America the ever Evil Empire is raising its ugly head a few notches higher than before. It is behaving like a mad dog, a ferocious hungry lion or a wild insatiable hungry hyena that goes romping wild attacking in all directions to save its own skin.

America is bankrupt and it has to create perpetual wars to feed its war industries to create jobs for its otherwise angry masses of jobless workers. But America does not want to fight direct wars itself. It always makes use of others which it calls allies to fight its proxy wars.

American hegemony is the curse of mankind. Since its independence form its forebears Imperial Britain it has never stopped its path of aggression and conquest.  It is already a well known fact that the white Americans which originated from Europe had

genocided 98 per cent of native Americans or about neinty million of the natives.  In the course of time it attacked Mexico and annexed about one million , six hundred and sixty -five thousand square miles of Mexican lands . It then proceeded to attack

and occupy HAWAII and Guam and othe Pacific island kingdoms.

The present American pivot to Asia is an extension and continuation of its historiacal aggression . It is using the bogey of its sham democracy and human rights as a vehicle and smokescreen for it heinous and nefarious activities . It is taking advantage

of Asian countries' problems and making use of them to sow further misunderstanding and dissension among the Asian countries and thus pretentiously and psychologically take in some unsuspecting Asian countries as its allies .America is using

these Asian allies or its juniour gang members to go against China. It is stirring and stoking fire all over Asia especially in East Asia and the South China Sea.

Before the American pivot  to Asia there was calm and peace . Under the Cairo Treaty and Podsdam Treaty the Chinese islands of Diaoyu Tao was to be returned to China . After the Second World War the UNITED NATIONS temporarily placed it under

American trusteeship.. However for its own selfich political expediency the treacherous Americans handed the Diaoyu islands to the Japs in 1974. It is a well known historical fact that the Paracel Islands, the Spratley Islands and all the shoals and reefs

dotting the South China Sea belong to China and were recognised as such by America and most European powers  since time immemorial . However with the eventual discovery of large reserves of oil and gas below the sea in the 1970's, the treacherous

Western Powers headed by US - THE  EVIL EMPIRE began to look  at the scenario with askew eyes of evil intent. They wanted a share of the treasure below the South China Sea and so behind the scene they obscenely and unashamely encouraged the

littoral states to challenge China's sovereignty of these islands and the surrounding seas and to lay some illogical and nefarious claims to some of these Chinese islands. With the US pledge as an ally and forthcoming help some blind and greedy littoral

states like Vietnam and the Philippines began to lay illogical claim to some of the islands. And with further encouragement from the Evil Empire the Vietnamese rats and the Philippine vermins were emboldened to step on China's toes when they dared to

ram on Chinese boats, arrest Chinese fishermen and occupy some Chinese islands. The silly and greedy Pinoys and Vietnamese choose not to realise that they are being made use of as pawns by US for its own wicked objective of containing China.

America must realise that there is nothing grand OR glorious in preserving its number one position through perpetual wars and wicked ways and means to contain other countries' rise. If America persists on carrying on its wrong path of evil aggression

it will soon meet its doomsday.  China will not be contained and together with more enlightened countries it will see that US meets its Armageddon  sooner than later.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

There'll be sabre rattling on all sides for the moment. But I predict that the US, China and Russia will be forced into an alliance which none of them will like, but they will have little choice in forming.

The trigger: The rise of violent Islamic nonsense. All 3 powers are experiencing "issues" with the violent Muslim factions which operate inside and outside their respective borders.

In Europe, Russia is the "bad guy" -- the entire EU neither likes nor trusts the Russians, especially Putin.

In Asia, a similar scenario: Asian cuntrees are wary and fearful of China.

So if you are the US, and have much experience in "leveraging" geo-political situations using guile, deceit, coercion and whatever tools of leverage you can muster, then according to the doctrine of American Exceptionalism it behooves you to be your natural-born imperialistic self, exploiting and profiteering from the situation to maintain your "relevance" in a chaotic world.

America always plays the dangerous game. The trouble is, they rarely put themselves directly at risk. What they are GREAT at doing is putting some dumb-fuck proxy cuntrees in harms way to take the heat so that American crony-capitalism can prevail.

Enough already with this China vs America; China is good, America is evil. Looking at the world TODAY in this binary way is fraught with error. Look at what the connected corporate players are doing: the bankers, the hedge fund people who hide in dark pools with their artificial intelligence HFT weapons, the weapons dealers, the big energy, mining and agri-business fuckers.

No one goes to war for "nationalism" sake lah. Those days are long gone. Now it is about the MONEY, or energy, or water rights...something "physical" of value.

Case in point: Senkaku. There might be a shit-ton of gas and oil there. Fight for "national sovereignty"? Please lah. The fight is going to be bloody because whoever wins gets to make ALL THE MONEY.

However smart political manipulators need to beat the "nationalism drum" to con the people, so that their sons will volunteer their lives as cannon fodder for the "greater good" of the crony capitalism globalists to make more money and gain more power FOR THEMSELVES. You, the sheeple, get NOTHING -- except death, destruction and a war-economy which will keepp you poor and powerless FOR GENERATIONS.

Ssshhh...don't wake the sheeple. We need them to do our bidding....

P.S. I say again, the smart players in the world know damn well that "cuntry" and "sovereign governments" are fast fading ideas. "Cuntry" as an idea is now a tool to manipulate the gullible sheeple. The smart elite are all GLOBALISTS. While you are still harping on "my cuntry this, my cuntry that", your elite masters are making money all over the place and paying ZERO TAX, whilst you, the dumb-fuck still-asleep sheeple get to pay taxes every time you shit and eat!

Anonymous said...

THE last time I heard about Pedra Branca was not its rich oil deposits even no ikan bilis, yet the Singapore Government went all out to challenge Malaysia on its rightful ownership.
Yes, nationalism, on the contrary, is much alive and not about money only!

Anonymous said...

MS is living in his own world of make belief.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Pinoys made a wild and spurious claim for a piece of China's territory that they cannot ever think of winning legally or by the application of force.

Now, after driving out the Americans they willingly subject themselves to become a colony of the USA again. And for a weak claim to a piece of rock they are losing the whole country without a fight.

b said...

My guess is China already successfully invented the killer robots to counter any country . If you have one child policy, no way anyone will send their only son or daughter to fight a war.

The uass is good in kicking out the european rulers and made themselves true rulers of the east. Eu, China and Russia will most likely form a union to counter uass. The world will be ruled by communism. If sg rulers do not believe in populist rule, they are actually rejecting democracy. Democracy is populist rule. Whatever rule is not perfect. People will become poorer and elites will become richer.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> MS is living in his own world of make belief.

Yessir. 100% correct. Me, and another 7 billion or so more of our species. Everyone lives in their own world based on BELIEFS, because in a human mind everything is possible. If you want to, you just have imagine that you can fly, you can be a dashing billionaire porn star with dick one meter long, you can be an immortal super-hero who is universally loved by most and feared by the bad guys,....anything you desire.

So why limit yourself to "reality". In "reality" I am no one special. In my imagination, on the other hand...

Anonymous said...

omfg ...

let the killing start

limpeh .... yet to witness a world war

only some toothpicks fighting during the mid sixties

knnccb ... will those fucking pricks be around when it start?