China Russian conducting war games in East China Sea

China and Russia have announced they will conduct a naval war game near the disputed islands of Diaoyu/Senkaku. This will be held in August and more exercises are being planned. China should just announced that the exercise is to simulate the capture of islands and no need to be shy about it.

China and Russia should also plan to hold joint exercises with the North Koreans in the sea around Korea. There is no reason why the Americans can conduct military exercises all year round and China and Russian refraining from doing so. The Americans have made their intention very clear about what the Asian pivot means. They are the global gangsters and wanting to rule over the countries in Asia.

Russia and China should make it equally clear to the Americans that they got the message loud and clear and will take the necessary actions and preparations to meet the American hegemonic intent. Running away and acting meek will only embolden the Americans and her allies like Japan and the Philippines. It is only a matter of time when a confrontation will result with the American camps becoming more provocative and raising tension in the region.

China and Russia should not limit their military exercises just in East Asia but should conduct some exercises in West Asia. That would make everyone more friendly and respectful. It is like gun ownership. When everyone walks around carrying a gun, everyone else would have to act more carefully and not to provoke the other. The South China Sea is also a good area for joint Russian China military exercises.

It is only war games!

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Anonymous said...

War games or not, but how does that affect Sinkies?

Because Sinkieland wants to be friends with all and enemy with none, tio bo?

In fact so much so that, whether Russians, Americans, PRCs, Pinoys or Indians, Sinkieland welcome all to come here to live and work happily.

And that really affect Sinkies, and some like RB said,are affected very badly.

And does PAP care, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

But RB cares about affected Sinkies by writing their stories in his blog, and at the same also care about his kopi.

But of course no use to affected Sinkies lah, except for his kopi, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Others are warring states, Sin is whoring city, so long as you pay, leper, stinko, aided and ah kongs have rights to be patrons.
Cos Sin is a whore.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

This is not war games. It is strategic planning!

Bring it on! Make the Americans SHIT!

Anonymous said...

Mankind should be rebooted and restarted. This world is fucked up like shit.

Everyday we hear about Obama warning Putin, Putin warning Obama, Abe warning Xi, Aquino warning who the fuck. This can only end with WW3 and all mankind nucleared to dust and earth unlivable for a few centuries.

b said...

They are all in a collaboration to create fear to control the general gullible population in the world. Behind the scene, they are all good friends, smoking cigars, drinking champagne and watching underage strippers. All politicians are evil.