Everything is improving

This is the message I got while watching the special programme on Parliament Reopens hosted by Sharon Tong. The panelists included Gerald Giam, Chan Chun Sing, Tan Su Shan and Zulkifli Baharuddin, the latter two, one an NMP and the other ex NMP, more or less agreed that everything was improving. And at the rate they were improving, things would get better by the next GE.

The first thing that was improving according to the panelists was property supply and prices. The supply problem has been taken care of after 77,000 units were offered by HDB in the last 2 or 3 years. So, from under building to ramping up building more flats, the shortages immediately improved. What a clever piece of decision making. I never thought it could be solved so easily. How come they never think of it in the first place? They must have found a genius to think of such an ingenious solution. Layman or common people would have great difficulties even trying to think about it.

And property prices are coming down by 0.6%! Very encouraging indeed. How much have property prices gone up in the last 10 years? 100%, 200% or 300%? Anyone got any idea? I think, without even looking at statistics, just gut feel, the prices of HDB flats bought direct from HDB and now available in the resale market are easily 2 or 3 times the original sales price. At 0.6% change, how many hundred years would be needed for the price to come down by 50% or 30%?

What else is improving? I saw a figure on the issue of Employment Pass. It went down from 80,000 to 40,000 last year. And employment of locals gone up from 40,000 to 80,000. What a miracle. And rightly, logically, by not issuing more EPs, the locals would naturally be employed to fill up the positions. Wait a minute, how many of the locals are citizens? Someohow I got this uneasy feeling that when they lumped everything under ‘locals’ the number of citizens cannot be too many. Just my gut feel. So, things are improving. Ho say leow.

Another area of improvement is the number of stoppages of trains. This has gone down from its peak. Since when were there so many incidents of train stoppages? When was the time when train stoppages were a rarity? Is it really improving? What is the reference point? Zero stoppages or high stoppages?

I think there was another point mentioned as improving. Oh, income gap is improving, I mean narrowing. Sure what, with the wages of cleaners increased from less than $1000 to $1000, the gap must have closed up a bit. One caveat for this to be true, the top earners must not be earning more, assuming that their income stagnates or not changing. Like that sure the income gap will be narrowing.

I must agree that things are getting rosier when the major bugbears are improving. I can’t disagree with the panelists. No wonder they all looked so happy, and so was the minister.

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Anonymous said...

No offence..why does it sounds like self-m*** to me

Anonymous said...

It is not "self-m*** "
It is called mental masturbation.
Can you hear the song in the background?

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Anonymous said...

"And employment of locals gone up from 40,000 to 80,000. What a miracle. And rightly, logically, by not issuing more EPs, the locals would naturally be employed to fill up the positions. Wait a minute, how many of the locals are citizens? "

Simple lah. You just count the number of students in each cohort, or the number of NSFs and you know how many new Singaporean entrants to the workforce already. Cannot hide one, tio bo?

PAP trying to smoke ignorant peasants tio bo?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Singapore and Singaporeans are always improving. In local parlance it is known as "upgrading".

It is a national obsession ;-)

Anonymous said...


From bad to less bad is also improving, although still no good.

Anonymous said...

It's like Kopitiam pushed the price of Kopi from $1 to $10 a cup then one day someone think of a way to cut the price by 5 cents and he think everybody should be happy since prices have dropped. Siou!!

Virgo 49 said...

Restructuring is a better word- to get rid of the sinkie PMETS and employ cheaper foreign talents

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Of course it has improved. Many enterprises have replaced their inefficient practices and labour with superior performers at a lower cost. (aka restructuring as mentioned @1033)

Since it is a fait accompli that the population is steadily increasing, things have to improve to be able to accommodate higher population density and more socio-economic activity.

Anonymous said...

With graduates driving taxis and cleaning tables, how not to improve?

Anonymous said...

From good to bad pay world class salary. From bad to less bad, pay performance. This type of job we also want to sacrifice for tio bo?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I suppose "everything is improving"
is not a question in issue, the real issue is we must have more co-pilots
to drive Singapore forward.

Bearing in mind that we are of sinful nature, and we need to build stronger checks and balances mechanism which is considered lacking in today's context.

b said...

me think ge is coming, perhaps old man is dying and thus must paint a rosy picture to corn the easy-to-corn 60% to continue to vote for them.

Anonymous said...

All things are improving.
The younger ministers are proving themselves to be excellent leaders. Because of theit capabilities, Singaporeans are living better.
Hospitals are as good as resorts for faster recoveries. All public transports are airconed to provide comfort at very cheap fares. All ministries are headed by the most competent people. Singapore is the cleanest country with the lowest crime rate in the World. The CPF system ensures that citizens enjoy worry free livings in their twilight years. The cars Singaporeans use are the safest as they are inspected annually and use are limited to ten years. This means safety on the roads for all. Other than community clubs, Singaporeans are cater to by resorts and many night entertainments and plenty of cheap and good foods.
Singaporeans are envy of the World and this is all due to the great leadership.
Lucky Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Agreeable, there is no country as wonderful to live as Singapore. And there are no leader as respected internationally as his excellency Lee Kuan Yew. Imagine Singapore being a smallest country in the world and yet is number one in many things. Singaporeans got to count their blessings, including Redbean, green bean and all beans.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Don't count your blessing too early. After LKY there will be no one to fill his shoe.

It could be game over. And it is looking like it.