World for white men and their God had given them the heavenly right to genocide all the infidels, the natives of America. Now US , the Evil Empire claims exceptionalism and

arrogantly insists that no other country or countries should be allowed to rise up and be as rich and powerful as US , not to say trying to surpass in wealth and power over the Evil Empire. Further the Evil Empire arrogates to itself the right to determine

the destiny of all other countries. Thus with this insidious assumption US for the last seventy years since the end of the Secon World War has been interfering in the internal affairs of other countries, creating and fomenting troubles and wars all over

the world , mainly third world countries in Asia.

US, the Evil Empire by its own greed and endless wanton aggression through its creation of perpetual wars as a means to hold hegemony over all other countries has as a result bring financial catastrophy and bankruptcy to itself. However it is trying to

keep itself afloat through many evil and nefarious schemes to cheat and swindle not only their own people but also many countries throughout the world. It owes China and many other Asian countries huge debts to the tune of several trillion dollars.

US is now operating a fake economy and its money the 'dollar' is not back by gold or any resources. It has resorted to printing billions and billions of fiduciary notes as well as resorting to currency and financial manipulation including insidiously

manipulating and rigging both the American and the world stock markets. Their bankers work hand in gloves with their evil politicians and stock brokers to cheat and swindle the whole world

Now with such a huge debt of several trillions owing to China, the Evil Empire is trying to abscond with these debts through wars by using unsuspecting silly Asian countries to fight its proxy wars against China. It is encouraging , instigating and

supporting the vietnamese rats, the Pinoy vermins and the subhuman Japs to illegally lay claims on Chinese islands, shoals and seas. The Chinese have yet to settle their score against the Japs for their wanton atrocities committed against Chinese

people both in China and in South East Asia during the Second World War.

The Evil Empire has already created the preamble to a war with China and for that a preamble to Third World War has already been kindled. China and the Chinese people must realise that during the last one hundred fifty years the Western countries

and the Japs were able to attack and steal Chinese territories as well as humiliating the Chinese because the Chinese were weak militarily, financially and economically and also there was absolutely no unity among the Chinese. Having realised that

China must expedite building up a strong and powerful military which is second to none in both the army, navy , airforce and rocket and missile units . It must also build and sustain a rich and powerful economy both in the commercial and the military

domain.Thus a strong united and well armed China should have no fear in taking on the US, the Evil Empire, the Japs. the Vietnamese rats and the Pinoy vermins either singly or in their collusion. When a war is started and imposed against the Chinese,

it is the sacred  and paramount duty of all Chinese people wheerever they may be to rise up and support the mother country and to seek out and kill all Japs . Japan which had brutally killled and murdered more than a hundred million Chinese from 1885

to 1940s should be totally destroyed. Likewise the shameless Americans which is goading and luring China into war and is supporting the Japs , the Vietmins and the Pinoys to fight its proxy wars against China should also be annihilated too.

My family had suffered greatly from the Japs and I am hoping and longing for the day when I too can take revenge against the Japs.



b said...

Omama forgotten to say that fear creation is a sure way to sell more usa weapons and hence my commission income.

Anonymous said...

With white paper of 6.9 millions, to add another 1.6 millions people to the job markets, which around 30K of new citizens, possibly to vote for them and their high pay?

Singapore is only a small island, it can't effort to make any serious mistakes?

Can it be sustain? Many of the older and graduate or lower end workers seem got difficult find jobs?

Many of the lower wages workers hardly able to make end meet because of the imported inflation of keep adding people? What happen if the lower wage income earner lost their jobs to the foreigners and their family suffer?

Can Singapore like Hong Kong were overcrowding population from China, many got to sleep in the street and cage houses losing jobs to mainland China and immigrant?

Just because of PE lost need to import so many people?


Many them living in cage houses about hundreds of thousands?

How about the children future do the New citizens and their children able to complete with the cheaper foreigners?

Now the internet age everything move much faster, and in second it viral up the internet very fast and around the world with continue saturation of mobile devices?

Ponggol East By Election new citizens likely realized what happen, that why the huge swing of votes taken many by surprised?

Many thought the WP will lost, it is most likely the internet continue to bridge the gap for the Opposition parties in the future?

Now many less and less rely on the MSM to get their news?

Many of the opposition parties are reaching out to the older and less educated generation which used to rely on the MSM and the new citizens too?

The 6000 massive protest first time saw continuing losing erosion of popularity for the govt policies, so the serious rethinking of the policies of using people to enhance the economy is need?

The restructure of the economy to model against the North Europe is need to empower the local less reliance on foreigners is need, through automation, innovations and designing?

Singapore now have massive reserve can pump these money stimulus to develop the Small and Medium companies to be come multi national companies, so that less depend on foreign investments?

The sign of maturity Singapore want more and more oppositions in the parliament to debate about their diverse interest?

More steps to be taken to foster the oppositions so that maybe one day the able to take over the govt?

Recently many high power individuals is coming forward to contribute to the opposition voices, they had highly successful careers?

With the maturity of the electorate we could see a multi party system like the advanced countries or possibly the opposition taking over? In these world of saturating mobile internet nothing is certain?

We had seen because of the internet numerous govt were changed?

The previously the govt done a good job, presently the performance seem to continue deteriorate?

Anonymous said...

The Punggol East By Election marked a turning point of Singapore political landscape?

The govt used to believe new citizens could vote for them, Punggol East by election the swing of 10 percent could be the New Citizen voting against the govt, nobody know for sure? Which gave them a rude shock, which they seem very confidence of winning by hurriedly calling for the election?

Usually the new citizens as they are more qualify and likely to be in the middle class, is better informed then the average S'porean, could the newly advanced technology made them changed the voting patterns?

Normally in the past rarely the vote shifted to the oppositions party so fast and so much?

Lesser and lesser people find their info or news from MSM presently, more or them share their info through mobile internet devices which technology seem improving and getting cheaper by the days?

The lost of PE to the WP surprised many, as now instead of 3 parties in 2011 contesting there are 4 parties contesting one more opposition contesting should had dividing the opposition votes more for the opposition?

Could the opposition parties reaching more to the older and less educated more which the use to getting news from the state controlled medias?

And the oppositions reaching more to the new citizens more?

Lee Li Lian which not much past record can beat a high powered Arse doctor?

With shift of political landscape with many high talented individuals with high successful career both have the experiences of public and private sector could completely transform the future political landscape?

Gone are the days where the oppositions had less qualify candidates?

Now the are much better in the then the past, they knock every doors and explained to the residents?

Their ideas is if you vote opposition you get two MP to work for you?

The seem more united like the SDP last minute withdraw from the PE could mark the beginning of opposition co operation and coalition to reduce the competition dividing the votes?

The are more unity seem like holding regular activities more often and try to understand each other more to reduce infighting and their difference?

Anonymous said...

The last minute announcement of opposition candidate could make to govt choose the right candidate to contest?

Now the opposition parties concentrate the candidate power in the GRC so that not to overstretch themselves?

Which saw WP won the GRC first time in the history opposition win?

The govt might abolish the GRC system as base on PE result, more then 10 minister might lost their jobs, as PE WP won more then ten percents?

More of the GRC of the eastern side the govt won by only a few percentage point, if base on recent result they could lost most of them in the east?

The govt might go back to the SMC as they can't effort to lost so much ministers at the same time and need to parachute ministers from the civil services?

Anonymous said...

Denise Phua, suggested the abolishing of the Elected Persident, which the best candidate, only won one percent over Tan Cheng Bock, with 65 percent of the opposing voice divided the votes among themselves, with Tan Jee Say got 25 percents a relative newcomer and Tan Jee Say too got 5 percents?

The might not confident the next president election their appointed candidate can win the the election?

The might consider abolishing the GRC system and return back the single seat contest single back on the unexpected defeat of swing of massive ten percent which next happen, possibly due to the awareness of the new citizens and reaching out of the less educated citizen?

With the GRC system the could lost all the GRC that with at least 2 minister helming it, at least 10 ministers could and they got difficult parachute 10 ministers at once into the cabinet from the civil services?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Please lah uncle. Our venerable Lee Kuan Yew, love him or hate him -- it doesn't matter -- he is however more right than wrong when it comes to geopolitics. When he speaks, other leaders listen.

China Unfettered: Redefining The Rules Of The Seas

Be wary of Rising China -- essentially echoing the sentiments of many Asian states. The Book

FACT: Most of Asia doesn't trust China


FACT: The Americans are playing the long game -- playing off and amplifying the "fear" Asian cuntrees already have.

This is excellent strategy. If you are a super-power, this is expected behaviour of a world-dominating imperialist.

Many Asian politicos also believe that US presence in the region has a "moderating effect" on the rise of China, which as Asian leaders have seen, has been exerting more vigour in their territorial claims. This makes Asian leaders very uncomfortable.

Ever the perennial opportunist, America seizes the day to "help"...and as always follow the money.

Exploitation? Damn right....and why not? ;-)

Anonymous said...

This 2016 could see the possibly of opposition take over the govt or coalitions?

Due to major issues is like the CPF and high inflation?

The faster and cheaper mobile internet likely to assist the opposition parties? Previously the opposition don't perform so well as most be got the news from the MSM which sell only the govt good news them?

The opposition likely to return at least 70 to 80 percents of the CPF to people as it was promised and it can't break it promised, the other 30 to 20 percent maybe returned at 60?

Because the people trust is very important what promised must not be broken?

The strategy of opposition last minute announcing their candidates is effective letting govt guest which opponent they are fielding, so the MSM can't run down their weakness?

They will have backup like SDP changing tactics throw their hats in the ring, last minutes back out to help each other winning the race?

The oppositions know that they can't not to co operate and united against the govt huge MSM advantage, which wide reach?

Because with today high inflation and old people need money to tide over difficult period?

From trend of Punggol East people are ready for the change of govt, with likely to have lot of new citizens as new citizens prefer to buy new home in the rural area?

If the out of job it will difficult for them as they had a family to take care and the children?

The not likely to have alot of savings due to today high inflation, with the indication of many credit companies and Ah long?

Many had married late, those in the 40s and 50s are vulnerable to retrench and had difficulties find a job and complete with the foreigners and the need money to tide through the difficult period?

They need their life time savings of CPF as a reserve in case they need it, what for if they been lock up the CPF even if the pay 8 percent what the used if they can only draw out any money and got to wait until 65 to 68 and older then can withdraw their hard savings which they expected to take out at 55 as promised? And is not all only some money monthly?

So it right to return their CPF as promised? As the trust between the govt and the people is very important?

Anonymous said...

Now the govt looking for people to stand for election is much more difficult then the pre internet era?

By talking to a few hundreds of their potential candidate to chose 87 to run for the election and now there is not guarantee they can win like last time MSM days the can hide behind a strong senior minister gain entry to do part time to get as much as $200K per year?

They need to rank them from the top to the bottom one?

Charles Chong said now the candidates of Joo Chiat are usually of the 2nd and 3rd choices?

Many of the old ministers would like to retire after many so much money better not risk losing?

The might consider scraping the GRC and the Elect President, as the newer candidate don't have much experiences might pull down the new ministers that helm the GRC, if too many of the ministers were lost like the Aljunied GRC losing 3 of the most experience ministers, there might he crisis?

Now the oppositions candidates are much stronger and more united and organised the start doing their groundwork much earlier talking to people to address their concern? Many are senior positions in the public then go to the private sectors?

The oppositions will keep the cards close to their hard last minutes till they reach the polling station then announced the candidates, so as to make the govt much more difficult to guest who they are running against and running them down as usual with the help of the MSM?

Anonymous said...

@May 29, 2014 9:38 pm

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without old fart ... sori kuan yew as a translator for the japenis

there will be no stinkapore

also no lau uncle limpeh here. WHY

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Anonymous said...

Denis Phua who sending the feelers, the idea they might scrape the Elected President?

The reasons is that if the EP gone to Tan Cheng Bock which he lost only one percent, it would be more difficult to deploy funds as they like which TT are sympathise with their causes?

So their worried of the Elected President when to the opposing voices were not unfounded?

The previously President Nathan in his two terms rarely questions if they need for funds, numerous times?

But if Tan Cheng Bock became the Elected President, it will not be so easy for the Govt to ask for funds? Because he hold the other key to the funds?

He already spelt out that he would not like to be in the same place as the PMO in the presidential palace?

He was seem to be subtly rebuked publicly, which he was not invited in a privatised old comrades event. Which he should not be announced in public that he was not in the list?

As his comment that Singaporean need more oppositions?

Some MP was surprised why he announced his candidacy to contest the EP as his is not the chosen one to run for the EP?

Recently his message of the trust of the govt need to return their CPF as promised 55, might not go well with the govt stance, would add more controversy?

Anonymous said...

What do you think? You spent a whole life in your youth working hard buying a insurance policy a a savings which matured when you are 55?

Many of them could in the similar situation, when they want the money for their our reserve in case of crisis but they can't get it back?

When you go down the company to get back your hard earned money, they said you can't get back your money due to the fact that now the average of people dying had risen and they worry about you spending all your old age savings and got to locked it up, when you reached 65 you can only get some money per month and you can't get back the principal?

You will get a shock of your life, these are your money, why should they decided how you spend money and believe you will spend it all when you got it back? When at the first place they had promised to return it to you at 55?

Anonymous said...

2016 could be a watershed year for Singapore?

The Oppositions and various parties coalitionw could take over Singapore Govt?

Base on the PE result 10 percent swing from winning to defeat, half between way, the next election in 2016, the government could be in a rude awakening?

The opposition had the capabilities to take over the govt as many had successful career in the senior govt positions like Tan Jee Say, Dr Ang, Chen Snow Mao and many with highly successful careers are joining the oppositions by the days?

The main issue is the trust, possibly lost due to the fact that many were very disappoint with the promised of taking back their hard earning money by 55 as promised, were shocked and disbelief that now there money was locked up and they can't get it back and only can get some money amount when the reach 65 per month?

Whenever excuses the govt give don't hold much ground to them? Who would want their lifetime of hard earned money locked up forever and only pay some money after 65 and above the rules continue changing? No persons with the right frame of mind would do that?

Other pressing issues like immigration and inflation, which see the rise and falls of various parties could seriously influence result too?

The continue improvement in mobile internet technology and decrease in price which will saturate the market by then from 2011 to 2016 like the mobile phone saturate the market and after that show the great impact of 3 elections, that mobile internet became the major sources of info and news increasing the main source of info sharing for many and sharing?

Which previously the only source of info for many are the state owned MSM?

From 2011 to 2013, various results had shown that mobile technology had great impact on the 2 by elections and the EP, the continue deteriorating support for the govt policies and the awareness of the new citizens using the mobile technology?

Usually these new citizens with their continue political shift is likely they got the latest news through the internet which they can't got it previously, they are better educated then the normal and older Singaporean?

The new of unity and co operation between the opposition parties, if they were to beat the govt?

The govt could in a rude shock what they feel that the new citizens rapidly changing political views and supporting the oppositions? From the result of Punggol East By Election? With new technology news viralling around the world in seconds?

Anonymous said...

Newer and newer citizens.

The political shift in PE by election, rapid development of mobile internet could shift the political ground rapidly?

Seen by the rise and fall of numerous govt after many years of govt like the LDP and Arab spring?

As more and more newer influx of newer citizens could replace the new citizens and their children, which their fear is not unfounded?

The govt brought them in to vote for them and to continue enjoy their next five year of lucrative careers and perks?

About 30K of new citizens every years, competing for jobs with the new citizens

With the rapidly shifting political stance by the new citizens?

And possibly not able to give the profit sharing scheme during the election time and need to delay until the election finish?