Civil disobedience up a notch

There is an ongoing online petition calling for the PM to resign initiated by a graduate taxi driver called William Lim. And now we have graffiti on the roof top of a flat at Toa Payoh, at Block 85A in Lorong 4 yesterday morning. The message, ‘Fuck the PAP’, ‘Wake Up’ and a sign of anarchy were painted on the side of the water tank, big enough for people on the streets to have a clear view of what it was.

The graffiti was discovered early in the morning and by none it was erased leaving only some traces of redness on the wall. This is an affront to the govt and never been seen and done so boldly before. How did the person got himself to the roof top when the entrance was locked is still puzzling.

How widespread is this sense of disobedience and what is the root cause to this trend? How much has it got to do with the displeasure on the govt’s policies on the huge influx of foreigners here, or is it just an odd case of an individual of unsound mind?

The men in blue will be busy trying to find the culprit behind this graffiti.

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Anonymous said...

The person must be very angry with the PAP to risk his life and buttock by climbing to the top of the roof to write his plea, wake up SG and scold PAP vulgarities.

Anonymous said...

"...or is it just an odd case of an individual of unsound mind?"

But then how come he/she/they is/are sound enough to access the roof top and did it without being caught?

There seems to be method in his/her or their madness.

Which mean he/she/they is/are not mad lah, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

One of the graffiti (to the right) was even painted away from the edge of the roof!

Is it the work of an angry "spiderman"?

Anonymous said...

Ideally, the Investigation should oso look into the widespread unhappiness wiith the PAP.
PAP is being cursed and fuck ed almost daily at markets, coffeeshops, hawker centres, blogosphere, work placesc and anywhere. Even the Ministers get screwed everywhere anytime and why are some of them called as traitors?


Anonymous said...

Set up a COI.

Anonymous said...

.....and in the eyes of the hungry there is a growing wrath. In the souls of the people the grapes of wrath are filling and growing heavy, growing heavy for the vintage.

Anonymous said...

You guys think this velly funny huh?

Wait until our SPF bring in our top notch, value for money, disciplined, uncomplaining, pick of the crop, not off the streets foreign talent cops then you know.

We will have the best of the whole lot, ex NYPD veterans, ex veteran 公安, ex elite Colombian law enforcers, the best of Hong Kong cops, think Andy Lau acting.
Then you guys will stop laughing.
When you are checked on the street by our foreign handpicked policemen, please co operate or else they will throw the book at you.

We will be velly proud of our foreign talent policemen. Best in the world. A mini UN policing team to make sure you jokers behave.

Soon, such nonsense as the naughty grafitti on top of such pigeon holes will be a thing of the past.

Anonymous said...

The guy that did it has the balls of steel unlike matilar with two tiny. Haha

Anonymous said...

PM Lee is doing a very good job in uniting Singaporeans against the PAP.
I've never seen so many anti-PAP Singaporeans before.

If you are an Opposition supporter.
Why would you want him to resign?
I don't understand.

Just continue feeding bullshit to the PAP.
Mislead them into thinking that Singaporeans are loyal supporters of PAP.

Anonymous said...

"...or is it just an odd case of an individual of unsound mind?"

I'll tell you who are the truly mentally ill ones: those 60.1% who keep voting PAP despite getting sodomised by it everyday.

The more serious cases of these loonies sincerely believe the myth and hype of LKY and the PAP, the less severe cases shrug their shoulders and say meekly "what to do, there is no credible opposition, Singapore is too small, we should be thankful..." or something along those lines and vote for the Lightning Clan.

Watch out, PAP. Beware a people who have lost everything and have nothing more to lose... they finally lose it. Your bunch of kleptocrats and cronies may yet suffer the fate of the royalty during the French Revolution.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Wah! An "anarchy" sign? In Singapore? Fuck me, I'm impressed. Whoever did this deserves a beer.


>> it just an odd case of an individual of unsound mind?

I roll my eyes in disbelief, and then face palm in exasperation.

Redbean seems to think that dissent is for the mentally unstable.

IMO being a fucking obedient citizen living in FEAR of "authority", whose best effort is to write and complain on the internet, is a sign of being mentally unsound.

REAL PEOPLE act on their beliefs, with conviction. They could be wrong. You may not agree, but in this PHYSICAL UNIVERSE, it is ultimately ACTION which counts, because physical action is the only way to move physical stuff around.

No one was harmed. No property was damaged and rendered unserviceable. Property was merely defaced (or IMO "artistically enhanced") with a little paint. Small matter, nice message.

Notice that the ST and ChannelNewsAsia have removed the "offensive" story.

>> This is an affront to the govt and never been seen and done so boldly before.

Not really. It didn't say (as I would) "Fuck the govt". It said fuck the pap....unless you subscribe to Lee KY's notion that "The PAP is the govt and the govt is the PAP" -- for now and ever more.

The protesters have won many fans. Their act has contributed to the awesomeness of Singapore.

Well done, whoever you are.

P.S. BTW, have you noticed how the language used to describe this? The people accused are "culprits" or "vandals". The act is deemed "vandalism".

So far no one in authority -- including the ball-licking MSM -- has called this an "expression".

MOAR please!

Anonymous said...

Culprit caught, send him to IMH . Conclusion, nut case, one off event . Everything solved.

Anonymous said...

MS, you got anything to do with it? Sure is was not you after a night of high boozing and you can't remember?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


In my early days I might have. I was active in the Aussie union movement. My mentor was secretary to the Australian Communist Party. I've marched, shouted and yelled, barricaded picket lines, and even thrown eggs and tomatoes at an Australian Prime Minister. When I had a huge falling out with the union leaders -- who didn't have my back when I needed them most, I left and became a CAPITALIST. To this day I retain a soft spot for unions. However their leaders are politicians -- power hungry and corrupt as any, and I mistrust and revile every single one of them.

No lah not me. Do you think I'm going to climb onto a roof and dangle down in the dark with a spray can in one hand? Please lah. I'm way too old for that shit. Even if I wanted to, I'd probably fucking fall to my death lah.

A man must accept his limitations ;-)

Anonymous said...

Do you hear the people sing, singing a song of angry man....

Anonymous said...

Whoever's done it just captures the feelings of many citizens when many internet posters can't
Now he is the talk of the town
Some major advertising agencies need to get hold of him before the Govt do

Anonymous said...

Soon, the retired uncles whose CPF have been "imprisoned" will gather at HLP to do a video & post it on You Tube. They will be shouting "Fuck PAP, return our CPF money" then the whole world will know

Anonymous said...

So what is the real problem?
The vandal

PS: Never knew the HDB cleaners can react so quickly to a cleaning problem.

b said...

The gov should enact a wall for people to graffitti to let off the steam. Once the steam has an outlet, it will not explode.

Thanks RB for this blog, I can let off my steam here. everyone needs a place to release their pent up negative emotion. I think blogging is still a more legal and civilised way. I pitied the cleaner who is going to clean up the wall.

b said...

Perhaps we should petition for a wall to be set up in every neighbourhood for such graffiti purpose.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The more I scrutinise the graffiti the more I am convinced that this is done by spiderman or aliens. The wall is on the edge of the top of the flat. And the graffiti on the right is so far away from the little support available.

How did this fell do it without a helicopter lifting him in the air? It is a very risky thing to do.

b, there is a graffiti wall at Bouna Vista station on the underpass used by the Malayan Railway. You can go there and paint what you like, but not the same kind of graffiti in Toa Payoh.

agongkia said...

Such case can be easily solved if one have some intelligence.
Anyway I am more concern on why is the roof top not secured as children may climb up and play and disaster had ever happened.

What I know is that they are suppose to have 2 locks on the grille ,keys hold by 2 parties.

Anonymous said...

This one got one lock only. So they must have two locks to be secure. I recommend 3 locks, triple secure.

Anonymous said...

hahaha ....

cunt imagine many really believe this is a job of papigs critics

painter/s must have extra-ordinary powers to levitate in the air to paint the message .. think there is only a party with a self proclaimed god

otoh, might be goh meng seng ufo aliens. gms, did u assigned this role to alien?

knnccb ... hsien loong n papigs

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are sooooo ungrateful. You have such a good government that is always concerned about the happiness and security of the population, and what do you get? You see such ungrateful actions from some ill informed individuals who has carried out such stupid actions like writing such vulgarities on walls. And what is annoying is that such action is not condemned by the writers above. Instead only the condemnation seem to focus on the PAP. Where is the logic in that? So, please Singaporeans, please open your eyes and be thankful to the government. The PAP government has your happiness as the top priority. Vote PAP !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes u r absolutely correct


Anonymous said...

"Do you hear the people sing, singing a song of angry man...."