MH370 – There is no closure

After more than two months of crazy searching nothing was found of the MH370. There was no debris, no sign of any passenger’s body floating anywhere, no sign of the black boxes. Is it about time to close the chapter and send everyone home?

An aircraft with 239 passengers cannot just disappear into nowhere. And the most foolish thing to believe is that the aircraft crashed and sank into the Antarctic Ocean. A suicidal pilot, a mad pilot, a dead pilot, all would not have reason to want to fly the aircraft to the Antarctics. An aircraft on auto pilot, with a destination in Beijing cannot be flying to the Antarctics.

But then, there seemed to be someone deliberately and intentionally wanting everyone to believe the aircraft sank in the Antarctics. This someone was even influential enough to have agencies cooking up flimsy evidences to point to the Antarctics. Destination Antarctics was a deliberate hoax to turn all attentions away from the real location of the aircraft and its passengers. Sure, maybe 3 years or 5 years down the road they will pick up a rusty black box in the Antarctics to prove that MH370 was there but with all information destroyed.

The clue to the missing MH370 lies in its cargoes. Malaysia must come up fully open to disclose everything that was in the cargo hull of the aircraft, the owners, the cargoes, where the cargoes were heading to. Malaysia cannot hide under the secrecy excuse and refuse to cooperate on this revelation. 239 lives are at stake. Malaysia must lay bear everything for the investigators to work on and to find out the motive and reasons for the missing aircraft. There are too many things that the Malaysian govt is not telling and is thus implicated in this sordid and wicked affair.

It is time for Malaysia to come clean and transparent to tell the whole truth to help investigations to go on to the next stage. Two months have been wasted by misinformation and disinformation. It is so evil for people to mislead the search parties who were trying to save lives. Would the Malaysian govt have the conscience to raise the bar and tell all for the truth to surface? Or would Malaysia choose to continue with its wayang that it was also a victim, an innocent party that did not know anything? The least the Malaysian govt can do to distance itself from being implicated is to tell all it knows starting with the content of the cargoes and the details of ownership and destination.

There will be no closure until all stones are unturned. It cannot be otherwise. The most irresponsible thing to do now is to close the chapter and presume all the passengers are dead. They may be still alive waiting to be rescued. And the perpetrators may just be waiting for the signal that the whole world has given up on the passengers as the green light to terminate them.

This is the time to conduct extensive investigation work to find the passengers. Follow the examples of the Israelis to track down the hijackers. Deplore all resources and people to every nook and corners to track down the evil doers. This is not the time to call it a day. It is just beginning. The passengers could be waiting to be saved. Do not pronounce them as dead and gone.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> It is time for Malaysia to come clean and transparent to tell the whole truth to help investigations to go on to the next stage.

Ain't gonna happen. Wishful thinking.

>> There will be no closure until all stones are unturned.

And so it'll come to pass, that there'll be no closure. Public memory is short. 2 or so months after the MH370 incidence, apart from the families of the missing-presumed-dead, most people don't care anymore.

>> 239 lives are at stake

No, they are no longer "at stake" as far as the governments are concerned.
Fait accompli lah bro. Nothing more to be done.

>> The passengers could be waiting to be saved. Do not pronounce them as dead and gone.

Yup. As far the all governments are concerned, all souls on MH370 are fish food. You wanna second guess the governments of Malaysia, Australia, USA etc? Go ahead, and good luck ;-)

MH370 latest bullshit red herring smoke screen misinformation conspiracy cover-up

Anonymous said...

They will probe everywhere except the right place.

Anonymous said...

Conspiracy theory or not, those on board MH370, alive or dead, for sure will never be seen again lah.

This is the reality the families have to accept. And move on.

Just as 60% Sinkies have accepted the reality that the Sinkie opposition will never be ready to be govt. And move on by re-electing PAP to be govt next election.

patriot said...

Hoax, bollocks from those at Press Conferences and kinds words from those in authority will not exonerate MAS and Malaysia from their negligences.



patriot said...

Whence the Malaysian Military detected Flt MH370, it had at least two immediate actions to do. One, it should have at least scrambled a fighter jet to shadow the Aircraft. And two, it should immediately informed the Malaysian Civil Aviation Authority.
Hijack should have naturally and automatically suspected and MUST BE SUSPECT as the Aircraft had deviated too far from the Flight Path.
Had that been carried out, what happened to the Aircraft/Flight and where it had ended would had been known. There will be no wild speculation and guessing and waste of the great resources and time to look for the Lost Plane.
I shall say that all the Immediate Actions that are mentioned here MUST BE MANDATORY ON ALL AUTHORITIES WHENCE SUCH INCIDENT HAPPENS ON COMMERCIAL FLIGHT.


Anonymous said...

If you say Malaysia cannot hide and must lay bare everything for the investigators to work on, you are dead wrong. Remember, in Matland the war cry is "Malaysia Boleh". with the kris drawn for battle.

The latest story is that they even tempered with the recordings between the pilot and the ground according to some experts who listened to the tape. Now, why the hell would they do that, knowing full well that most people are already convinced that a conspiracy theory leading to the disappearance is the logical explanation.

Eddie Leong said...


The US military and the Australians have the most advanced radar systems covering the Indian Ocean.

Yet the story keeps changing over the weeks.

I feel so sorry for those lost.

I myself have only made one trip this year when I made 10 overseas trips last year.

Better stay on the ground and see what happens. There are so many theories now.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Call the bomoh in again. Surely he knows what the cargo is.

I think of all the players in this cluster-fuck, the bomoh is the most sane person of the whole lot...which give you an idea of how COMPLETELY FUCKED the whole situation is.

There is nothing more to be done. Quietly shuffle out of the room and get on with life, whilst contemplating "suffering".

rex said...

i am sure malaysia govt owns the "mangosteens and lithium batteries" If not then they would surely trace the consignment owners and release information to the public just to demonstrate that they are actively doing something.

i saw a image of plane from the mining co. which said the plane is in bay of bengal...why is australia govt outright rejecting it... didnt they see that image?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Australia knows a lot things and knows that the plane is somewhere and definitely not in the Bay of Bengal without even have to see any proof.

patriot said...

What Rb posted at 8:40 says a lot about the Australian and the Malaysian Authorities. Nevertheless, MAS and Malaysia are likely victims of perpetrator(s) that were/are too powerful and beyond their abilities to circumvent or reign.


Anonymous said...

It is perplexing for Australia to speak with authority over the loss of MH370.

How was it involved?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> Australia knows a lot things and knows that the plane is somewhere and definitely not in the Bay of Bengal without even have to see any proof.

No, I disagree. Only certain people know. The whole cuntree doesn't know, neither do they give a lump of shit about a unlucky bunch of idiots flying some second-rate Asian airline from a second rate racist cuntree. At the moment Aussies are spewing at Abbot who is going to tax the shit out of the people to bail out the indebted state. The sheeple get the government they deserve.

The people who know are at the very top of the intelligence chain. The people who know are unknown to the general public, and to even most of the parliament, probably even Abbot himself -- who is "coached" on what to say to the media and the Malaysians.

Between Pine Gap (USA's CIA installation in the desert) and Jindalee Radar Network (Australian Defense Force) I am quite confident that they not only know, but they have probably the whole story logged and archived on hard drives. They are also aware of the suspicions of millions of people who suspect "conspiracy" and who are not buying one bit of the media bullshit. So they've probably redoubled efforts to clean this up and shut every loose end down tighter than a nun's pussy.

Whatever cargo was onboard has long been secured and expropriated. I doubt this case will ever be solved, because the planning -- regardless of how "evil" you might think it to be -- is worthy of respect. Damn fucking good job.

BTW, if it is a matter of national security or intelligence operations, Aust and/ or the US is in no way obliged to share information. This is Malaysia's problem. Ultimately, they are responsible. Edward Snowden and Julian Assange already whacked the intelligence communities in both cuntrees, they can't afford to reveal their methods and hardware anymore by releasing data. Too bad for those on MH370, and like I've said: it is MALAYSIA'S problem, any which way you try to slice it

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Edward Snowden and Julian Assange or someone else with the same motivation could come out one day to confess the guilt when his conscience cannot hold him down anymore.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Snowden and Assange were not motivated by guilt. They were motivated by their own ideologies and anti-surveillance-state principles. For Assange it's a little bit of "hacker ego" as well. "Street cred", to become or prove to be "elite" (or "leet" 1337 - in hacker parlance aka "leet-speak"). At age 17, Assange was arrested and imprisoned for hacking into top secret US military servers and he exposed a cover-up during Bush Ver.1 "Desert Storm". That single hack built his reputation.

Guilt is a poor motivator. It usually leads to depression, desperation and suicide, because a confession might lead to the guilty parties families being targeted.

Assange and Snowden has to actually be PROACTIVE to steal data and information -- they had planning and worked with accomplices. So if any info on Mh370 is "leaked", it would probably be done by a team of interlopers.

denk said...

assange is another cia con job

snowden most likely too.

denk said...

ast but not least............. ?
6] http://truthjihad.com/news/?p=995

consequences of mh370 fracas......

1] malaysia , a long time thorn in murikka;s side [a], got hit by a double whammy. [b]
2] najib, the last one standing defying the *asia pivot* seems to 've gotten *on side* at last. [c]
3] us latest chip technology safe from the chinese prying eyes. [d]
4] the pentagon approved regime change partner, soros,who's dr mahathir's long time nemesis, is prolly chuckling to himself over a glass of champaign [e]
5] chinese defence weakness exposed [f]
*This must be avoided. There may be those who are attempting to drive a wedge between us and China. *
[hint] everybody in this part of the world knows that the *terrarist* outfit abu sayaf is yet another cia sponsored jihadist mercenary.


denk said...

abu sayyaf,the alleged kidnappers in sabah, another cia's trojan horse