Indian voters dump ‘out of touch’ leaders & government

On May 16 2014 India witnessed the biggest landslide victory of Narendra Modi led BJP (Barath iya Janta Party) over the dynasty ruling Indian Congress Party.
It shockingly ended the dynastic ruling Congress party’s grip and control of the Indian nation via the Gandhi family led by Sonia Gandhi and dynastical heir apparent poor and much criticized Rahul Gandhi

Though BJP itself have won elections before under the former coalition government of former BJP Leader A. Vajpayee, the current huge landslide win by Gujrat Chief Minister and Prime ministerial Candidate is earth shattering in India.


• It was the people’s overwhelming mandate to a former humble tea seller’s son who had proven himself as a leader with good track record in development as seen in the state of Gujrat by throwing out all the corruption and power failed rule of Gandhi elite.

• It was the people’s total rejection of the many failed policies, numerous blunders committed by the Ruling Congress Party which was also plagued by numerous corruption scandals like Coal Scandal, railway scandal/etc.

• And most importantly poor leadership by PM Manmohan Singh who was widely a ceremonial PM while Gandhi family via Sonia Gandhi ruled India.

• Indians wanted jobs, arrest the spiraling cost of living and food prices (inflation), development of states which have been neglected because of a poor central government & leader and complete stagnation of growth and opportunities for middle class and poor Indian citizens.

• Even businesses were stalled and affected by the poor government and leadership which have resulted in the massive rejection of the Ruling Congress and a full stop to Dynastic rule at the PM level…. Posted by Marky Sim in TRE

The above are the introductory paragraphs of an article posted by Marky Sim in TRE. After reading it, I was asking myself, if you change the words Indian and India to Singaporean and Singapore, Congress Party to PAP, and change the family name, it is like a forecast of a report of a GE in the future, maybe the next GE or in some GE further down the road. Some of the factors and conditions are very similar and familiar to what is happening here.

Can it really happen here? Congress and the Gandhi family were so entrenched in India that no one could foresee their obliteration from the govt and politics of India. Yet, after 65 years of might and glory, it came to a dismal ending. Rahul is a fake in every sense of the word. He is not meant to be a politician but a scion of a very rich and powerful family who is enjoying his life of luxury. At best he could be put there by his mother as a politician and pretend to be one. And Sonia is not Indira or at least not in her class. The fate of the Congress Party was all there to be rewritten and the time has come for it to pass.

Can it happen in Sin City? Far fetch, we are different?

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Anonymous said...

Sonia was Italian. Wonder how the Indians can put an ex-foreigner as their number 1 ruler. I get the feeling that if Pinky Loong were to go gaga, his foreign born wife would be fully charge of Sinkiepore, of course ruling behind the scenes like Sonia. If that happens, our cpf money can only be used for coffin and funeral expenses and for maintenance of the grave, etc.

Anonymous said...

1.3 billion Indians and they cannot find an Indian to be PM and instead put a foreigner in charge of the country. Woman some more. No wonder it went to the dogs.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies will outdo India by putting a cabinet full of foreigners.

Anonymous said...

All because of bloody family connections.

If not for her being married to Rajiv, do you think she can be head of Congress? If not for being Indira's son and because of her assassination, do you think Rajiv had the qualities to be PM? If not for being Nehru's daughter, do you think Indira had the qualities to be PM?

If not for his badass father, do you think Pinky Loong has the qualities to be PM? If not for being the wife of the PM, do you thing this ugly foreign born 2nd rate engineer who has no finance background could be in charge of hundreds of billions of Singaporeans' money?

Meritocracy my ass! If Singapore practices meritocracy, then my shit would be smelling of flowers.

Anonymous said...

Indian voters dump "out of touch leaders & government".

Let's hope our new Indian citizens are like India's voters.
Can teach Singaporeans how to vote Opposition.

It would be poetic justice to see PAP voted out by their newly imported aliens.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Don't be so silly lah. The Ghandi's still "rule" India.

Follow the money. Don't be deluded by politics -- it is just a smoke screen. With 500,000 people voting, there's a lot of smoke.

India's biggest drag is its caste system. Unfortunately I still occasionally meet some young people who cling to this ridiculous and shameful piece of historical baggage.

You can see its effects still: If Indians from a"lower caste" become successful, they will spare NO EXPENSE in announcing to the world that they've "made it". This is a telling sign of deep-rooted insecurity.

Anonymous said...

But who can be the "Narendra Modi" of Sinkieland?

WP's Teochew Ah Hia, SDP's Chee, RP's son of JBJ, SPP's Chiam or NSP's what's the leader's name?

Or a new party with a new leader? Or even a party to be set up by RB, who will made it known when the time comes?

Anonymous said...

Did Narendra Modi said his party was not ready to be govt?

Or worse, even praised the Congress Party govt as competent?

With that, I hope daft Sinkies should stop comparing Sinkieland with other countries and hope for change.

Because SInkies will never deserve a better govt than the PAP.

b said...

Uass biggest worry is the rise of china and india after the dismantling of russia and eu. Hope this new guy know who is the friend and who is the foe so that there are less starving children in india.

b said...

"Because SInkies will never deserve a better govt than the PAP."

- there are only winners or losers in life. there is no "deserve" this or that. choose your life properly.

Anonymous said...


PAP knows that by minting new citizens, the Sin Dynasty will last longer
Do not under estimate the sly regime. 2014/16 could be the last opportunity for Sinkies to vote out the Schemers, failing which will mean some mothers and daughters of local born will have to be maids and prostitutes in the near future

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said....

Indian National Congress should have been dumped on completion of independence 1947 however vested interest in congress lead to the nation with corruption, the so called secularism, no jobs, no earnings, pushing people below the poverty line. The INC should dissolve and close its party once and for all........