Non violence is a virtue of daft Sinkies

We have read so many instances of Sinkies being bullied and beaten by foreigners and all they could do is to kpkb in the social media, like Ah Q. I would do this and that to the bully, but nothing really happened. The end result, the daft Sinkies either got insulted, beaten and ended with bruises all over or worse. Who could he turn to? Don’t ask me.

There is this report on a Norwegian tourist facing five criminal charges in court. Now what had he done to suffer this fate? He was drunk, budged into a hotel room of two female guests and causing annoyance and trespassing into their privacy. Then he slapped a female hotel employee, then he punched her male colleague in the chest, then he kicked him on the side of his body. The hotel employees practised the Singapore virtue of non violence and allowed the Norwegian to whack them at will without retaliating. If they hit back, it is likely that they will be hauled up for hitting back. Hitting someone is a serious offence for Sinkies.

The Norwegian did not stop at that. He was found to behave in a disorderly manner, gesticulating and shouting outside Beach Centre in Beach Road.  That was ok as no one was hurt. Then he kicked a reservist inspector in the leg in the carpark of SGH. Again, as expected, the Sinkie inspector practised the virtue of non violence and did not hit back.

Now this rogue is in court. Would the court do justice to the daft Sinkies for turning themselves into punching bags for the tourist while practising the Sinkie virtue of non violence? Or would the tourist be slapped on the wrist like it used to be?

I am wondering when did this non violence virtue take root in the daft Sinkie mindset, that they should not hit back when beaten? Is there a story to this development, that getting beaten and not hitting back is a virtue, a first world social grace?

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Anonymous said...

"I am wondering when did this non violence virtue take root in the daft Sinkie mindset, that they should not hit back when beaten?"

Aiyo, u don't know meh? Hit back means u are engaged in a fight, u know?

And fighting is an offence punishable under Sinkie law, u know.

There was a recent precedent case where 2 men fighting in an MRT were both charged in court and fined a few thousand dollars.

So which is worse, no fight back or fight and got charged and fined, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

Here is the press release by the Police:

Two men caught on video fighting on MRT train arrested

Police have arrested 2 men, aged 40 and 50 years old, for fighting with each other in an MRT train between Khatib and Yio Chu Kang MRT stations. The fight was caught in a video that went viral.

On 11 January 2014 at about 11.55pm, Police were alerted by a call from staff in a MRT station informing that 2 men were fighting each other in the carriage of an MRT train. Officers from Ang Mo Kio Police Division arrived soon after, however, both men had already left. Investigations were conducted into the case and both men were identified. On 20 January 2014, both men were placed under arrest in the vicinity of Ang Mo Kio Avenue 9.

Both men would be charged in Court on 22 January 2013 for an offence of Affray under Section 267B of the Penal Code, Chapter 224, which carries a maximum jail term of one year's imprisonment or a fine of up to $5,000, or with both.

Commander of Ang Mo Kio Police Division, Assistant Commissioner Keok Tong San, said that the Police will not hesitate to track down and prosecute those who disturb the public peace by committing such senseless acts of violence.

Anonymous said...

Please do not confuse being a professional while on duty versus retaliating in self defence is a citizen. You may have enough hate and anger in you to fight back when bullied at work but i wonder if you are working in the service industry and know what it takes to serve. I guess based on this story, you may be the sort who feels that your pride and dignity is more important than feeding your family.

Anonymous said...

This Sinkie non violent trait is a variation of the Sinkie die-die must vote PAP trait.

PAP has;
- overpriced our HDB flats
- refused to return CPF money back at age 55
- keep raising CPF Minimum Sum
- restrict Singaporeans' freedom of peaceful assembly to just Hong Lim Square
- and etc

But at GE 2016, you know Sinkies will still vote PAP.

Just like Sinkies will allow foreigners to beat us up and steal our jobs.

Sinkies are daft.
Exactly as the old fart had predicted.

Anonymous said...

HDB is the owner of HDB flats.

It is HDB's responsibility to ensure all HDB flats are properly maintained and upgraded.

It is not the MP's job to go and petition for maintenance and upgrading.

It is the MP's job to sue HDB in court if HDB (The owner of HDB flats) does not maintain and upgrade HDB flats in a timely manner.

Island Of Sheeps said...

Sinkies deserve violence.

They are so sheepish that any ang moh contemplating having a real life punching bag should make a beeline for Changi Airport. Small wonder that this world's number one airport is so crowded these days.

In some third world countries, if you're violent towards the natives you might just end up in a holding cell full of violent rapists, murderers, thieves, robbers and assorted lowlife villians. Once out, you make a solemn promise never to bully the locals again. Here, if you end up in jail, no worries. All the inmates are educated at least up to O levels, all very polite and all very very sheepish from young.
Also, you get more than a fair hearing in court. They will try their very best to exonerate you. Unless you are really such an asshole that there is no way that they can escape giving you more than a slap on the wrist. Comparing those goulish third world jails, ours, being 3rd generation refurbished correction institutions are like a suite in the Ritz Carlton!

Any wonder why scumbag Ang mohs are descending on the island in droves, some with dubious credentials but there again, why worry, they never really check. And when they are at the airport, they are also privileged with special treatment by the foreign talents from Malaysia working as security screening personnel. Ang Moh worshiping Pinays are also aplenty. If you're local, a scowl and other assorted demeaning attitude will be shown to you.

What a shit hole of a country.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Because you are not allowed to arm yourself in Singapore, you should only use violence as an option in self defense if you are reasonably certain you can "beat" your opponent. If you cannot, your attempt at violent response to an attack directed at you will backfire and you are likely to get smashed up and FUBAR (Fucked Up Beyond Any Recognition). i.e. the attacker will probably get out of jail well before you get out of hospital and rehab, and there is a damn good chance you might never completely recover -- especially if you get head trauma.

If you are not training as a fighter every day, you are a fucking idiot to respond to violence with violence. You should concentrate your efforts at getting the fuck away, only using violence to aid you in your "escape". You have NO FUCKING IDEA who you are fighting. The guy could be mad, fueled up on adrenaline, and always getting into fights (i.e. he's more "seasoned" than you), perhaps he's ex-military or in active service. Fact is, you just don't know.

If he is a Norseman (like this Norwegian), with a mixture of Human and Neanderthal DNA, he's probably over 6ft tall and strong, and able to take more "punishment" than your puny, rice-eating Asian ass. His bloody cock is as thick as your forearm lah, he'll brain you, fuck you in your ass and then run off with your girlfriend who will have her pussy stretched so big, you can use it to hide stuff ;-)

I once witnessed 2 Russians take down a group of buff and fit Thais in Pattaya. The young Thai guys came in with their muay thai style, kicking and punching the Russians to no avail. The Russians just hit back hard rearranging the bones in the young Thais faces -- they walloped 3 guys good and proper, the others just took off (wise choice).

Bruce Lee was 5ft 7in and trained several hours everyday. Yes, there is no doubt he could fight and win. But if you are not of that calibre, don't be an idiot. Get away, call the cops.

Non-violence = intelligence in action. If you cannot hit back like a trained fighter, DO NOT HIT BACK -- because you will LOSE, and it will HURT.

This is why there should be legal gun ownership. If you have a gun, your odds are vastly improved should anyone try to fuck with you.

Anonymous said...

/// But if you are not of that calibre, don't be an idiot. Get away, call the cops. ///
@ matilah

Call the Singapore police for help?
They will just tell you to call your lawyer.
It is a civil case.
Nothing to do with the Singapore police.

You go Giant or NTUC supermarket.
You will see a life sized cardboard Singapore policeman telling you not to shoplift.

Our Singapore police should also make life sized cardboard policemen at Changi Airport.
Advising ang moh tourists and foreign talents not to beat up Singaporeans.

Call the Singapore police for help.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

For those who can't carry firearms or cannot fight like MMA pugilist, remember when threatened with violence: Seld Defense is Bullshit!. Get away as best you can. Even if it means "surrender".

Anonymous said...

How can Sinkie fight Viking?
Sinkie so lembek.

only good
for arresting


Anonymous said...

Matilah, please regale us again with the story about how you fought an abo. I hear you got a black belt.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> Call the Singapore police for help.

Absolutely. I have done it. The cops were great. They went after my attackers (plural) who were chasing me in their pickup truck. I headed straight for the nearest police station.

I have very high regard for the SPF. The only time I've "tekaned" them is when they go and arrest political dissidents. The job of the cops is to protect the peace and individual citizens -- not to act as Gestapo for the ruling dick-tators by harassing and detaining political rivals.

However, if you feel you can "take on" a violent mad cunt, go ahead. Maybe you're the next Bruce Lee, who knows? ;-)

Me? I'm an old guy, short and bald. I know I will lose a physical fight, because most mat salehs are much bigger and stronger than I. However, I do have guns, and I am a pretty decent shot ;-)

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> I hear you got a black belt.

Actually I have more than one. I also have brown belts, canvas belts, snakeskin, crocodile (all from Thailand) all various designs and widths.

Black belt in martial arts? No. I'm a lousy fighter. Sure kena hantam one. Terok terbokok. I do have a black quick draw holster though.

Anonymous said...

what so surprising ...

even the national language here is also used to shout at pangkia using on parade squares and national day

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


I've always considered giving parade commands in Bahasa to be a mindless piece of historical baggage. Like the national anthem.

Use English, or if you think it'd be more patriotic use Singlish lah!

Anonymous said...

Matilah, matilah... cheh cheh cheh! you tell so many lies, you forget to keep track. heheheheheh!

agongkia said...

Oh ya?To reduce such incidents ,Sinkies should have an extra 1 year in NS,make it 3 years,just to train up in unarm combat,Hapkido,Kung Fu etc.
Sinkies should use the brain and stand up for justice.Protect those who are being bullied on the spot instead of taking photos.
What is the point of being no.1 in everything when one cannot protect someone from harm or just wait for the police arrival.
Go and learn some kung fu,it will give one more confident when handling such cases.I dealt with many in the kopitiam and pubs,and even once,throw the aggressor tables away.
You have the right of private defense.
Dun underestimate Sinkies.

rex said...

sinkies have the culture of not fighting back as correctly analysed by redbn.
In fact sinkies make the best christians in the world. someone slap sinkie on left cheek sinkie will offer right cheek AND also right up left arm , buttock humbalang.
It is so easy to bully sinkie. What has the years of national service taught us... all the men are timid and cowards. .. we were supposed to defend the country... but after rod we defend our bank account cash flow more than anything else...
It is so easy for foreign army to take over sg any time.

Anonymous said...

///Dun underestimate Sinkies. ///
May 18, 2014 3:55 pm

50 years.
And still vote for PAP.
Despite never having chance to receive cash from CPF ever again.

How not to underestimate Sinkies you tell me lah!

Anonymous said...

Please lah, smart Sinkies don't anyhow fight one, they choose their battles wisely. Or they even know how and when to siam (avoid) a fight.

And by doing that, no need to fight one, they win already.

Just look at our smart Sinkie WP Teochew Ah Hia. He even said not ready to win (be govt lah), let alone fight to win.

And indeed Sinkies make Ah Hia's party win!

And look at SDP Chee. Fight, fight, fight and Sinkies make SDP lose, lose, lose.

So fight for what, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

Sinkies have many virtues.

Among them the most widely followed is 'die die must vote PAP'.

That is why some PAP leaders can say, with authority. that the crowd attendance at WP rallies are not a cause to worry. The spectators are there to enjoy the show only. They will continue to vote for PAP, which is a virtue instilled by our great leader more than four decades ago.

Hail our great leader and his descendants for the virtue of non violence and follow the leader, from crade to the grave.

Anonymous said...

The hard truth, only a bigger bastard would start a fight with a smaller one. The fucking angmohs know they are bigger and lembeh Sinkies are easy meat.

If you can't take them on, walk or run. But don't be a fucking idiot and stand there to let him whack you. The other option, level up the disadvantage, by whacking him when he is distracted or get hold of something as a weapon and give it back to him. The asshole thinks he can bully you coz he is bigger. Grab a bottle, a stick or a knife and see if he dares to touch you.

I am a skinny specky and was almost beaten up by a tough contractor. I grabbed an iron rod and went after him. You know what, he fled.

If you allowed people to beat you and does not know that you have options, you deserved to be beaten.

agongkia said...

You all dun give the angmo or bullies the impression that Sinkies dare not fight back lah.
I dun encourage fighting back with weapons,bottles etc. as this may land you in trouble for nothing.
AngMo are known to be of bigger size,but they are soft.,like Yew3 Chia Kuay.
Go and find out from those geylang or orchard mei meis who slept with them before and they will tell you the same thing.Big but soft,cannot stand properly.
Ask Matilah and he will sure agree and will tell you he is much better in banging than the ang mo..

Anonymous said...

/// You all dun give the angmo or bullies the impression that Sinkies dare not fight back lah. ///
May 18, 2014 5:44 pm

But PAPig bullies already know Sinkies will not fight back.
50 years still never fight back.
Definitely will not fight back in GE 2016.

Kiss your CPF money goodbye.

Anonymous said...

CPF is already goodbye. In fact, what you have not already slogged for and will be contributing in future will also be goodbye as well. What goes in, there for good. Understood it is bye bye.