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‘Reactions to Russian View. Our last Readers’ Post page carried a view by the Press Secretary of the Russian Embassy in Singapore, Mr Dmitry Ryakhovskiy, who criticized the media for publishing biased accounts by Western news agencies about the ongoing crisis in the Ukraine. Below are the reactions via email, the ST Readers’ Post where the article was posted online, and in ST Facebook, to the Russian view.

Louis Tan: Unfortunately many have been indoctrinated by the American and Western brainwashing or simply just do not read or question what is being reported which is why Western press still holds sway.  It is time to turn back the tide and remove the stigma America and the West have painted of Russia as the ‘bad’ guy when they are far from ‘holy’. So, yes. More (such) reports should be presented in The Straits Times.’ ST

I sported the above in the ST on 12 May. It was like an advertorial or a paid advertisement. What was interesting were the views of some bloggers that the ST had been selling views of the Americans and the West, slanted in their favour particularly against the Russians, China and the Muslim world.

I have personally felt that many international articles published in reputable media around the world were actually as good as propaganda, very biased and unintellectual, more like the works of insurgents. And they were published in the main media and very likely the media even paid for the right to publish them. I hope I am wrong on this and it is the other way, that such propagandistic articles would only be printed with the author or source paying for the right to be given a space in the main media. The fee should be more than commercial advertisements as these are highly biased and distorted articles to serve a political agenda. The media could make a pile publishing such articles if they don’t mind the distortions and untruths as a source of income.

I often asked myself whether the media staff are so dull to be publishing other people’s poison laced political statements in the guise of journalistic or academic works when in reality they are politically motivated propaganda with a hidden and dangerous agenda? The source of such articles would be most willing to pay handsomely to be allowed to be published in reputable media. And the media staff are so eager and willing to even pay the source with good money to carry them in their reputable papers and undermining the credibility and reputation of their media.

It is quite ridiculous and stupid really if reputable media have to pay for the right to publish other people’s politically motivated articles, views or ‘news’.  So pathetic.

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Anonymous said...

It is quite ridiculous and stupid really if reputable media have to pay for the right to publish other people’s politically motivated articles, views or ‘news’.

But maybe these "politically motivated" views are the best ones available for sale what.

And better than these reputable media writing their own views, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

It is also quite ridiculous and stupid really if majority voters voted for a party that care more for foreigners than their own citizens.

But then it is also the best and only available one ready to be govt, so what to do, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

From Japan to Australia all newspapers carry their news from CNN, Blomberg, Fox news,Reuter, NY Times, Washington Post, Agence France, BBC etc.
Who own all these News providers.
They have a monopoly. And they have to follow the Agendas of the West.
I suggest readers follow the the news from RT today and CCTV English version. In this way can listen to both sides .

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

US DOMESTIC oil production is now huge and growing quickly, and is a serious rival to Saudi Arabia.

Super-conspiracy theorist Alex Jones thinks that Empire Americana is purposely making matters worse between Russia and Ukraine so that oil production is disrupted -- which has occurred. Spot price of oil is up because of the "happenings" in Ukraine. Ukraine supplies the EU with carbon energy. What's more there are on going disputes between Russian and Ukraine energy companies. It's a mess. So what do you do if you are America? You stir up the shit to create a bigger mess :-)

When US oil export facilities are up and running in 2015-16, the EU just might be a huge customer. ;-)

The western media is not news lah...it is ENTERTAINMENT purporting to be news. Western "news" is all about a bearded transvestite winning a song contest, who's the latest celebrity to have their sex tape leaked, Miley Cyrus's skinny ass twerking, Obama sneaking a smoke when Michelle is not looking....all bulshit targeted at keeping people dumbed-down, docile and consuming and consuming, and borrowing to keep consuming.

Guess what? Singapore media is following the same PROVEN TO BE PROFITABLE model.

Anonymous said...

Singapore ST is a joke. When you urn the pages all yo read are " how good the PAP are performing " or " how well the happy people are " or " how life is good for Singaporeans ' etc etc etc. The reporters from ST must be so insensitive to the failures of the PAP system. Why do they not question? I guess they too like everyone else in Singapore have to protect their rice bowls. It is a pity. Well the best use for the ST in Singapore is to replace Kleenex in the toilets/

Anonymous said...

For those who know the news ST is just a propaganda rag.

Good though for wrapping dog poo.

Anonymous said...

Why do they not question?
Anon 4:04 pm


For the same reasons why 60% continue to vote for the PAP.

Anonymous said...

When the opposition become the govt, only then will the ST start to question.

It's like that one lah, everywhere, not just in Sinkieland.

b said...

Everyone is bias not only the west.

Anonymous said...

what the fuck does the Russian expect from PAPigs, the running dog of americunt, japenis, pinoy, india

soon this piece of shit aka papigs will be embracing the falungong in the shitty times too

knnccb ... hsien loong , you fucking bastard ... of course u know who i am

Abao said...

To fault the ST of being Western Biased when it is some of the most Sinocentric English Regional papers will be akin to hypocrisy.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Ya ya...we've heard it all before: The ST is govt propaganda, the ST is govt controlled/ owned, ST editors are govt lap-dogs...sure, many of us say that..

...but literally nearly one and a half million people read that fucking paper -- digital or print -- every single motherfucking day.

If you think that the majority of people don't "fall for it" -- the crap in the ST that is, you are underestimating the power of state controlled media.

For e.g. the ST can kill you or win you an election. Govt propaganda? Wrap up dog shit? Sure. But people not only read it, they BELIEVE it.

The ST is NOT a joke. It has a profound influence that you are not even aware of.

patriot said...

The State/Official(print/roadcast/telecast/campaign) are subliminal propaganda. Almost hypnotic on all the readers, listerners and viewers.