When you think they are very nice

The Vietnamese revealed their true colour and started to kill Chinese workers and factories in their country. And Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore were not spared. They did not know the difference? Chinese are Chinese. They may be 3rd World but they are not daft and ignorant. They are just what they are, 3rd World nice people putting on a mask. Just give them a chance to turn into beasts.

The Chinese have been pumping real money into Vietnam to help grow their economy and providing jobs for the Vietnamese. When they decided to show their ugly self, they will transform themselves from the very nice people to hooligans, thugs, rioters and murderers and ingrates. Would China be so stupid to pour in more money into Vietnam? Don’t expect them to change.

This is applicable to the Pinoys. Look at how trigger happy they were against the Taiwanese and Hongkies. Look at how wild they are when they have guns in their hands. Very nice people? You are only seeing one side of the coin.

We have the same experience in Geylang and Little India. The 3rd World people are very nice only when they need to. Give them the slightest excuse and they will turn wild, like beasts. We gave them good jobs, good opportunities to make good money. But deep down, the 3rd World sick mentality is suppressed and you will not know when they will show their true self.

Integrate with them, go and reach out to them? You know how they behave in Sentosa Beach parties and all the big mass parties on the streets of Orchard Road? They are nice only up to a point. And they can be very wild and very ugly if you are not careful. And we are no match for them in brutality, primitiveness and viciousness.

Beware, be careful. We have come so far in civilizing ourselves, do not take personal safety and security for granted. We are different, at different stages of social and human development. Sinkies have been living a good life, have not been robbed, beaten except for the taxi drivers, have not been raped in big scale. Do not take personal or national safety and security for granted. Don’t ask for it, don’t invite trouble. Better be safe than be sorry.

What happens to the kiasi mentality? We let our guards down to theses strangers from the 3rd World, people we do not know, hardly know, and we open ourselves, our homes to them assuming that they are just as nice like one of us. My God, how daft Sinkies can be? Kindness does not always beget kindness to people you don’t have a clue who they are or what is in their mind.

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Anonymous said...

You do not have to be that careful,RB, if you have Gurkha Guards guarding your house and crowds of security personnel following you everywhere do you?

Anonymous said...

Are Gurkha Guards the Foreign talents hired to protect PAP Ministers from Singaporeans?

What about Foreign Talents?
Are they hired to protect PAP from Singaporean PMETs?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Please lah. You just cannot compare the Vietnamese to the Pinoys. The Viets are one arse-kicking culture who can tahan just about anything you throw at them.

This is not the first time the Viets and Chinese have clashed. This acrimony and mistrust goes back over 2 thousand years lah. You make it as if it is something new.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I am just saying that the Chinese should not waste time on the Viets. The Viets would not appreciate but would still want to kick the Chinese' ass when they can. China should withdraw all its investments in Vietnam and get Hongkong to pull out as well. The Taiwanese should also do so as the Viets would hate them like they hate the Chinese.

Then China should teach the Viets a naval lesson like they did in 1974 in the Paracels.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


My money is on the Viets in this fight. I'm not saying that they are "right". I'm saying that they are "tough".

Ask any Aussie detective and they'll tell you that the Viet gangs are far more fierce and violent than the Chinese gangs. Dun pray pray, these people are nuts.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I agree they are tough and fearless. But they are no match for the PLA in terms of military tactics and strategies. If they are that good, China would not have any peace at the border.

The Chinese gave them bokok bokok in 1979 until they are so kwai and dare not start any trouble at the Sino Viet border any more.

On a one to one, you would be dealing with someone that is willing to die with you. So stay away from them. Their lives are cheap. Their problem with the Chinese is that the Chinese' lives are also cheap.

They were kicked in the butt by the Chinese twice, at the Sino Viet border and Paracels. No fight.

Now they tried to ram the Chinese rig but could not get pass the Chinese cordon. Again, no fight.

Fighting with the Americans was a different story as the Americans were fighting with one hand tied behind their backs. Anyway the Americans only used fire power but soldier to soldier the Americans are rubbish. There are only two good American soldiers, Arnold Swarzeneggar and Sylvestor Stallone.

The Viet soldiers were overrated.

Anonymous said...

chinese lives are cheap. kill 1 million, 10 million, 100 million also never mind. still got many, many more. and more to come on the way. vietnamese lives also very cheap. i remember the boat people landing on our beaches on malaysia's beaches. the only expensive lives on this earth is american lives. a few die, they make so much noise in the world. according to usass, everybody's lives are cheap except for american lives. hundreds die on MAS flight but a few days ago china gave najib pandas. yes chinese lives are cheap.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Like I said. My money is on the Viets, if it comes to fighting -- the ruthless and brutal fuckers that they are. They won't be conquered.

China might be more powerful, but at the end of the day they won't waste resources on these gangster fuckers if it comes down to down and dirty fighting. China will cut losses and bail out of Vietnam, and we will all hear that loud sucking sound as Chinese money takes flight, leaving the Viets worse off.

The Golden Rule: He who has the gold makes the rules.

Anonymous said...

It is not safe whether you travel there as a tourist or a businessman...it is a terrible country compared to Thailand and Myanmar. Their origin came from the South-Western China, where they were considered poor and uneducated.

The Vietnamese always think that the World owes them a living....

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You are right again. The Chinese will pull out their capital and close the chapter on the Viets.

Today's geopolitics is not like the days of colonialism. No country in its right mind will think of conquering another country and take their land. It is no longer viable or sustainable.

Even the Viets knew that and bundled themselves out of Laos and Cambodia. They that they would be bogged down and could not win. If there is any fighting between the Viets and Chinese, it would be like the last war, hit, do the damage and withdraw.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Yes Anon 2:28. Pham Van Dong demanded LKY to pay back by investing in Vietnam simply because Sin benefitted from that war by supplying the Americans and providing R and R services.

This is their mentality. Don't try to do business there. They will rip you off.

b said...

Just because of a few uass mouthpieces, the majority viets/pinoys have to suffer. Hope someone can wake them up. Asians must help asians. The rise of china will only bring more wealth into asia.

b said...

Anyway, just another trick to bank in more weapons sale.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


OK here is the Aussie situation. Chinese organised crime are the biggest importers of illicit drugs -- mainly the type known as #4 aka "China White" heroin

However the Viets control and dominate the distribution. Not only of heroin, but just about every other street drug too.

The dumb fuck Romanians, Italians, Lebanese etc buy off the Vietnamese and are always getting busted. Viets rarely get busted, allowing them to plough their massive profits into other "ventures" -- some legal, many illicit like brothels, illegal dvd's and cd's (before the internet), firearms, illegal immigration of workers to do illegal things etc. In many Asian areas they also supply "protection services" -- you better pay or your shop will mysteriously get smashed up.

The dumb fuck Euro and Mid Eastern crims like to "action borak" -- cars, women, being loud and obnoxious at night clubs, like to hammer people for the slightest insult, and thus draw attention to themselves -- not only by the Federal Police, but also The Crime Commission and the Taxation Office. Stupid motherfuckers.

The Viets OTOH keep a low profile, so the average Jo & Jane never suspects that they are the biggest of the big. They also tend to have their own night clubs and private establishments the public is completely unaware of. They are members and big financial supporters of community organisations, all in all the "finest citizens" of the Asian community.

Of all the Asian cultures, the Viets are the most ruthless, tough, amoral, and organised. The Chinese cannot match them.

My theory is that the Viets thnk themselves as "2nd class Chinese" and are thus pissed off, and therefore will go just that "extra" to prove themselves worthy.

This cultural insecurity makes them very dangerous

Eddie Leong said...

Anyone being to the outskirts of Hanoi? They are simple villages but not starving.

Vietnamese defeated the French, the Americans and the Chinese. They are fierce and not afraid to suffer and to die.

Let's face it. The world exploits cheap labor. Not because companies are charitable.

But national pride takes precedence over economic interests in Vietnam. Even if foreign firms pull out, they will not die of hunger.

And foreign firms will stay around because where else will to go? Back to China? Or to Cambodia, Thailand or Mynamar?

This is the reality. Money talks. Politics sucks.

Anonymous said...

China can leapfrogged over Vietnam. And the world has no reason to be in Vietnam if the situation is bad or so so.