Sewol Sinking – Unbelieveable video clip!

It was on Channel News Asia, a video clip showing the arrival of South Korean coastguards in their powered dinghies to save passengers in the sinking Sewol. The ferry was listing very badly, on its side, and the ferry’s crew, including the captain, slid down the side of the ferry into the recue boat. Other than these few people, there were no signs of other passengers floating around or crawling around the ferry waiting to be rescued. It was like a sinking oil tanker with only a few members of the crew to be rescued.

What happened to the 300+ passengers, teachers and children? They were still waiting inside their cabins as instructed by the crew, waiting to be rescued. It was so unbelieveable. The captain and the crew should be organizing the evacuation of the ferry but instead were disembarking without doing anything. And the passengers in the sinking ferry, inside their cabins waiting for their orders to evacuate. It was a non event.

There was so much time available for a full evacuation but nothing was done. No one thought it right or opportune to get all the passengers out of their cabin into the deck. What were in the minds of the captain and his crew, that the passengers in the sinking ferry were safe and no need to evacuate while they left the ship leaving them sinking with the ferry?

And the coast guards were equally lost as they could not find anyone to save. Didn’t the captain and his crew told them of the 300+ passengers trapped in the ferry? There was no urgency to do anything as if there were no passengers in the ferry? It was so unreal!

This could be Sampan Version 3.0

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Anonymous said...

Sewol ferry is Singapore. The captain and crew are pinky loong and friends. Sinkies know they're sinking but not doing anything. Just blindly following orders to stay put. Too much great belief in the pappy greatness and pappy myth.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is sinking. Every green space being cleared to build more housing, tunnels and roads. More newater into the reservoirs, even Barney the crocodile cannot tahah. The weather more hotter, humid and air polluted. More people and more people....crowded in this tiny hot, humid red dot.

Anonymous said...

The Sewol was overloaded several times over. Alarms were raised but nobody took. Overloading meant more profits. More growth without real productivity.

Anonymous said...

What's the difference between Pinky Loong and the Sewol captain?

The captain will be prosecuted and most probably jailed for life. Pinky Loong will be PM for life.

Anonymous said...

The manipulations of overloading the Sewol(ferry) with extra cargoes, passengers and modifications was the cause for the Tragedy.
Does it sounds familiar?

The Captain Of Sin will put the Sinkies into similar jeopardy. Oh maybe even worse.

Anonymous said...

You want to know about another unbelieveable news? Yesterday's ST (6 May) printed edition have a story of a old man giving 2 empty cartridges, from the first NDP 21-gun salute, to the SAF Veterans League, who then loan them to the National Heritage Board (page A2-3 and B2). But you would find the story any where on ST online. Why? Because all SAF soldiers know that it is an offence to keep any part of any ammo! The culprit, and the members of the League, should be taken to task. So ST quietly withdrew the article. But you can take back what is printed!!

agongkia said...

Maybe they need to recruit another
1000 crews to keep the vessel safe.
Shortage of manpower and training mah.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Moral of story: Learn to think for yourself, and act accordingly

If you give "authority" blind faith, you could fucking die.

Boat sinking. "Please stay in your cabin".

Immediately red flags should be going off in your brain. However if you belong to a culture where obedience is valued over individual thought and action, good fucking luck to you. You will die because of someone else's MISTAKE.

The Matilah version:

Boat sinking. "Stay in your cabin".

Matilah: "Fuck you and your clan. Why don't you stay in my cabin, smart ass? I'm going to get the fuck off the boat!"

Have a healthy skepticism toward authority. In Asian cultures that is extremely hard, because from the time one is born, one is "disciplined" to defer and fear authority.

Fucking bullshit, mate!

AhKong65 said...

Matilah: 11:25 am
Totally agree with you this time .

Anonymous said...

A Freudian slip when the PM said that Sinkapore belongs to foreigners too?

Anonymous said...

Going going gone.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's the Sewol ferry.
I think it's the PAPigs saving themselves while Singapore sinks.

b said...

All politicians are evil so do not believe them. Trust a donkey or monkey is better than trusting a politician these days. All they know is to cut benefits and increase tax, levy, fares etc and most important their own salaries.

Anonymous said...

why they neBEr blame the great nation, NORTH KOREA for sinking this ferry?

and launched an invasion??

knnccb ... fuck hsien loong n papigs