Reconstruction after Haiyan in the Philippines

The devastation left behind by Typhoon Haiyan 6 months’ ago is still laid bare out there in the provinces of the Philippines. 41 provinces in all were affected with many totally wiped out. 9.7m Pinoys were left without homes or have their lives shattered. Relief and reconstruction efforts are in full swing by international agencies at the moment and will be a work in progress for the next 10 years or more.

The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN, FAO, projected to continue with their relief work for another 3 years to help the affected Pinoys up on their feet, building homes, fishing boats, schools, infrastructure etc etc. The Singapore Red Cross is doing its part and expected to continue to be committed in the Philippines for 10 years. First priority will be to get the children to schools, power, clean water, etc etc. Millions will be spent trying to help the victims of Haiyan to rebuild their homes and lives.

What is the Philippines Govt doing? No plans yet. They are busy conducting war games with the Americans and buying warships and weapons to want to fight with China. They have just arrested a Chinese fishing boat on charges of smuggling wild life. They have no time and money to reconstruct and rebuild the flattened cities and villages of the Pinoys. They have more urgent matters to deal with, fighting China. 

And the Pinoys in Singapore will be celebrating their Independence Day in a big way in Ngee Ann City.

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Anonymous said...

Why would PAP care what Pinoys and their govt are doing?

PAP only care that Pinoys can be available in large numbers at low cost, and to replace high cost Sinkies if needed, so as to have high GDP growth for Sinkieland.

And smart Sinkies only care to make more money while daft Sinkies still dream of voting PAP out for a better life.

Anonymous said...

How about "Reconstruction after the PAP regime is voted out in Singapore"

These PAPigs are leaving behind a legacy of screw ups for Singaporeans to clean up.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Pinoy's like to be garang. Relac lah. Let the children play, they'll burn themselves.

My theory/ prediction is that the US will play Jap and Pinoy's backsides. In Syria recently, America funded and "teamed" with Al Queda. There is a distinct possibility the US will change policy and leave Japan and The Philippines hanging by their balls to face China. American business has huge investments in China. Chinese state and business have huge investments in America.

The world is reasonably "safe" because China and America, although not foes, are rivals in the geopolitical arena -- such that neither has all the power -- political or economic.

No one has yet put out a scenario where China ad the USA are STRONG ALLIES. When that happens, everyone else in the world is SCREWED.

Anonymous said...

The Americans proposed the G2 to China when the two could rule the world together. China turned it down and did not want to be part of the evil Empire.

Why is Spore pouring money to help the Pinoys while the Pinoy govt is spending money to build up its military and did not bother with its own people?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> China turned it down and did not want to be part of the evil Empire.

To be expected. It's early days yet. You'd be surprise how the story changes very quickly in geopolitics...especially when there's large sums of money involved ;-)

I've never been a keen believer in "national pride". Cuntrees can be rivals, but the cost of rivalry is large. On-going rivalry is counter-productive.

US-China bilateral commerce is commerce between 2 of the world's top economies, and it is HUGE, and continues to grow. Business, bankers and capital markets of both cuntrees have made FORTUNES...this alone is a huge disincentive to military conflict, and an increasing incentive to "unite" -- despite cultural and political differences.

I could care less about politics and geopolitical meanderings of a few powerful political nut-jobs with personal insecurity issues who need to "prove themselves" in the theatre of politics.

Me...I follow the money. There are bankers, financiers, business tycoons who are "unkown" to the general public who are so wrapped up in "us vs them" myths. These rock hard crony-capitalists control the money, and they love making more and more...."let the stupid little people fight...let's encourage them to keep fighting and voting for the wrong governments who will fuck the sheeple who voted for them...whilst we make more and more money!"

>> govt is spending money to build up its military and did not bother with its own people?

Ha ha ha. No government "bothers" with their own people lah. They do just enough to keep themselves (the govt and their cronies) in power, and the sheeple subdued.

However govts do BOTHER their sheeple. Kacau kacau kacau. Govt also consider the sheeple to be a big bother...troublesome, kpkb fuckers...everyday complain.

RB always tekans me for being "stateless". He forgets the fact that I was an anarchist long before someone painted the "anarchy" sign on a roof in Toa Payoh.

The ideas of cuntree and state are fast becoming obsolete. The only thing you can count on your govt -- any govt -- to do is to let you down, tell you lies and tax you until your asshole explodes with blood.

Anonymous said...

US and China's economic interests are so interwined that both are becoming Siamese twins, one cannot do without the other.
For all the big talk about coming to the defence of her allies, Philippines and Japan, the US will chicken out of a war with China
Any sane politician would not want to risk everything back home just to fight for his friends over some useless islands.
American politics is more about showmanship than anything.

Anonymous said...

The Pinoy government is picking quarrels with China to divert attention away from their problems at home.

So does the Japs and USA and EUs.

b said...

All along the enemy of the people is the elites (aka assets rich). It is not about nationals, race, religions etc. The people just want to have a normal living with proper housing and infrastructures but the elites want to control all the wealth and do not want to share a tiny little bit. The gov is just instrument for the elites to ensure they become richer and the people continue to stay poor or assetless.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:04, the pinoys are not smart enough to do that. They really believe they could take some of the islands from China with the backings of the Americans.

Their level of thinking is quite tragic really.

Anonymous said...

I pity the Pinoys who believe in the government. All wayang and no real work done. In any situation, ordinary people are always the victims. They rob you in good time and bad time. Story of life.

Anonymous said...

Can you believe it, their govt has no recounstruction plan or budget to rebuild those villages and help the villagers to start their lives again.

And some are eyeing foreign aids to pilfer.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

My goodness, kopi level at this hours is still red.

Anonymous said...

The Americans would come in, raise the tension, get everyone excited and furious and wanted to go to war.

Then they walked in like an angel and offer themselves as the peace maker. But behind the scene they would start to sow discord and sell arms and weapons of mass destruction.

denk said...

*may i recommend the chef's speciality, sir ?*


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Nice pic. It is noynoy, Sir, not nono or nino.

Anonymous said...

They know reconstruction will be a waste of efforts as the next typhoon could be worse than Haiyan. And it could probably wipe out the Philippines. So smart Philippinoes will leave their homeland to conquer safer and richer lands.
We are not that stupid.

Anonymous said...

cuntucky fried chickunt man, tony toon can organise a charity fund funding event to raise fund for his brethens there ... doubt he will use personal fund

of course the shit media must play a major role, maybe conhee can offer his fund raising skills;

all collections can be tithed to him to reap hundred folds return

knnccb .... fuck hsien loong
why the fuck we need gic, temasik??

Abao said...

Hi Redbean,

Why dont you comment on the recent Naval Clash between Vietnam and China.

With this recent event, US has proven itself to be unwilling and unable to act as the protector of freedom.

Sea lines of Communication will be drastically changed in the coming years. When that happens, it does not bode well to the entrepot side of Singapore.

Though fortunately or unfortunately the Singapore Govt have lured all the $$$ here to park in the casinos so that we have those service jobs to survive on...