Civil Society statement on racism and xenophobia

‘We, the undersigned, are alarmed by the recent surge of racism and xenophobia in Singapore. They threaten the human rights of all (especially migrants) and the health of our political conversation….We see the widespread use of racist, aggressive and militarised rhetoric on social media, as well as a trend of blaming foreigners for social ills. Ordinary people have been threatened in public spaces with nationalist and/or anti-foreigner language. …’

The above paragraphs were extracted from a statement by a group of non govt organistions and individuals on the growing intolerance of foreigners in Singapore. The organisations involved are: Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE), Beyond the Border, Behind the Men, Function 8, Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (HOME), LeftWrite Center, MARUAH, Project X, Sayoni, Singapore, Anti-Death Penalty Campaign, Think Centre, Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2),Workfair.

The individuals that put signed on this statement are: Fikri Alkhatib, Damien Chng, Ian Chong, Jean Chong, Chong Si Min, Kirsten Han, Farhan M. Idris, Godwin Koay, Lynn Lee, Siew Kum Hong, Constance Singam, Alvin Tan Cheong Kheng, Jolene Tan, Teng Qian Xi, Shelley Thio, Teo Soh Lung, Vincent Wijeysingha, Mark Wong De Yi, Wong Pei Chi, June Yang Yajun, Yap Ching Wi, Rachel Zeng.

These are high profile organisations and individuals coming together to put up a case against their perceived growing racism and xenophobia of Singaporeans. This comes shortly after a series of condemnation from the govt sectors, including politicians who branded Singaporeans as xenophobes for expressing their anger and unhappiness at foreigners, particularly the rich PMETs who have acted disparagingly and disgustingly against Singaporeans. There were little, almost negligible, anti foreign sentiments against the foreign workers whom Singaporeans acknowledged and welcomed to be here to do jobs that Sinkies have shunned, mostly manual and construction jobs.

The Singaporeans felt outraged, offended at this unfair branding of them as xenophobes as many did not see themselves that way. Their unfriendly comments against the foreigners were not xenophobic and never meant to be anti foreigners or racist but at the culprits that violated the sanctity of Singaporeans in Singapore. Some counter argued that the govt was trying to deflect the real issues of foreigners in the country and pass the buck to them, to brand them as racist, making them the focus of attention. Singaporeans were more angry with the govt’s policies to let in so many foreigners to swarm the island and making their lives not only uncomfortable but losing out competing for jobs, space and facilities and crowding in the trains. Do the Singaporeans have a right to air their anger and frustrations on the huge presence of foreigners? Has any Singaporeans went out of his way to confront foreigners, to beat or attack them like what had happened in xenophobic countries?

In fact, the rise in tension and anger in Singaporeans was more a reaction to the abuses, provocations, discriminations and taunting by the foreigners themselves. The foreigners brought it upon themselves. The rioting by foreign workers, attacking Singaporeans and the police, burning police cars, were taken in their strike by the Singaporeans without much acrimony. Singaporeans took it as a once off event due to a traffic accident. There was a total absence of outrage by the Singaporeans against the rioters and no Singaporeans went out to hammer or beat up any of the rioters as a result.

How can any Sinkie be so foolish to point the fingers at other Singaporeans for being xenophobic? Where is the xenophobia? The only sound or noise was in social media where some hot blooded young Singaporeans used as an outlet to air their frustration. Do these Sinkies who are accusing other Singaporeans of xenophobia know what xenophobia is all about?

Many Singaporeans have travelled widely and have lived abroad. Many have first hand experience of xenophobia themselves, personally, when they were attacked, abused, spitted at, called names, even beaten, just because of the colour of their skins. Have such things happened here in this paradise? Yes, absolutely! But the victims were mostly Sinkies and the xenophobes were the foreigners taking physical liberty at the daft Sinkies. Ask the taxi drivers how many have been beaten by foreigners? Remember who is Anton Casey? Remember the few angmoh cyclists threatening Sinkie drivers in the middle of the road like this is their grandfather’s country and the roads their grandfather’s roads? Or must Singaporeans apologised the Anton Casey who cursing and swearing at him for his bad racist behaviour? Or must Singaporeans apologise to the angmoh cyclists for blocking their ways?

Are those organisations and individuals signing the statements chastising Singaporeans as xenophobic and racists real? I think they are out of their mind.

More than 50% of the population in the island are foreigners. How many foreigners have been abused, insulted or attacked by Singaporeans for the colour of their skin or because they were foreigners? If there were any physical brawls involving foreigners and Singaporeans, the reason often than not were anything but xenophobia. The huge number of foreigners here and enjoying themselves is the best testimony that Singaporeans are insanely tolerant of foreigners. What are a few kpkb incidents by a few Singaporeans amount to but a hiccup or a yawn. Xenophobic and racist Singaporeans because of them? How foolish?

Sinkies are called daft not for no reason. And this joint statement about Singaporeans being anti foreigners and racists is a very good reason for it. Many Sinkies were booted or sacked from their jobs by foreigners so that the foreigners could replace the Sinkies with their own kind. No? Fiction, fabrication? These are true acts of racism and xenophobia against Singaporeans, not Singaporeans against foreigners.

Are these people crazy? I suggest they should admit themselves to Woodbridge and have their heads checked. Singaporeans are victims of xenophobia and racism in their own country.

Kopi Level - Green


Anonymous said...

fuck lah ....

WHO THEY VOTED FOR ... humm, neBer mind who they voted for

BUT .... utmost importance


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Anonymous said...

/// How can any Sinkie be so foolish to point the fingers at other Singaporeans for being xenophobic? ////

The NGOs in Singapore are uniquely Singapore.
I challenge the leadership of all these "NGOs" to swear out a statutory declaration of their political party memberships.
To confirm that they are not 'GONGOs"
- Government Organized NGOs

Anonymous said...

This is another clear case of daft Sinkies blaming Sinkies for the wrong reasons and whacking Sinkies to protect foreigners.

Anonymous said...

Soon they will be suggesting building statue for Anton Casey for to pay respect to and to apologise for scolding him.

Anonymous said...

@May 29, 2014 9:25 am

good idea ... i second this

AND have his little kuku sticking out for stinkaponang to suckle n blow.. especially those spg

and may there be hi-tech av to record these priceless moments

..... yum..yum .... sooo sedup

knnccb .... hsien loong n running dogs n bitches

Anonymous said...

Say what you like, the TRS IS a xenophobic site.

Anonymous said...

I nominate Minister Amy Khor to apologize to Anton Casey.

Anonymous said...

I don't often comment on blogs but this statement by a group of lackeys and cock lickers really rile me up.

It is almost certain that all these so called champions of foreign talents are ensconced in cushy jobs and thus never felt the anger and frustration of those PMETs who had their jobs taken away and are now unemployed, became hawkers or taxi drivers. The more educated becomes insurance salesmen or the hated property agents who will out of the blue ask you to sell your home so they can make a commission to put food on their families' tables.

We are not against those manual workers because they are needed. Mostly, these manual workers are undemanding, don't make a nuisance of themselves. They know their place in our society. These, we really should welcome with open arms. We are against those PMETs taking away Singaporeans' right to a good job just because they compete with a lower salary. In the process, they are cocky and devious. Some conspire to bring in their whole village to staff a department.Any really first world country would protect its own citizens first against such unfair competition. Third world banana republics masquerading as first world with no minimum wages shame only themselves. Don't be taken in by politicians' snake oil speeches.

I will note those names carefully. If anyone of them stands for the general election, I will make sure to vote against them. Even the ruling regime is better than these hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

Why these people hate Sinkies so much and love foreigners so much that they can only see flaws in Sinkies but not in foreigners?

Anonymous said...

Yes, remember everyone of these fake and shallow intellects.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> Singaporeans are victims of xenophobia and racism in their own country.

Redbean behaves like a 5 year old again.

2 wrongs don't make a right. 2 Wongs don't make a white. ;-)

>> These are high profile organisations and individuals coming together to put up a case against their perceived growing racism and xenophobia of Singaporeans.

To me they are wasting their time, but hey...it is their time to waste.

Personally, I don't think Singaporeans are racist -- although racism exists everywhere --and it lives in individual minds. However when people are angry and frustrated the are likely to imagine "grand conspiracies" against them -- like "us vs them". The pattern-seeking human brain makes the obvious next step: "them" are people of different race, so blame "them".

Given the already high negative emotional state, the pattern-seeking, meaning-making brain and the "buffer" of the internet which allows one to say things one might not in real life face to face with other humans -- it is not a stretch to understand why people who are normally not racist, just blurt out comments they would NEVER SAY in the real world.

So relac lah. Let the Singaporeans express their anger and frustration.

It pisses me off when one group who thinks themselves "superior" tries to impose their standards on another group.

I really don't like bullies. Those folks who signed the statement are well known public figures of notable celebrity. When they kick people who are already down or feeling down and hopeless -- IN PUBLIC no less, to me that goes beyond the pale.

I would assume they want Singapore to be a kinder, gentler place where people would respect each other more. Maybe it would be a good idea for them to set the example.

For all your celebrity, social status and standing in the community: shame on all of you. You are *NOT superior* to the guy who has lost his job. Fuck the lot of you.

Matilah's Shadow said...

>Those folks who signed the statement are well known public figures of notable celebrity.<

Says who?

They are nobodies.

But you're right, they are bullies. Anyone who has a safe job can talk nice and big. All piecs of shit if you want my opinion.

Anonymous said...

They think they are very important. I hope the sensible ones will remove their names from the list to save themselves some embarrassment.

b said...

These people should just read this piece of article below.

UK has less than 20% foreigners (mostly europeans) but they are increasingly supporting anti immigration Ukip. "a survey of British social attitudes reveals a shocking upturn in prejudice, Allison Pearson argues that the political elite’s desire to advance multiculturalism with mass immigration has backfired".

b said...

Most people will agree that at first they came for jobs that locals do not want to do, then they are here to take away jobs that locals are doing.

b said...

Those who put their names down should experience what it is like to be replaced by a foreigner in your home (not host) country. Perhaps they are all like the six fingers amy khore that sg is just their host country.

Virgo 49 said...

VINCENT what singha beer is it????

SDP candidate is it????

This coming GE you gonna lose your deposit or pull down your party members in GRC if you contest.

Doubled faced gay is it???

Anonymous said...


Dare they declare on Oath that they are independent and non-partisan?

Doubt they are, even the Individuals.

Anonymous said...

Plse la, they are just out to get some publicity for themselves. Some harbouring some ambitions while others are for namesake. You need not agree with them. In fact You can call them whatever You like or take them silently in yr heart that these cud be traitors, betrayors and scums.