The Devil is in town

Obama swiped through Asia recently and in the process told his hosts that America would be here to fight with them. It was as good as telling his subjects to go ahead to provoke and even attack China, and if China retaliates, the Americans will come out in full force to back them up. With this kind of blank cheque to start wars, the Pinoys and the Vietnamese wasted no time to try their luck. Vietnam sent their ships to ram Chinese ships and oil rigs. Now they are burning Chinese factories and killing Chinese, including Hongkies and Taiwanese in Vietnam. The Pinoys started to arrest Chinese fishing boats again. Tension has gone up several notches. The Japanese are talking tough with Abe eager to try his luck with China as well.

And the Americans are hollering at the Chinese for reacting. China is provocative, China is escalating the tension and bullying its neigbhours. Really? Who is bullying who? The Vietnamese are ramming Chinese ships and oil rigs and killing the Chinese in Vietnam. What have the Chinese done? The Pinoys are arresting Chinese fishing boats. The Americans are descending from heaven like angels, not the devils, and the American pivot into Asia is for peace. But since their arrival, tension is rising and their cronies are acting like mad cowboys, provoking and attacking China and daring China to react.

Vietnam and the Philippines are trying to rope in Asean to challenge China as a united front. Some Asean countries are also eager to act as the good boys of the Americans and are also thumping their chests. The devil must be happy. China is now having trouble with little pesky countries that think they can wallop China.

It is about time that China kicks butts and to flush out the devil behind all the tensions. There is no other peaceful ways to deal with provocative and aggressive little pests and the evil Empire. All they need is a big stick behind their backs to put them in their places.

The seed of war has been planted by the devil. And the Americans are shouting that China is aggressive and provocative. How many Asean countries would go along with the devil to start a war in the region? The devil is setting the agenda for Asean countries. Either you are with the devil or against the devil. There is no neutrality. I must say Obama has done well. For flirting with a few Asian countries and a few days’ work he has started a fire that will burn down the Asian countries and stop them in their peaceful path for economic growth. Asia has had peace since the Americans were booted out of Vietnam. Now they are back and war is around the corner. And this time the Devil has done better by having pesky countries to do the fighting themselves.

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Anonymous said...

China, Hong Kong and Taiwan should cut their losses in Vietnam, pull out their investments and demand compensation for the loss of lives and properties. If the Viet refuse to pay up, pull a few Viet ships into Hainan as compensation.

This ungrateful country must be taught a lesson. They think they have beaten the Americans and could do the same to China forgetting that China was the master that taught and support them in the Vietnam War. China knows every trick in the book.

As for the Pinoys, China should work with Hong Kong, no more employment of Pinoys. All those working in Hong Kong will have to go back once their contract expires. Send the Pinoys home.

Anonymous said...

Wah! Ching chong very anglry oledy!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I don't blame the Americans for taking advantage of the situation.

China is viewed on with suspicion by most of Asia -- no one likes them, no one trusts them. Age-old grievances once thought "healed" are again open wounds. The Vietnamese fucking HATE China...perhaps they should invite their former colonial masters -- The French -- back to rule over them ;-)

So I am not at all surprised to see the Americans stirring up the pot -- in the compact of Machiavellian geo-politics, this is a great strategy to bolster American Imperialistic interests, including drumming up more business for American defense contractors to sell weapons to dumb Asians for the purposes of "self defense".

As always...follow the money.

Business as usual, Washington-style.

Anonymous said...

chee by .... not happy ah?

those chee by here must had encouraged and given the americunt the go ahead to tickle the asshole of the sickman of asia

what the sickman reponse? as expected ... whimping away since the days of the qing

knnccb ... well done, this little dot has the resources to destroy any vessels passing the straits of malacca longkang

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Agree. China is behaving like a whim. That is why the Pinoys and the Viets feel so trigger happy to attack them.

When would China behave like the Americans or the Russians or even like India? It is power talk. Now you only hear Chinese fishing boats being arrested by the Pinoys, by the Japs but never China arresting any of their boats.

China is still behaving like a loser.

Anonymous said...

The people who work in the factory are local people . How come they do not know the factories are Taiwan, Korean, Chinese , Japan or Hongkong own.

Binh Duong and Hai Tinh are provinces pretty backward.The Industrial zones are there to create jobs for them.

Now,out of the blue the people suddenly become so patriotic. I do not think so.

Some leaders must be behind these
riots. Would it be they are out to destabilise the country and hope for a regime change with outsid help.

Remember there was a big exodus of Vietnamese after the Vietnam war. Most of them went to America
and now they are back as foreign talents. Are some of them on the payroll ? Think about it.

Anonymous said...

Those who have been to Vietname to do biz with them know that they are unreliable and arrogant like shit. They think they defeated the Americans.

It was the Americans that defeated themselves. After the lesson given by the Chinese they still not satisfied, want to take another lesson.

b said...

Obama is meddling weapons sale. So long as the security of this region is threatened, he will be able to earn more commission. Furthermore, we will never know if china is in this with him.