Japan escalating tension in South China Sea

Japan has decided to send military patrol boats to join the Philippines and Vietnamese boats in their confrontation with China. This Japanese act is hostile as far as China is concerned, almost a declaration of war. It is Japan telling China that they would intervene and fight on the sides of the Pinoys and Vietnamese when they faced off with China at sea.

In such a scenario, with the Japanese sending their military boats into disputed waters that have nothing to do with them, China would be forced to lash out at the Japanese boats. The Japanese have no reason to be in the dispute and their presence is an act of war against China should they join the fray.

The Chinese leaders would have taken this Japanese offensive move in their calculation and the decision would have to be firm and decisive and military in nature.

Who says war is not imminent in the South China Sea? Once the Japanese patrol boats are in the South China, it is as good as war has started between Japan and China. Anyone going to say Japan is not provoking China?

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Anonymous said...

gee .... i like this

it's time to annihilate the entire japenis cuntry plus all those running dogs; past n present

knnccb ..... beware, big brother is tracking us,.... i so fucking sacred, my pants are wet, not with urine but cUm

Anonymous said...

Why EPF give pack to the people at 50 and 55 Malaysian?

Anonymous said...

Who says war is not imminent in the South China Sea?

Alamak, unless the opponent is like Libya Gaddafi, or the Sinkie opposition, a fight means both sides badly injured one, u know.

So why fight. Make money, not fight. And do u know Japan is investing and making a klot of money in China?

Virgo49 said...

The fucking Americunts after stirring the shits now bemoans the hostilities in the South China Sea.

Play acting only. God also them Devils also them.

They want the Pinoys/Vietnamese and the Japs to fight on their behalf.

Good lah, lets the show begin.

Then, mankind can start again at Step one.

The poor may get a chance to become rich and the rich becomes redundant.

Stocks, properties and what you have will plunged just like those going to swim in the Bedok Reservoir and plunged in Pinnacle@Duxton.


Anonymous said...

Japan is now ruled by the yskuzas. Abe and his imperialist hawks want Japan to be the number one military power and is eager to start a war with China.

The Americans are quietly smiling as they know the Japs, Viets and Pinoys are all too eager to go to war with China. All the Americans need to do is to supply the weapons and bullets.

Anonymous said...

knnccb ... i am interested whether

old fart kuan yew (if he kick the bucket be it begin) will jump out from his grave and be a translator to his japenis master the second time (of course, prata man will be his fellow mate again if possible)

knnccb .... will papigs be ruling singapore with a govt-in-exile when the second round of gunpowders are fired??? this cannot be discounted since rumours on internets of many kins having dual citizenships/

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi anon 9:16/9:30, the main conversation in the air is about constructive and destructive politics. Your conversation not so constructive leh.

From what I gathered, constructive politics is to do a bit of praising for jobs well done, then can follow up with a few critcisms. It is like giving a few sweets first before your tekan. Like that not so painful lah. Always tekan never butter, not easy to accept lah.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Everyday redbean writes "war in the South China Sea" then like a teenage fan-boy cheers for his hoe team: "Go China".

Fuck lah. I got nothing to add. Nevermind, I click 6 kopis for him.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thank you Matilah. That is the only sensible thing I want you to do here : )

b said...

Americans all along want to get rid of japan so that they can control the car/machinery industry. Toyota is a pest for Ford. They are trying to provoke china to war with japan so that they can be the ultimate benefactor.

Anonymous said...

Hi b, I do not think you are right to say that the Yanks " want to get rid of Japan." On the contrary, it is USA's desire to stay in Japan and to maintain a base in Japan so that they can keep an eye on China and the SE Asian region. Having a bases in Japan and Pinnoyland is one sure way to keep SE Asia in control.

Anonymous said...

@rb .... May 29, 2014 9:59 am

knn ... limpeh so sad, me england not powDerful like u leh...

go skool during angmoh x, learn abc .. kiamchye char roti

later learn from bastard lee hsien loong, ... something like "chee by mai hum"

lau uncle here fuck familee with hoe motivation u know.... so that old fart kuan yew live long long life and i bear sikat sikat of his karma thru cursing them

lidat not constructive u tell limpeh hoe 2 be constructive???

knnccb .... old fart u better yao sui tay miah ... dun blame me, it red bean faults

Virgo 49 said...

Abe said Japan will play bigger role in the security of Asia and the ASEAN.

WHAT he meant is that Japan together with the Americunts is going to expand their territorial expansion and conquer you.