Amy Khor the way to go

I can see where Amy Khor was coming from when she told Foo Mee Har that foreigners first in employment was a bad policy. She is a living example of how good it is to place foreigners first ahead of Sinkies when the foreigners are super talents. If we don’t have this policy we would not have the privilege and benefits of having her as a minister in Parliament. We would surely lose her to our competitor country and would therefore be disadvantaged. And the other foreigner turned Sinkie ministers and MPs are all living proofs of how good this policy is.

 Let’s take this policy a step further. In this competitive world, not having enough foreign talents is unacceptable as the foreign talents that we rejected would go to our neighbouring countries to compete against us. We have no choice. Then look at the good side, if all the world’s talents are here, even replacing most of the Sinkies that are less talented, Singapore will definitely benefit from their contributions to our economy and prosper.

Sinkies who have been displaced by these foreigners need not worry as there will be other jobs created for them. The finest choice is to be their own boss, as the infamous Sinkie taxi drivers. The rich and talented foreigners would be their customers to give them good tips for good services. And they can be very nice to their foreigner customers to show to the world that Sinkies are not xenophobic.

For those Sinkies that still could not find a decent job, they can look forward to workfare handouts by the govt. And for those who are more entrepreneurial, they can emigrate, sell their HDB flats and take out their CPF savings and live like a king in Batam, Bintang or JB. Johore is looking more attractive with the gargantuan Iskandar project. Sinkies can live there and work there. But with the withdrawal of their CPF and the selling of their flats, they don’t really need to work at all. They can retire there and no need to come back anymore.

Singapore will prosper with all the talented foreigners flooding into the island. Sinkies can go elsewhere if they are not good enough, not competitive enough, not talented enough. That is life. For the losers, what can you expect? You have to look after yourself or blame yourself. You have to be responsible to your own life. For the survival of Singapore as a prosperous city state, only the best are needed. If Sinkies are second best and cannot find a place here, just too bad. Singapore must be the best place to live for the best people in this world.

Sinkies that are not the best, please do not begrudge this practical policy of foreign talents first. Singapore must prosper as the best city for the rich and talented.

Kopi Level - Green


virgo49 said...

Mr RB, the PAP still requires the sinkies to do their National Service to protect the homeland and the talented foreigners and the businesses.

Each time, will lament that the investments will go away if sinkies were to be given priority in having the jobs.

What the fuck we must bear arms to defend the homeland and the trashes and their business if we are not given first choice in the jobs in our own country???

After fifty years of the true blue Singaporeans sloting their butts out the last two or three generations to make this country as what it is today and let these trashes enjoy the wealth and our for fathers created??

By now we should be the ones creating all the business and employ these so called talents to work for us under the Singapura sons of Earth.

What"s mental sickness our elected leaders by the DAFT sinkies are doing???

Anonymous said...

Where are Amy Khor, Khaw Boon Wan, Lim Swee Say and many Others in the Cabinet born?

Anonymous said...

It is clear.
PAP remains committed to their pro alien policies.

If you disagree, you will have to vote Opposition.
Because NatCON has not changed their minds.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> Singapore must prosper as the best city for the rich and talented.

Yep. The people complaining are doing so from a position of envy -- "sour grapes".

"A rising tide raises all luxury yachts"

Anonymous said...

Those Sinkies clinging on to the sampan, please let go of your hands so that the sampan and float away.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


I would add: thrown them some bricks or similarly heavy objects to help them drown faster.

It is kinder to ensure death to those who are fucked beyond all hope is swift so that they endure the least amount of suffering.

I guess you can call me a humanitarian :-)

Anonymous said...

No wonder Amy Khor look for an angmoh for husband..sigh

Anonymous said...

Based on studies M'sian worked in Singapore life span likely to be shorter, then S'porean so they can get back their EPF at 55?

Singapore ladies if the policies to allow the ladies to collect back CPF as promised at 55, they will be ban from going to Batam for 3 years, there is worry they might be spending all their money on the Batam men?

So there is various options address was categories of people from the spendthrift and the prudent investors, self exclusion, so that people can get highest type of returns possible?

Nothing is cast in stone it can be changed, but promise is a promise, trust is very important?

SGX to conduct cost for pre retirees, who get back their CPF at 55, for those who want to get out their CPF at 55, to get more diversified portfolios of passive incomes, how to invest in blue chips that get 3.8 percent dividend yield excluded capital gains?

Those who want to put back their CPF to get 3 percents return can keep their money in CPF?

Massive medias to invited ideas and feedback on how to fine tune policies to give back their CPF at 55, of those who worked 35 years their hard earned savings, to help them diversify they incomes, as today massive influx of foreign workers pose a serious challenge, need more safeguard to their incomes, in case they lost their jobs and had children to take care?

With depressed income, massive foreign competition, higher inflation?

At risk group is between 40 and 55, now credit and Ah Long possibly striving, if people can't take out their money when the reach 55 as promised?

The possibilities of oppositions coalitions take over the govt and release the people CPF as promised? Because many hope to get back their CPF at 55 as promised?

Anonymous said...

But 60% Sinkies did not have their jobs taken over by the foreigners. And some smarter Sinkies know how to make even more money the more foreigners there are.

60% is a very good percentage already. Nothing is perfect so cannot expect 100% Sinkies not to lose their jobs to foreigners. If only 40% Sinkies lost their jobs even in the worst of times, it is still within tolerance. And when the worst is over, things can only get better.

Anonymous said...

Come 2016, we might have a coalitions of different parties forming the govt with PAP?

From the Punggol East By election the ground had shift rapidly, through the mobile internet and it going to shift faster?

From the govt very confident of winning the PE BE 2013, after hurriedly calling for the election, to the massive defeat, mean more and more new citizens is getting info from the mobile internet?

Voters become more and more discerning, the bulk of the votes went to the WP and PAP only one percent each went to RP and SDA?

The shocked defeat of Punggol East hurriedly brought out the white paper with 77 representatives the cont. vote for it, to do some damage control and hope to increase their supporters base, against the massive greatest Singapore protest of overpopulation of 6K in heavy rain?

Many of the issues had causes the tremendous shifting of political ground? The CPF the most important savings of majority of people, many people can't afford their CPF to be locked up for life, they need it for emergency purposes?

Due to high inflation, massive influx of foreigners, $30K of new citizens every year?

Which could causes high disparity in income, and low birth rate due to fear of cost of living and low job stability due to massive influx of foreigners?

With the coalition govt likely see the fine tune of policies, returning people CPF as promised at 55?

Many highly talent individual from the public and private sectors, with strong track records beginning to come forward to support the opposition parties, as their chances of winning become higher by the days?

Anonymous said...

What is her name ah?
Amy Khor or Annie Whore?

oldhorse42 said...

In an editorial piece published in to day's issue of The Straits Times, singaporeans are urged to make amends for the online rantings about the celebration plans of the filipino Indepedence day celebration.
Amends are necessary to sooth the bruised feelings of the filipino community and to repair singapore international image, said the papers.
One way to make amends suggested by the esteemed papers is to hold a big get together, at tax payers expense of course, to celebrate the occasion together with the filipino community!
At least the straits times is kinder. It did not demand that sinkie repent for the sorry episode.

Anonymous said...

There is real danger losing 3/4 of the cabinet as seen in rapid shifting of voters to the opposition?

Base on Punggol East result, there are great possiblities of 75 percents of the ministers who helm the GRC gone put bring the countries into chaos?

The previous ideas of putting 2 ministers to bring up to 3 new MP to bring in 5 men GRC system to come into the parliament was outmoded?

Denise Phua suggested the abolishment of Elected President, if Tan Cheng Bock were to win, he lost by only 1 percent due to the dilution of votes of opposing voices when to TJS and TKL of 65 percent?

This show the voters became more educated and discerning as time past due to mobile internet? Previously they can only get info from the state owned medias?

Each of the 4 EP had successful careers, the most prominent are TT and TCB?

Tan Cheng Bock won his political campaigns around 5 as a MP, as a MP in the high of 80 over percent of the votes, probably the highest winning candidate in Singapore election? He was highly respect by Singaporean.

If Tan Cheng Bock were to be elected, he might not approved the request of reserves as easy as their own choosen candidates of Nathan and TT?

So should they abolish the Elected President and The GRC system?

Singapore can't afford to lost so many ministers at once and need to parachute more from the civil service, it just can't promote 10 generals?

Previously the need those ministers to top up some of the votes to those of their weaker candidates to bring them into the parliaments no longer work?

Each of the opppositon parties now able to recruit high, calibre and success individual to support them and concentrate them on the GRC like the WP make history making history winning the GRC?

With so many high calibre individuals recruited by the opposition, the possibilities of WP winning at least 4 GRC, NSP winning 3, SPP and SDP 2 is real, altogether 11, which need 24 ministers to helm it?

But as the speed continue to improve and easier to use, and price of mobile internet probably everyone to own the internet by 2016?

b said...

A traitor never change its spot.

If she is as good as she claimed, why not she serves in the msia gov or army and change her country for good? However, if she is not as good as she claimed, then she should not obstruct sinkies from trying to changer their country for good.

If one day, sinky ended up with all extremely talented taliban ministers, will sinkies all be converted into talibans?

Anonymous said...

She is every inch a super talent, so talented. She is worth every cent paid to her. Just look at her and see how clever she is. You farmers and losers are just that.

My advice is to listen intently to every word she said or every word the super talents said. See them perform in parliament and learn something from them and be thankful.

b said...

One way to take over another country or sell out your own country is to sell the 'talented foreigners are good for you' myth. Fortunately, china is not so stupid to replace their cabinet with angmohs. Unfortunately, sinky not only take in the talented but also the not so talented ones.

b said...

Is she super talent or super evil? Not everyone born with six fingers like her.

Anonymous said...

6 fingers and 2 pussies.
When one hole gets too loose, there is always the spare part ready and able.

Anonymous said...

All those losers Singaporean who complain about successful FTs are just jealous and envious. If you cannot compete with the imported super talents from overseas, then please be quiet. Either be quiet or take your CPF and leave the country. There is no point trying to prevent those who are cleverer than you from achieving their goal. If you think you are smarter then compete and prove yourselves. Please do not bitch all the time. Gets too monotonous. I hope soon Singapore will be run by FTs and those longkang fish Singaporeans can either leave or stay quietly in the background.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

You fuckers are nuts lah. This woman is trying to help you by raising the re-employment age.

Here's the hard truth you all are just not getting:

If you don' have enough money, you cannot afford to retire, which includes having your family support you in your old age -- just like how it has been for thousands of years.

Who the fuck ever guranteed you that retirement was an "entitlement" or a "right"?

It is not. It is depends on your ability. It depends, ultimately, on ==> YOU <==

Wake up your fucking ideas lah.

Anonymous said...

Well said Matilah, Singaporeans seem to think that the government owes them a very comfortable retirement. It is definitely NOT an entitlement. If you have not feathered your nest while you are young and able, please do not cry foul when you are old and cannot retire with the comfortable life you feel you have a right to. Too bad you losers.

Anonymous said...

Well said Anon 7.43

" All those losers Singaporean who complain about successful FTs are just jealous and envious. "

So true !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Unsuccessful sinkies not only deserve to be replaced by fts, they shud be weeded out.

Anonymous said...

True true. The govt does not owe the Sinkies a living. It is the Sinkies that owed the govt multi million salaries and a Swiss standard of living for life after retirement.

b said...

If there is no point keeping those sinkies here, then I propose the gov should set up an exchange of citizenship with oz/nz (such as a union) so that sinkies can convert their citizenship, withdraw their cpf and get out of here and the gov can replace them with the so-called better foreign talents who are graduated from universities ranking far worse than nus/ntu.