Solidarity of opposition parties

Met Tan Jee Say yesterday and he confirmed that he was setting up a new political party. All the people present received this piece of news with mixed feelings. How is this going to help the cause of the opposition parties to unseed the ruling party, or at least to present a strong united front and to carve up more seats and GRCs for the opposition? The very thought of more opposition parties being formed always elicit the fear of vote splitting and weakening the opposition’s position.

Jee Say was quick to allay the fears of more splits and dilution of votes. He would not be a spoiler to create confusion and three corner fights. He will work closely with the other opposition parties in a united front, or at least would not undermine their common cause. We would have to see what really happens when the GE is announced. And there are always the wise voters to count on like in the Punggol East by election when the fight was a clear opposition versus the PAP and the irrelevant opposition parties would be abandoned by the single minded voters.

The fact that Jee Say attended the NSP fund raising dinner could be seen as a positive sign that he was willing to play ball and be a team player. And he was not the only one present. The WP, SDP, SPP and PKMS were also there with their top leaders showing support and unity in the opposition camp. For Low Thia Khiang, Sylvia Lim and Gerald Giam to attend the function was a good way to dispel the impression that the WP is aloft and would want to go it alone, ignoring the other opposition parties as inconsequential. For the opposition leaders to be seating together in the same table is a promising start, that at least they are willing to talk, to eat and drink together and be friends.

Opposition solidarity is the key to fight a successful battle in the next GE. If the opposition parties are unable to come together, or at least not to split and fight among themselves, the task to unseat the incumbent party would be that much harder. There are still many things that can happen as we close in on D Day, either this year or 2015. Would it be a serious battle with serious contenders, or would it be another circus with jokers popping up everywhere and in the most undesirable places to create more confusion? Let’s wait and see.

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Anonymous said...

Why did he then stood as a candiate for the presidential election and, in many people's view, cost Dr Augustine Tan the seat?

Anonymous said...

If Tan Jee Say's new party can contest 100% seats, 93% chance 60% Sinkies will give his new party their support. He will be our next PM.

60% Sinkies will only respect and vote for a party which is ready to be govt. And by contesting 100% seats, it shows the party is ready, no need to say one.

If not, 93% chance he and his party will lose again, just like the other opposition parties. And despite his much better credentials, Tan Jee Say has already lost twice, so he better learn his lesson.

If the opposition still don't learn, better save their time and money by not contesting at all.

Anonymous said...

all the opp parties have one common objective - power for themselves !

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:17 am, where got Augustine Tan one? Please don't comment if u are daft and can't even get the basic info right.

Anonymous said...

Can u imagine a Sinkie cabinet with Tan Jee Say, Teochew Ah Hia, son of JBJ, Chee Soon Juan and even Lee Hsien Loong as ministers?

60% Sinkies know this will be a joke so they will never vote in a joker govt, let alone make it happen.

If it happens, such a cabinet will screw all Sinkies even harder than PAP is screwing daft Sinkies now.

Anonymous said...

I'd throw in my lot with a Roy Ngerng & friends cabinet.
Nobody can say he does not have balls, originality or heart.

Can we say the same about PAP?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

ha ha More defamation lawsuits in the making.

If you are unwilling or incapable of fighting dirty, forget politics lah

Anonymous said...

Too many cooks spoil the broth must also apply here.

The PAP probably like it this way.

Anonymous said...

Grasshopper Tan set up another opposition party in a crowded space without substance. What can we say about a guy who declared that $ 60 B is a small change.Without him in the PE that Kentucky Uncle would not selling chicken in Macdonald.

Anonymous said...

After WP Teochew Ah Hia said WP is not ready to be govt, Tan Jee Say forming new party is the next best thing to happen in the opposition for PAP.

If I were PM Lee, I am very pleased. I will import more foreign talents, increase CPF min sum and delay further the Sinkie CPF withdrawal.

Anonymous said...

That Tan Jee Say contested PE 2011 was the best thing to happen for "Tancho" aka KFC Tan.

oldhorse42 said...

Now who shall I vote the next election. Do I vote for teochew ah hia's party or hainan ah ko's party?

Anonymous said...

Some of the most successful countries have multi-parties system of govt?

Even with less population of those huge countries they had among the most talent per capital basis, compare to those large countries, these small countries able effectively bring out and empowered the potential each locals of each individuals and bring out their highest potential?

The rarely rely of foreign investments, they concentrate their effort in fostering their small and medium companies and each individuals to design and be innovate process and international branding, these produce large pool of talents like innovators and inventors, thinkers, successful multi national companies, Nobel prizes winners and Olympic champions?

They run a low cost govt with around $200K?

The bottom earners is not much lower then the top earners compare to other countries?

Their direct taxes are higher to foster talents, temporary out of jobs funding, free educations and retirement benefits?

Their advantage is that if they disagreed with the party manifestos, he can go to help other parties to develop that fit his ideology?

If a single party if he disagreed he has no other place to go, that why usually the most successful countries are multi parties systems, which has low wages gap, high birthrates and high standard of living?

The multi parties system, most can only field and decided to fail their most talents candidates, as with multi parties system is very competitive, you can't effort to field mediocre types of candidates and risk losing, it may lost to others higher potential candidates, so as to be able to get into the parliament to contribute the well been of the common man?

So with heavy competition from different parties with gone through a stringent performances processes, that why their countries can achieve so much?

With multi parties system the cost of running the system is much lower as competition brought down cost of govt, and less wastage, as most parties can't effort to had wastages they might be voted out in the next elections?

Expenditures got to be keep and benefit the general population most , which the important check and balances to counter other parties excesses?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I dont have a good impression of this guy based his past performance. Dilution of votes is a sure thing no matter what assurances he tries to allays. MIW will be celebrating. Some have egos too big to be suppressed.

Anonymous said...

I will not vote for him thats for sure. Glory seeking.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm I think matilar finally surrendered to the books poster. Wonder he has new advice or insight for matilar? Others who added the two new books are quite creative too.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Eh kotek, I will write anything for any purpose...but none of these kedukut mother arse eaters ever offered me money. Not one rupee. I write for myself for free -- for my own "shiok sendiri". Exactly like masturbation. Others have to pay.

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Anonymous said...

MIW will benefit most at the end of the day. Contest as opp member cannot win. Then contest as PC cannot win. Now form new party. Crystal clear.

Anonymous said...

The many rules of CPF which keep changing, nobody know what rules they want to change the best is to give back at least half of the money for people to manage on their own?


Anonymous said...

Why half the money and not all?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Jee Say has called his party Singaporeans First Party. And the things he sets out to do, all about Singaporeans First is something to look forward to. It is high time a party stands up and speaks up for Singaporeans.

If he can translate his goals into reality, Singaporeans can see a better and more secure future ahead. All other parties must also adopt this Singaporeans First objective and don't be shy to shout it loud on top of all buildings.

Yes Singaporeans First! This is our country and we must be First in the allocation of resources and opportunities. We should not vote for parties that believe in foreigners first.

Anonymous said...

1. WP not ready to be govt.
2. SDP Chee discharged from bankruptcy and can contest next election.
3. Tan Jee Say forms a new party.

Like that good for PAP or not, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

Yes Singaporeans First!
RB 3:48 pm

Tiok. But foreigners made instant Singaporeans by PAP are also Singaporeans and can vote, tio bo?

So who do u think these Singaporeans will vote, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

RB, more kopi for you.

Virgo49 said...

Mr RB, why the Opposition must contest 100% per cent to challenge the PAP???

Really naive thinking!!

As long as the Opposition candidates won the majority of the seats, they can form a Coalition to be the Ruling Government.

Whats so bad about the Ruling Coalition??

So many countries run by coalition governments and they do not disappear from the planet.

Its better to let the new Ruling Party have a go at the Government rather than to have the Devils of the PAPies to screw you again which is one hundred pervent affirmative if they were to be the Ruling Government again.

So be brave and do not think of your personal interests and have a change of government for your children and grandchildren sake.

Anonymous said...

Yes we need to replace PAP with an opposition alliance government. First priority of the new govt will be to revamp CPF and return all CPF monies at 55 years of age.

Anonymous said...

Out of 77 white paper votes and the 6000 protests even raining heavily. Singapore all time greatest protest against the white paper?

Which is which, how come 77 can vote for the white paper, when there is the largest protest ever, not a single 77 votes against the white paper?

The whip and the rice bowl?

Anonymous said...

Rb met Tan Jee Say.

Did You offer to join his Singaporeans First Party as You are perfectly matching with the Slogan?
Tan Jee Say knows You are Rb, does he read My Singapore News and invited You to join his Party? Tan Jee Say should have a deputy like Rb who is undyingly loyal to Sg and Sinkies. Rb is also good at writing and photography, making him a great asset to have. With two great minds at it, Sinkies will be blessed with people loving leaders.
Rb please join the Singaporeans First Party. Singaporeans will vote for the Party.

Anonymous said...

PAP should celebrate and pop champagne as oppo votes will get diluted. Hip Hip Hurray!

Anonymous said...

GE is getting nearer. It is time for the angpows to be dished out and also to redraw the boundaries. Also it is time to make more new citizens. New opposition parties will make no difference. Singaporeans vote with their their bank accounts in mind. I do not expect any change to the 60/40 split. In fact I will not be surprised if it becomes a 70/30 scenario. Lets see what wayang will materialise between now and the GE.

Anonymous said...

"Did You offer to join his Singaporeans First Party...."
Anon 5:53 pm


RB is already more than 60 years old, older than Tan Jee Say, tio bo?

Ko wu beh zao meh? (Still got horse energy to run?)

If RB can or want to run, already ran in 2011 or earlier already what, tio bo?

And u won't find him blogging and asking kopi for so long.

Anonymous said...

Unable to make headway in GE & PE & thinktank group and now this. Power hungry or other agenda.

Anonymous said...

"RB is already more than 60 years old, older than Tan Jee Say, tio bo? "
Anon 6:11 pm

Tiok. In fact RB was in the news before. Read this:

"Remisier and wildlife enthusiast Mr Chua Chin Leng, 64,..."

And that was in Aug 2013. So this year he should turn 65 and eligible for CPF payout if he is under the CPF Life scheme.

Anonymous said...

RB is not too old to stand for election and not too old to represent Singaporeans. There is a much older person who is far too meddling and active in the Singapore political arena.

If you think you can, by all means do it. RB will get my vote.

Anonymous said...

/// RB is already more than 60 years old, older than Tan Jee Say, tio bo?
Ko wu beh zao meh? (Still got horse energy to run?) ///
May 25, 2014 6:11 pm

YPAP got so many youngsters like Tin Pei Ling.
Got a lot of energy to run.
But run in the wrong direction.
Just like mee siam mai hum.

Better to vote for redbean than to vote for YPAP candidates.

Anonymous said...


SFP launched Liao

Anonymous said...

knnccb ... papigs working veri the quick leh ..

sending out their B team ... "B" for butoh to split public support

this hainam kia will be able to rally the ah kok supports thru their kin-men-ship dna

look at those fuck faces ..typical papigs running dogs n bitches

and the logo ... representing rear views of stinkaporean bending over and their assholes being fucked thru and thru??

knnccb ... but limpeh here will also vote for these pricks in a two sided vote

knnccb ... fuck hsien loong n his running dogs n bitches

Anonymous said...

Now is the internet mobile age, things change much faster due to the mobile internet smart phones and tablets?

Governments rise and fall rapidly due the the rapid utilization of the mobile internet, which previously they are unable to obtain?

Its not like last time snail mail era? Info viral across the world in sec. unless you want to close the internet like South Korea?

More and more people in the fifties, sixties are using mobile internet as price get cheaper and faster?

Lesser and lesser people will read the MSM, to save costs, as info came almost instantly in the mobile internet not wait until next or can't read the alternative comments and views?

So leaders need to be realistic, that the world is watching closely our country various developments?

How we handle it will impact our country future? There will be backlash from around the world?

Previously info are difficult to reach the wider audiences of the due to state control or not enough spaces?

It difficult to get many different voices published in the news due to the space constrains, now hundreds or thousands of comments in some pieces of news critical and affect the majority of the general populations?

Things will mover faster and wider and reach even older persons unable to get due to mobility of the internet and rapidly sharing, who previously depend only state control medias for info, and the outcome will be much different they yester years as these older and less educated had less chance of info access from the state controlled medias?

Anonymous said...

Internet base smart phone penetration reaching near 90 percent, soon it will reach 100 percent of the population? http://www.mediaresearchasia.com/view.php?type=press&id=3184

Anonymous said...

You can see how rapidly internet change the landscape? From these 2 years time from 2011 election to 2013 Punggol East by election how fast improvement and the speed of mobile internet improve and the spreading of the news around the world?

Usually many mobile internet operators test the Singapore market first with its products?

Many expected Li Lian to lose, but she won with a turnaround of votes of 11 percents swing, from a previous lost?

One could imagine how rapidly mobile internet can change the result of election?

Lee Li Lian of the Workers’ Party triumphed with 16,038 votes, representing 54.52% of valid votes cast. The PAP’s Koh Poh Koon trailed with 12,856 votes (43.71%). K Jeyaretnam, leader of the Reform Party, and Desmond Lim (Singapore Democratic Alliance) were crushed, with only 363 and 168 votes respectively.

Virgo 49 said...

RB already at aged 55 took his CPF monies with minimum sum at 84500 or 90 plus k if later and at aged 60 draw his monthly annuity of CPF account.

He is fighting on behalf of you people to have the CPF savings returned st age 55.

So be grateful

Anonymous said...

You got your reasons of excuses in keeping others CPF, others too have valid and good reasons to get back their CPF at 55 as promised?

Many were disappointed when they are young promised to get back their CPF, can't believe when going to reach their age, the rules were changed and can be changed? Of course you can give some excuses to change the rules, but people don't the real real intentions?

Unless people are give options to decide the money themselves?

It's people hard earned money took years to accumulated to hard work, some people can manage their money well should return it to others?

People don't know what is the real reasons, they must keep everyone CPF?

It can't all manage their own money more efficiency or better then the CPF?

Its ok to keep some of them the CPF and return it to those who have good reasons to run their own money, after all its his their own money?

A promise is a serious undertaking, it should not any break it , it could lose the credibility?

Anonymous said...

How many people go to the bank to put their money in the fixed deposit, the banker told them, you can only got out some money per month when you reach 65 or 68 later, you can't draw out the money or the total principal? How many would deposit their money there?

Toh Chin Chye said if you go to the bank to get your fixed deposit, if the bank will to ask you to come next year, there will be a run on the bank?

Maybe the ministers should cut down their pay to that of some develop countries with around the populations of around $200K per month, to return back somebody CPF at55?

Unknown said...

What make you think we want our CPF back. Only the misguided, misinformed, misfortunate, laid back, marginalized , less educated sector of the population may want their money back as they want to spend and think little of the rainy days that will come. To be frank, many of us who grew up with the CPF, bought houses with it, accumulate saving and assets through it have no qualm with it. No reason to take to the street if there are a few pointers about the CPF that we don't like.

marcus aurelius tan said...

Why so many commentaries by anonymous? Who are they afraid of ………..the PAP? Come 2014, the PAP i am sure will win by more than 60%. You see, we have many who are easily scared and will not risk having new people nor opposition running the government. I have no problem with that. Inspite of a few blunders here and there, I think they have done a good job.