More details on IB organisation and modus operandi

OPINION: Inside the World of PAP Internet Brigade (PAP IB)

Singapore Hall of Shame, 11 Nov 2012

There are 4 “My Compass” administrators whom co-ordinate communication strategies for 260 members. Access to this by invitation-only group, is via recommendations of existing trusted members.

Upon receiving instructions by the administrators, unquestioning members spring into action to counter unfavourable chatter forming against PAP members or its linked entities. They operate in large numbers with the primary objective of drowning out negative comments and derailing the discussions on the internet.

In addition, they also monitor Facebook activities of opposition parties, and call for reinforcements to help counter statements that are critical of the ruling party. On mundane days, typical actions including like-ing the FB pages of the PAP MPs to boast the popularity of MPs. Some of their communications and actions are captured below:

PAP Internet Brigade gives an artificial impression that PAP members (especially MPs) are well-liked, and that PAP policies are well-loved by its citizens. More importantly, their actions are counter-productive to efforts by netizens to critically engage policy makers, and present an inaccurate picture of policy reception….

The above is part of an article posted by Singapore Hall of Shame in the Singapore Alternative News. I am not sure how true and accurate is the information mentioned. If it is true, a few questions need to be asked.

Is this a legitimate organisation funded by the govt? I would not think so as such acts are hideous and morally improper and I don’t think the govt would dare to use public fund to support such an unethical group of people.

The second question to ask, who are these people? Are they honest, decent and respectable individuals, professionals or even civil servants? Would honourable people indulge in such low base activities? The things they are doing are slippery and shameful.

Third question, would anyone think such activities are healthy and decent, or amounting to criminal acts of harassment, drumming, misleading the public, creating disinformation?

Fourth question, would any govt official or politician dare to approve such activities and endorse them? Who approves the setting up and financing of such an organisation?

Fifth question, where is the fund coming from for such thuggish activities?

Kopi Level - Red


Anonymous said...

I don't think they are paid IB Sinkies lah.

Just that these Sinkies make lots of money and have a good life and so are very happy and satisfied with PAP lah.

Some more they also like to surf Internet as a pastime so that's why it's a matter of convenience they also support PAP on the Net as well lah. And all for the fun of it.

So say what u like about PAP but the proof is in the pudding. Since independence and at every election, at least 60% prefer PAP to be govt. How can anyone deny this, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that there are many Sinkies who benefited from having many foreigners, overcrowding, high property prices and govt GLCs in business.

So how not to vote for PAP, u tell me lah?

agongkia said...

Dun be shallow minded.
Just becos one who air different opinion does not mean he is a IB.There are also those who just write to provoke and illicit response .You oso like that mah.No such thing as IB lah.Ai Chai.

If there are ,its only some administrators who are here to monitor the blog to ensure Sinkies dun anyhow write on religious , racial or other sensitive issues to cause trouble.
We need such administrator.
Where is our little balls.

Anonymous said...

Urban legend has it that people in the pappy internet brigade have to drink a half liter glass of phlegm mixed with menstrual fluid first in their initiation ceremony. If they can drink and swallow till the last drop without throwing up, overcoming their disgust, they will be accepted.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this means QC Standard is very high.

Sinkies must bear in mind that no matter how bad a ruler such as Qin Shi Huang, Hitler and many other tyrants, there will be their henchmen to carry out their agendas.
If Sin Rulers have their diehard followers, please treat it as normal. Most supporters of strongmen benefitted greatly from their associations.

Anonymous said...

RB, I sense they are even commenting on you blog, discreetly planting negative remarks against the WP.

Anonymous said...

They are full time here. RB sure knows who they are.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> would anyone think such activities are healthy and decent, or amounting to criminal acts of harassment, drumming, misleading the public, creating disinformation?

Definitely healthy. "Decency" is irrelevant. What is relevant is free speech. Proselytizing is free speech. . Biased opinion is free speech. Drowning out comments be they negative or positive is free speech. Spreading misinformation or outright bluffing is free speech. Hateful comments which hurt feelings is free speech.

"Morality" is irrelevant, because morality is individual and personal. What is "immoral" to you might be "perfectly ok" to someone else. Absolute Morality is a fiction conjured up by religionists and political manipulators. i.e. there no such thing as "absolute morality".

The fucking PAP dissenters should take a good hard look at themselves. They want their "free speech" but now want to deny the govt supporters the same right to free speech.

The best way to battle the PAP's IB is by the favourite tool of free speech used by luminaries like Voltaire, Mark Twain, HL Mencken, George Carlin, Bill Maher etc...known as RIDICULE.

“Ridicule is the only weapon which can be used against unintelligible propositions." ~ Thomas Jefferson

So guys, get your cruel-brutal-but-funny hat on. Sharpen your blades of sarcasm, mockery, scorn and derision and thrust relentlessly into the hearts and souls of the enemy, laughing loudly as you do so. Hopefully others will join you and add "weight" to the ridicule.

Yewr enemies will lose their shit. They'll become more angry, and more ridiculous. They are serious. You are frivolous and insulting.

Anonymous said...

Whatever brigade they are called, most people on the internet will not believe the apple-polishing or buttering of PAP MPs. People on the internet can distinguish a troll the moment they say something, even though they are sneaking in the dark sewers.

They can try to change the perception, but most people will not change their voting patterns, once it goes the other way.

It is the PAP internet brigade against the die-hard brigades.

Anonymous said...

Hi RB, Of course this cannot be government backed or approved. No decent government would resort to such despicable act. I do not think the PAP would be so desperate to undertake such action. But you never know. Regarding the question about moral and who would undertake such a job, you only have to offer enough salary and most people would swallow morality and do the job. Or it could be an offer of citizenship to, say, an India national or a PRC would willingly perform the required task.

Your question on funding? Well, in Singapore if you want something done, whether by the government of private organisation, money is not a problem.

Somehow I do not believe the PAP government has anything to do with this. NO government, even the PAP would stoop so low.

Anonymous said...

A $2 company can do great things. Money can always be found under the table, if you are the power that be. There are always industrious people looking for such investments to grease their agendas for advancement, so they need to spend, spend, spend......

Anonymous said...

Secret policy are out there in China, so as the secret agent in Singapore....n that is how we are governed.

Anonymous said...

There is obviously an IB brigade. No ordinary PAP or govt supporter would write the incredible and illogical remarks that some commenters do. The arguments they use are simply not reasonable. The fawning is amazing.

One is left flabbergasted, sometimes amused, sometimes you feel pity when you read what is said, as its so over the top. And
very often, factually wrong.

There may be others operating on a more subtle level, but going just by the pple who speak out, and what they say, it is highly unlikely the party has people who can plan such approaches, or carry them out. After all, Singaporeans have been trained not to think for decades. It's par for the course now.

The IB guys are probably drawn from the cadres and are unlikely to be paid. Such membership would surely have its obligations.

Anonymous said...

Magi lar, stop wasting people time and go do something useful like writing your books as suggested by others.
Anonymous said...
Anonymous said...
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RB Post 27 Aril 2014:

"The books that I would want to write"

// Anonymous Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

It is unlikely that the Government is involved 'directly' in this IB.

Have you heard of people who had favours bestowed and are beholden for life. No need to pay them and they will do what is necessary to return the favours.

We cannot call this corruption, of course, but calling shit by any other name smells just as foul.