Has Inderjit Singh submitted his resignation letter?

The lengthy letter by Inderjit on what he felt had gone wrong with the PAP and its policies was like him submitting his resignation letter to Hsien Loong. It was as good as saying ‘I disagree and you can do anything you want with me’.

Many readers are applauding the things highlighted in Inderjit’s letter and could feel that it was written from his heart. He just had it too much and could not hold back anymore. Yes, this is the first time an incumbent PAP MP is kpkb while still with the Govt, while still in Parliament. This is a clear break from the past when elites or ex PAP stalwarts would only talk after they have left the corridor of power.

How many PAP MPs or ministers out there are sharing the angst of Inderjit Singh and would want to do the same, or have the guts to say it while still an active member of the house? Would anyone feel excited enough, invigorated enough and encouraged by this act of Inderjit to say, ‘I agree with Inderjit and here is my resignation letter?’

For any MP or minister to take such a stand, it would demand a lot of courage and conviction to do the right thing, to go with the heart, to go against the head, or like Ngaim Dong Dow had said, go against the money.

Are we seeing the first breakaway? Are we seeing the first sign of rebellion in Fortress PAP? What Inderjit had done is unprecedented. It is like a public dress down. Anyone wanting to read what he said can go to this link, http://www.tremeritus.com/2014/05/27/mp-inderjit-singhs-critical-analysis-of-pap-govt/.

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Anonymous said...

He is just wayanging or just kpkb.
You can refer to his debate on the population white paper but when casting vote on the motion, he was missing in action. Don't trust the papies.

Anonymous said...


Please lah, this is not the first time that Inderjit had acted this way. In fact, he did it even way before GE 2011! And many had even forecasted he would be dropped(or opted himself out) from the last GE. But did he? This u dunno meh?

And Inderjit is one smart Sinkie who make it very good. He was a successful entrepreneur in the high tech semiconductor industry.

And as typical of such Sinkies, I don't think he would join opposition even if he were to resign from PAP.

So the opposition will not be ready to be govt and PAP will continue to rule even with the resignation of Inderjit.

Anonymous said...

Don't trust any PAPig or any of their speeches.
Just vote Opposition.

Raymond said...

You're nuts. The only reason Mr Singh would ever resign is to contest in the Presidential election, which isn't due till 2017.

Anonymous said...

wah liao eh ....

u believe the words of keling kia? somemore this waNt is a bayi, probably twice as powDerful

knnccb .... hsien loong, u fucking bastard (ok, i must clarify, by fucking him i actualee helping familee purify their negative karma. n these will fall upon me....)

knnccb .... limpeh, stupig???

Anonymous said...

Are Inderjit's pro-Singaporean credentials forever tarnished by his party membership to PAP?

Is Inderjit a two term PAP MP?

Are MPs forever exempted from paying income tax after serving the 2nd term?

Teo - What do you think?

Anonymous said...

IB Raymond, don't talk cock lah. Want to talk cock also must get your facts right. Inderjit qualified to run for Presidency?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

>> as Inderjit Singh submitted his resignation letter?

No. This is redbean's spoilt 5 year pre-primary schoolold logic : "If I disagree with you means I don't like you anymore". aka "I no fren you!"

You might expect someone of redbean's vintage and experience to have more, how to say..."mature" thought processes. Then again, you might be wrong ;-)

>> Many readers are applauding the things highlighted in Inderjit’s letter and could feel that it was written from his heart. He just had it too much and could not hold back anymore.

This is common behaviour from the herd -- the unwashed masses who mob the public gallery, aka the "cheap seats" in the theater. They are gullible and easily manipulated...and they also VOTE.

Mr Singh is no fool and himself a high achiever from the private sector, which is to say he'll probably act in his own RATIONAL (quite common trait amongst entrepreneurial minded engineers) self interest. He would NEVER sacrifice himself by throwing away his future by sullying relationships with his Secretary General of his party, who also happens to be his boss in the government.

You can disagree with your superior and still be in their good graces. You can disagree with a mate and still remain good friends. Good friends will give each other a "heads up" if they thought the other was not taking into account certain facts to guide their actions.

This is not "interference". This is SIGNALLING.

It is based on the VALUE of the friendship/ relationship: you like and respect the other party. So you tell them if in your mind they are doing something wrong, because you care about them and you care about the connection you share, and you care about keeping the person you esteem from suffering ill consequences perhaps due to their lack of foresight, errors in judgement etc. etc.

That being said, a decent chap like Inderjit would have cleared it with his boss first, i.e. give the PM a "head's up".

The lack of surprise from the PM and his cabinet would suggest that they already knew how Mr Singh was feeling, and have already started discussing the issues at hand well before parliament commenced.

That one of their "insiders" has come out expressing his heartfelt opinions now paves the way for the government to gracefully wind back its policies and "save face". At no time was Mr Singh disrespectful or did he personally attack anyone. He has disagreed with the govt before -- why not?

He's from the private sector with a great track record as a businessman, and therefore one would expect him to be able to stand on his own, by his own convictions and express his opinions passionately. (all traits of a good and successful entrepreneur)

By now most of you more observant types will notice: the govt rarely listens from the cesspool of the mob screaming out their lungs and spilling out their guts full of bile and excrement all over the internet.

The do listen when these sentiments are "filtered" through the constituent representatives. MP Singh is an elected representative.

He is doing his job -- the job his constituents elected him to do: taking the feelings and opinions expressed by the people he meets on walkabouts, and presenting them along with his own thoughts to the government.

And BTW, he is being paid darn well for doing his job. He's done a good job. The man has earned his pay.

Anonymous said...

MS, talking so much sense today. What did you drink for breakfast?

Virgo49 said...

This is what I posted on the TRE website:-=

May 29, 2014 at 8:23 am (Quote)

"Kingsgrove: You don’t have to trust him. Just point out which part of his analysis you do not agree… and give your own analysis."

Hi bro, you and the 60 percent sinkies who voted for the PAP every erections are so simplistic and naive that LKY called you ALL DAFT.

You believe this bayee singh speaks from his heart???

He is with this mee siam mai hum in the same GRC for years and if he is really cares for Singaporeans would have speak out vigorously long long time ago.

Anyway if he speaks out too frequently, he would not be occupying his seat in parliament for so long.

Same goes to TCB. They are just wayanging putting on a talk show conning you jokers.

God also them, devils also them.

Good cop and bad cop.

Do not trust these from the same party to be your future MP. After all they had been sleeping together for so long

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> What did you drink for breakfast?

You mother's cheeby juice.

Fuck you, I dun come here to "make sense". I cum here to suka suak sut my opinion, just for selfish fun aka "shiok sendiri"

Can or not?

Anonymous said...

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Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I must reply to Matilah in two parts. The first part is about his sermon and his satisfaction for scolding me. He loves that.

The price - don't forget to buy me more kopi.

Now his silly part. It is ok to disagree with your boss, in this case Inderjit and his boss. Think Ong Teng Cheong and Tan Cheng Bock. What happened to them?

Anonymous said...

Could it be a make up faint rebellion to come out stronger with sympathetic votes for the PAP GRC IN ANG MOH KIO in the coming election. They are all snakes and camilleons which cannot be trusted at all. Iderjit could be making a faint act to eventually underwrite support and gain votes for his GRC in Teck Gee and Ang Mor Kio. You can only take him at his words when he resigns from PAP and sincerely fights for the people and the city's interest Otherwise I take it as a camouflage action to deceive all of us. If that is so it shows that it is a ploy to preserve his self interest of survival in the thick of fire as well as to psycho and win sympathetic votes for his monstrous unconscionable party.

Anonymous said...

He shouldn't be working for PAP. Singaporeans should free him from working for a lousy boss. Let's get him out of AMK GRC and become a free man by voting in for opposition members. At the same time LHL will be kicked out for the sake of Singapore. Hitting two birds with one stone. Injerdit Singh is happy, Singaporeans are even more happier.
AIM for AMK GRC in the comging GE.

Go Mati Matilah said...

This Indergit gives me indigestion.

Burp. His long and rambling letter can be summarized in two words:

Lousy Government.

Opposition candidates for the coming GE can "borrow" his letter to make a pitch for more votes at their rallies.

Go get 'em Tiger Indegition!

Anonymous said...

Inderjit Singh is already been deem as The Toilet Man in the act of White Toilet Paper when he disappeared himself into the toilet. Question is can he redempt himself once again ?

b said...

Is he the one with an australia PR? Perhaps Matilah is his migration agent. After the millions bucks paycheque, it is time to flee.

Anonymous said...

Q: What do you call a one man Sikh choir?

A: Juswan Singh.

patriot said...

The Most Beautiful Woman MP is also a favourite of the People due to her overt cares for her senior citizen constituents. Her actions no doubt won many votes for PAP.
Inderjit Singh is now seen to be one up on MP Lily Neo, more garang than her so to say. So, if Lily Neo managed to get more votes for PAP in the Last GE, Inderjit will do likewise if he stays to contest as a PAP Candidate in the Next GE AND WILL ALSO HELP HIS TEAM MATES.

Like to say I am with Virgo 49 and Matilah Singapura with regard Inderjit Singh and All Ex-PAP Pack Members.
Maybe some of us are radically cynical.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> Think Ong Teng Cheong and Tan Cheng Bock. What happened to them?

Exactly. What happened to them? Anything serious? No lah.

The dynamics in the relationships between these guys and their boss is not like some Pinoy maid (who desperately needs the money to feed her family) and a harsh Singaporean "tiger mum", or "ma'am" who makes the aid work 18hr days without the slightest amount of guilt.

These guys are notable in their own right -- high achievers in their fields, plus have their own "power networks" and a fair degree of personal net worth.

If you are scared-scared and avoid disagreement, chances are you are going to be manipulated and bullied throughout your life...and you will deserve it for being such a kiasu asshole!

Anonymous said...

knnccb ...

indira gandhi trusted a bayi to be her personal bodyguard and the rest is historlee

from a kuku bird talk.... this bayi was often cursing n swearing at papigs before he was invited for tea party and it ended like a fairy tale .... he becUm an mp

knnccb .... so much for scratching the bottom of the barrel

Anonymous said...

Inderjit Singh is flowing with the current, going with the flow. Smart Aleck. However, never take it that he is with the people, he is not. He is saving PAP from getting more hard knocks by putting a side the people stance. His intention is to moderate the animosity from the angry citizens.

Anonymous said...


@May 31, 2014 4:36 pm

think the kuku bird got mixed up with other bayi leh ...

knnccb ....