Write Thank You letters to the FWs

 Some of the commentators in the Talking Point discussion on integrating FWs felt they had done a good job in showing their appreciation to the FWs for building our homes and infrastructure. They wrote ‘love letters’ to thank them for helping to build Sin City into a better place for us.

I have served my NS and am still waiting for a ‘love letter’ from grateful Sinkies to thank me for my sacrifice to the nation, to risk breaking arms and legs, and life to defend country and the Sinkies. Is my contribution to the nation lesser than the FWs? Is the contribution of NSmen less meaningful than the FWs that no one deems fit to write them a ‘love letter’ to show how grateful they are to the NSmen?

Mind you, the NSmen’s sacrifice is done with peanuts, paid peanuts, even less than the FWs. And their sacrifices are almost a life time. Would any do gooders, sensitive and grateful Sinkie like to suggest to other appreciative Sinkies to write a ‘love letter’ to the NSmen to say thank you?

I don’t even remember Mindef saying thank you to me when ROD. Maybe the Kindness Movement can try doing this, write a ‘love letter’ to all NSmen. But I must say this will be nothing as it will be just printing and mass mailing them to everyone. Quite meaningless really when there is something lacking in these letters, the lack of a heart. It will be so different from the ‘love letters’ by concerned and caring Sinkies to the FWs to show their heartfelt thanks.

Tiok boh? How about making this a topic in Talking Point huh, Steve Chia?

Kopi Level - Red. Ouch!


Anonymous said...

FWs deserve love letters because the work is voluntary.

Maybe NSmen don't deserve love letters because slaves got no choice.
Maybe die, die also must serve NS.
No choice.
Maybe die, die also must vote PAP.
No choice.

Singaporeans can be taken for granted because their support is guaranteed because they are daft.

agongkia said...

Please lah.How can you compare FWs with our NSmen.
Thank you letters for FWs are shown of appreciation to motivate them to work harder .

NS is a privilege for Sinkies .
We should write letters to thank them for giving us the trust and faith by allowing us to serve N S as uniform men.I thank them for the good food and training and for turning me from a suakoo into a patriotic citizen .The experience I gain from N S make me work and live with more confident .Be grateful .

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This time die die must agree with agongkia. NSmen must say thank and write letters to the Govt for the privilege to serve.

Anonymous said...

And please do not pee on your letters of appreciation to the government.

Anonymous said...

i fondly remember those heart-warming birthday greetings sent by MINDEaF... and reminder to clear IPPT

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Singaporeans are probably the most ungrateful and impolite humans in the region. You expect a 10-Q or TQ for being forced into NS? That is the best example of wishful thinking I've encountered today ;-)

What do you read on the blogs and forums? Complain complain complain.

Very few people write: "Oh how lovely it is to live on one of the best cuntrees on earth, in a time where there's peace and wealth. One gets the feeling that anything is possible. How wonderful it is to share this land with fantastic people, who care and respect for each other, as well as themselves. My heart and soul is filled with gratitude. Indeed, what a wonderful world this is!"

Naaaahhhhhhh....what you are likely to read is "fuck the foreigners", "fuck the elites" "faster die lah Lee Kuan Yew!" "gimme back my cpf!" "let's go to Hong Lim to protest !"...

...really? A great Hotel-city-state full of sad cocksucking motherfuckers.

OTOH, that is quite an awesome combination because it makes for on-going entertainment and hilarity :-))

BTW other rich city states like Liechtenstein, Monaco etc are cool, but none of them rock like Singapore rocks.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

From today's ST, Business section:

Cheap stuff still available in Singapore

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> Recommend free stuff lah.

What? Singapore got free stuff ah? Where??

Anonymous said...

LHL already sent one love letter to Roy Ngerng. Who will be the next one on his lovesick list?

b said...

Neber heard of pap mouthpiece? They are dark, evil, dirty and stinky. Coming out with this kind of suggestion is an insult to the intelligence of the voters and to those old people who have sweat and built up this place way before these economic migrants. If sg is poor, these migrants will not be here. They are here to take away jobs and improve their financial position at the expense of the locals.

Anonymous said...

Who sent love letters to FWs?

Must be the daft sinky pmets, uneducated does not know how to write or speak in public or forum. The bosses cannot be bothered.
So, can you see pmets asking for it?

Anonymous said...

Claps for this comment.
Well said!