An easy solution to appease the unhappiness of NSmen

Front page news today on a slew of incentives to make NSmen feel appreciated short of a ‘love letter’ when love is in the air. Actually the solution is so simple and no need to have so many complicated schemes that mean really nothing. Money into CPF to be used to pay for what, no need to guess. One hand gives and another takes.

Everyone, especially NSmen and their families, knows how big the sacrifices are from an NSman to the country. It is a life time commitment and a life time irritation and disruption to their lives and the lives of their loved ones, provided nothing bad happens to them when performing their NS duties. No need to think about those being incapacitated or died in NS. No amount of money can compensate them and their families for the loss.

Can these sacrifices be equated to the sacrifices of ministers? Our ministers all claimed to have made big sacrifices like earning lesser than they should be earning, and all the bad publicities, no privacy, no time for family and children and so many other things. Like so ‘charm’ like that. The sacrifices of NSmen may not be more but definitely not lesser than the few years of great sacrifices of the ministers and their loss in multi million dollar incomes.

If this is noted and recognized, then the solution is very simple. There is no need to pay the NSmen millions as compensations like the ministers. Just pay them market rate like a hundred thousand will do, graduating with their level of contributions. Of course this is day dreaming and foolish talk. Cannot use money as an incentive lah! Joke only can? Money incentive is only useful to attract super talents to become politicians. But, but a simple solution like this can solve everything right? And it is so easy to administer and with one stroke of the pen, nearly all the problems will be solved, all the grievances will be passé.

Isn’t it all about money? If everyone is thinking about money, about millions, NSmen must also be thinking about money right? Tiok boh? You talk money, want more money, NSmen stupid or what?

PS. So shiok to be talking cock.

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Anonymous said...

Right hand give, left hand take back. Exactly!

The reality is, if they give more than they take back, that may be reasonable. But to give a drumstick and to take back one whole chicken is an insult to the intelligence of any sane person.

And the biggest letdown is that by making a big issue of giving, when the receipient does not feel having received the so-called gift to be used for what he wants, is the mother of all insults.

agongkia said...

Aiya,uncle,please dun think I am rude and always want to langgar with you.It hurts every time when I try to tell you my feeling.

Take this simple scenario.You are born in the Chua family.
Its your duty as a son to take care of your elders,juniors and protect the family,produce descendants etc.
IT IS YOUR DUTY TO PROTECT YOUR FAMILY.Born as a CHUA,protect the CHUA.The same apply to Sinkies.Born as a Sinkie,protect the country as a proud Sinkie.
Those with unhappiness protecting the family or country is seen as ungrateful to me.
If I can predict any of my future children who will grow up with this boh chup mentality,I will pah see kuan sai.
Who know maybe only you feel NSmen are unhappy.I am always happy when called upon to do NS on the smart uniform.Always looking forward to it.
See?I proposed Volunteer military service in the net and now someone earning million dollar copy my idea and propose for it.
I look forward to join them,whether jaga airport installation or Jurong island.Count me in.No need to pay me.

Be a happy NSmen.Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Just pay NS men their real market value salary.
How long more does PAP expect Singaporeans to continue subsidizing their political ideology and policies?

Anonymous said...

@ agongkia
Good suggestion.
All unhappy NS men no need to report for duty anymore. Your services are no longer required.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Redbean should start a thread "How to make LOCALS happy" (Yes, I used the "L" word). Apparently, for reasons I cannot grasp (maybe I'm just too happy), there is much unhappiness in Singapore.

I'll start:

Q: How to make NS men happy?

A: Abolish NS all together. Then no more NS men, and no more NS. (NS is slavery anyway)

Q: How to make CPF members happy?

A: Abolish CPF. Let everyone have their money. (Let them spend, save, invest or gift it. Their money. Their life. Their business)

Q: How to make drivers happy?

A: Remove COE, ERP and high road tax. Since the revenue will then decrease, no need to spend so much on roads. Just let people own as many cars as they like, drive freely and know that it will work itself out

Q: How to make commuters on public transport happy?

A: Sack everyone in SBS and SMRT. Return any excess capital to CPF, which returns the money to ex-members since CPF is now also gone. Sell the 2 pieces of shit to Hong Kong's MTR and HK bus companies. These fuckers collectively do EXCELLENT WORK. Super-populated HK has just about the finest public transport network.

Anonymous said...

Agongkia always agongkia!

His words always spoken with all the wisdom of agongkia.

Anonymous said...

Is that meant to be a compliment?

oldhorse42 said...

Our talented leaders ae not thinking of NS men of yester years - the pioneers who received $90 pm for the NS stint.
They are thinking of the NS men of tomorrow - the FTs and their off spring. If they are not treated well , there would be riot in the barracks.
People said that there are so many FTs here that when a tree branch fall, it will certainly hit a foreigner.

Anonymous said...

Amazing, everyone is said to have realized the importance of our NS boys??!!

No matter what they have come up with, they will never be able to compensate the 2 years lost, which is almost 10% of the prime 20 years in one career.

Unlike some, getting any form of deferment is really a dream for many, and the 2-year lost is really really significant...

What do you think?

b said...

I agree with Matilah. Abolish NS and invest in killer robots technology. Soon, leeempire will have the world under their feet. To ensure continuity of sinkies, gov should embrace dual or more citizenships. People should have a right to decide how to live their lives and not make compulsory to serve some stupid medieval ideology.

b said...

"Sack everyone in SBS and SMRT" -
I agree. Should turn all the bus lanes to bike lanes.

Anonymous said...

Actually, it is more than being underpaid for serving the 2 years of full-time NS.

Think about the 2 years wasted opportunity cost, i.e. loss of income, employment prospect, job experience, career advancement, further higher education, breakup of personal relationship and so on.

These sacrifices are far greater than the peanut allowance you received during your NS days.

Anonymous said...

All ungrateful Sinkies shud must learn from Agongkia. That is what true luv for thr country all about, one must protect the country and family no matter what happens. One shud be prepared to die in defense of the the land, people and the leaders.

Anonymous said...

Matilar, go write your books las it's not as if u got nothing better to do mah. Tio Bo? Pls write book 4

Anonymous said...
3.19pm, got spelling mistake lar in book 11. Here they are

1) how to boast about sexual power when both tiny are missing
2) the art of incest
3) the guide on how to bull shits
4) how to irritate people and waste their time daily
5) learning to be thick skin and flameproof
6) how to tahan when your ass kena fucked
7) how to act as patriot when you are a traitor
8) how to act and look normal when you are actually insane
9) learning to speak when a cock is stuck in your mouth
10) how to con your sisters and daughters to continue having sex with you without reporting to the police.
11) How to develop multi tasking skill. Sharing of secret on Learning how to type on keyboard posting commentary on blog when there is a hard cock pushing in and out in matilar mouth.

May 20, 2014 3:23 pm

Anonymous said...

Wow for once I agree with all the above. Well said

Anonymous said...

Yes fully supportive of all the proposed books but I think his favorite is book 2 lar

Anonymous said...

Should abolished NS and hire professionals to give all sinkies men a level playing field. Anyway, when u pay NS men peanuts you probably get monkey services. Can u trust your very expensive military assets to unhappy men to manage. Most NS men during their two years are just marking time. Those who are still patriotic (sinkies and FTs) can volunteer their services.

See, One kpkb item off the agenda.
No unhappy NS men.OK what is the next issue? What, did you say ministers' salary!

Virgo 49 said...

Hi oldhorse, the branch of tree hits a foreign talent of a PRC in the papers

Anonymous said...

"NSmen must also be thinking about money right? Tiok boh?"

NSmen can think lah but can they get the money or not?

But when PAP think money and votes, PAP will be able to get the money and votes, tio bo?

Anonymous said...


When PAP think money, they can get big money. And for sure.

But when RB think money, he can only get kopi money! Not big money and also not for sure can get one!

Anonymous said...

NSmen happy or unhappy.
Does not matter lah!
Who cares if slaves are happy or not?
We all know 60% of them will still vote PAP anyway.
So no need to pay them more money lah!
Why do slaves need more money anyway?

b said...


Me think the 60% are cold blooded. So many have died during NS training and they still continue to support this kind of rubbish.