Graffiti vandals – are they NSmen?

Many people are wondering if the 5 young men are NSmen given their newly shaven heads. The fact that they are 17 said no. But they could be preparing for their enlistment as 18 is just around the corner. Some said their heads were shaven after being arrested. This I find it difficult to believe. I remember clearly that the rioters I the Little India case were not shaven at all. Can anyone confirm this? I may have dementia you know. I am sure the police have SOP about when and how to shave the heads of people under their care. Innocent until proven guilty. The young men, or actually children as legally defined since they are below 18, have not been found guilty by the courts yet. Is there a procedure to shave their heads?

I am very sure that army boys when enlisted will have their heads shaven on the first day. I am very sure all convicted prisoners will also have their heads shaven on the first day in prison. The boys are not convicted prisoners yet. Who ordered their heads to be shaven and is it the proper thing to do? But we are presuming, the boys could have shaven their own heads to prepare themselves to be NSmen to serve the country.

Choo Zheng Xi, a lawyer, has quoted some legal provisions that protect the rights of minors or children under the age of 18. He also felt that the AGC should intervene to protect the interest of these boys from all the excessive publicity in this case, names and faces prominently flashed across the media. Not only that the law provides legal protection to the young, morally, the society too would want to protect the young, and the adults should have some decency to want to protect the vulnerable and still young in the head children.

These are our children. They are mischievous, outrageous, defiance, unruly or whatever, just like children. They are definitely nicer than the rioters in Little India. They did not pelt stones to hurt anyone or the police. They did not burn police cars. They are in a way playful and not knowing the consequences and the severity of the law.

Should they be dealt with just like any criminals? Shall they be whipped or shall they be made an example of to deter other youths from doing the same? Shall the adults behave like responsible adults and look at them as children growing up, in search of an identity, and identity crisis, a part of the growing up process?

It is so easy to throw the book at them and whack them as hard as provided under the law. Poor thing. Did I say poor thing? Or shall one blindfold oneself and say it without any passion, a crime is a crime? Compassion, kindness movement, forgiveness and acting like responsible adults, do these words mean anything?

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Anonymous said...

"Shall they be whipped or shall they be made an example of to deter other youths from doing the same?"

I think that depends on whether the PAP thinks doing so will affect the votes for PAP next election.

What do u think?

Anonymous said...

RB, instead of asking whether the boys should be whipped, I think a more pertinent question to ask is this.

Are the 60% who voted PAP in favour of whipping the boys to deter other youths from doing the same?

Anonymous said...

Whether to whip the boys and voting PAP are 2 separate matters.

Don't get confused and don't confuse others.

Anonymous said...

The leaders in PAP should do a reflect why these young boys risk their lives to write the wordings on the high wall on the 23rd storey flat. It is not graffiti vandal, they are showing their unhappiness in all the policies that they will be facing as they grow up, like the job for foreigners, NS for sinkees, over crowdedness, national identity crisis, etc. They are just 17, I hope the authority show leniency and reflect on the situation we are facing now due to the lapse immigration policy that caused so much unhappiness among the citizens.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

>> Should they be dealt with just like any criminals?

Absolutely not. They are minors who have harmed no one.

>> Choo Zheng Xi, a lawyer, has quoted some legal provisions that protect the rights of minors or children under the age of 18.

Absolutely right. Fuck the bloody MSM. In fact, the MSM need to be chraged with violating those rights i.e. the MSM broke the law.

>> Compassion, kindness movement, forgiveness and acting like responsible adults, do these words mean anything?

No, this is all irrelevant. What is needed is REASON. Good reasoning begins with identifying the correct context and looking at the facts in the cold light of day.

The context is these are kids having a lark. They did do something wrong: deface property. However the cost of repair can't be more than one or two thousand dollars. So the "just" thing is to make these fellas pay for the repairs.

The facts also state that these 5 did not harm anyone or place anyone in harm's way. They are not the only ones in Singapore who say "Fuck the PAP". I will guarantee you that more than one million people say the same thing everyday. The only difference is that these 5 wrote it out in red for everyone to see, but the spirit of the message is not something "new" or "out of the ordinary".

As for the shaved heads -- I say "welcome o the club" of botak, kwai lan, fun-loving guys :-)

These guys have elevated their social status. They will get plenty of sex, mark my words. Bvidence-based science tell us that women find "bad boys" super sexy

The said...

The Vandalism Act was enacted to curb any outlets for the opposition to get their messages across.

The vandalism act is defined so broadly that it covers practically everything under the sun:

Section 2 of the Vandalism Act defines an act of vandalism as:

(a) without the written authority of an authorised officer or representative of the Government or of the government of any Commonwealth or foreign country or of any statutory body or authority or of any armed force lawfully present in Singapore in the case of public property, or without the written consent of the owner or occupier in the case of private property —
(i) writing, drawing, painting, marking or inscribing on any public property or private property any word, slogan, caricature, drawing, mark, symbol or other thing;
(ii) affixing, posting up or displaying on any public property or private property any poster, placard, advertisement, bill, notice, paper or other document;[10] or
(iii) hanging, suspending, hoisting, affixing or displaying on or from any public property or private property any flag, bunting, standard, banner or the like with any word, slogan, caricature, drawing, mark, symbol or other thing; or
(b) stealing, destroying or damaging any public property.
Public property means movable or immovable property owned by the Government of Singapore, the government of any Commonwealth or foreign country, any statutory body or authority, or any armed force lawfully present in Singapore.

It is not just about destroying or damaging properties. It is really targeted at political message. It came about because the Barisan and other opposition used to paint political messages in public areas.

Read: Jothie Rajah, Authoritarian Rule of Law, Cambridge University Press 2012.

oldhorse42 said...

I do not think their heads were shaved when they were still in the lockup in a police station.
I wonder about their shaved heads, too. Shaved like NS recruits. At their age, I do not think they were in NS.
Could be in some Botak gang.
Now why did they do it? A political message or bored with life while waiting for NS and could not get any part time jobs to while away their time.

Anonymous said...

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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> I am quite sure others can contribute other ideas for matilar so that he can become very rich like he always dream of.

Actually it is ==> YOU <== who is bereft of ideas. You need to step up to the plate to get some ideas that'll actually work for you in your favour.

Don't concern yourself with my state of wealth or lack thereof. That would be you wasting your own scarce resources. I'll do fine, thank you very much.

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Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Instead of banging at each other, why don't you guys spend some time filling up my kopi cups? That would be more productive and definitely appreciated : )

Anonymous said...

RB, who is matilar? He writes a fair bit on your blog. A few times make sense but many times just talking cock. I understand he is ex sinkie residing in Australia? But I understand that he is sex crazy and practice incest which is totally disgusting to many people.

I think the post on books is very humorous though

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


You need to understand a few things:

>> A few times make sense but many times just talking cock.

Have you lost your mind? It is not my intention to "make sense". This is ENTERTAINMENT lah, "Talking cock" is the default. Granted, there are some who think that what they write here is "serious". They are severely mentally deluded fuckers and need to seek professional help ;-)

>> I understand he is ex sinkie residing in Australia?

"Ex?" No way. I like Singapore very much. I have NRIC and red passport lah. I pay CPF and IRAS extortion lah. I served NS lah. I am the #1 supporter of Hotel Singapore lah. I spend significant part of the year of the year in Singapore lah. I think Singapore gals are awesome lah, and many of the married ones like "a bit on the side" ;-)

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Hey chee byes, better give redbean his kopi. Or he'll become constipated, which is unhealthy.

Kopi, keeping your bowels regular so that you don't get full of shit.

b said...

It should be a civil law suit rather than a criminal one. The HDB owners who are the owners of the building should be the ones to decide whether or not to sue those guys instead of the state. Does the state has nothing better to do instead of wasting taxpayers monies?

I am sure the HDB owners are more magnanimous than the state and not press charges against a few minors who were merely expressing their thoughts in a silly way.

b said...

Anyway, pap ministers also f*** their wives because they love their wives. So why punish people who like the pap to the extent they want to f*** pap? Its about a love declaration and not vandalism.

patriot said...

A fren said those youths look like they are mates in Reformative Centre. I do agree, but if they are; then they cant be around to do what they did.

Matilah Singapura had done an excellent analyses of the psychological and sociological aspects of the Case. He had also rightly stated that no bodily/physical harm was intended on anyone. Despite the high risk involved, no one was found injured around the Scene, which also goes to show that whoever had done the Slogan, were highly skilled and safety conscious. They were not rash or ordinary.

From Blogs and Facebook write-up, it is clear that they are being considered as courageous and righteous youth which to a large extend is agreed upon by the Educated Lots. The less educated are more approving and many even admire them.

Personally, I concur with the Sentiment of most Sinkies. However, doing anything unlawful as defined means the Doers have to face charge of the Offence committed. I liken the Deed of the Youths to that of the Students in the Sewol Ferry before it sunk taking them down all into the depth that ended them all. To some extent, me am not comfortable with my own analogy, but I feel that there are cries of frustration and desperation in the Slogan they sprayed. I hope and wish that the Authority will look into their worries and cries and be empathetic.

法律不外人情, roughly meaning enforcement done with understanding, compassion, leniency and to educate.

May the Youths get the Justice of Compassion.


Eddie Leong said...

It is likely they will be given 6 strokes and several months jail.

It is not about being a bleeding heart. 17-year olds are not 7 year olds. The should know better.

There are plenty of forums when one can vent his spleen against the PAP. Over at TRE, there vulgarities hurled are extreme.

These boys deserve to be punished. If they want to protest, all the e-mails of Ministers are on Internet. State your case, offer your constructive suggestions.

If we allow wanton abuse of our liberties, where will it end? Someone can next throw a shoe at the PM too.

Anonymous said...

/// If we allow wanton abuse of our liberties, where will it end? ///

Citizens should be allowed to freely assemble anywhere in Singapore without a police permit.

Anonymous said...

Please don't throw a show at PM Lee.
Vote him out instead.
Or better still.
Vote out both his Deputy Prime Ministers and leave him isolated in parliament.

patriot said...

Throughout the history of mankind, opposition, revolt, uprising, demonstration, protest, revolution and even civil war had always being a natural and common phenomenon.
We had seen shoes been thrown, leaders been overthrown, some executed, others jailed or dismissed.

Currently, we are chicken in our political struggles compare to situations in Thailand and Taiwan. The question is why are we having so many political/social disquiets lately? Incompetency, abuse and corruption are the normal and usual causes of political upheavals. Are we having problems that made the people unhappy?

Were the Youth suspected facing problem in their study, work, family or are are their families struggling for survival and facing much distress? Will the Police and Court look into it?
PRC Bus Drivers had refused to work enmass, Foreign Indian and Bangla workers had gone on riots. Why? And what were the penalties for them? Will our own children get the same sympathetic treatments our foreign workers got? Will our children be treated as leniently?

It is easy to condemn those that commits mistake and folly. But, it is extremely or even downright impossible to even remind or tell those in power of their weakness and abuse. Can the Leaders show the people that are able to make the people as happy, if not satisfied as they have always promised?



Anonymous said...

Do it right. Just release them with a bond from their parents and a warning letter.

Youthful exuberance that's all.

And whoever shaved their heads without their day in court, now this one, you need to prosecute and jail.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> which also goes to show that whoever had done the Slogan, were highly skilled and safety conscious.

Err, no, not necessarily. They could have just been fucken LUCKY that nothing bad happened to them. (Be aware of Confrimation Bias)

>>They were not rash or ordinary.

Definitely not ordinary, but rash? Yes, I think so. But that is to be expected of people that age. At 17 I was a complete "bad lad". I used to steal my dad's car keys and take his wheels for "joy rides", kapor my uncles' cigarettes and their porno mags, I ran football pools at school, drank alcohol to toxicity, bang girls without condom, have frequent run-ins with the cops...IMO if not for NS to "sort me out", I doubt if I would have made it to 19. I was completely RECKLESS, BRAINLESS and IMPULSIVE -- devoid of any responsibility or care for adverse consequences.

patriot said...

@Matilah Singapura;

Me did and do share some common traits with You and I guess most other males do.
Provably did my NS before You, had I been an orphan, I would not have done it. To date, Conscription stands as one of the Greatest Human Abuse.

Whilst doing my NS and Reservist Training, I did my best to do things my ways as far as possible and did to make the Best out of it, including getting those with ranks to be my clients for borrowing money. And I got the monies from the more loaded fellow soldiers as capital.
Had much run in with the Officers and fellowmen and luckily most ended up with most of them giving me much leeway.

Whilst in the Police Academy, got into as much shits with commanders and again luckily ended up fine. As a job hopper, I had many fellow colleagues and workers as my buddies. In fact to date, I am much supported in survival from supports from frens and associates rather than on my own. The only consequence I am facing is that as age catches up, the fellowship and brotherhood dwindle fast and may soon be lost.
Ok, so much about the Good Old Days and I only like to say that I really miss those days under the British. Come to think about it, they were like my loving parents. Now, we are like caged and domesticated animals.