Would Asean still talk like the asshole of the USA?

The two recent and very provocative acts committed by Vietnam and the Philippines have been greeted with muted silence by the western media and also by Asean. Both did not mention any word of condemnation for such reckless and unprovoked escalation of tension in the region. The Vietnamese sent 35 ships in its attempt to ram the oil rig of China within Chinese territory and at Chinese ships in the area. It followed with killing of Chinese workers in Vietnam and the burning of Chinese factories, including those of HongKong, Taiwan and even Singapore. China is demanding protection and compensation from the Vietnamese Govt for loss of lives, injuries and loss of properties.

The Pinoys ignored China’s protest and proceeded to charge Chinese fishermen they seized in disputed territories in Pinoy court. China is demanding that the charges be dropped and the fishermen be returned safely to China.

The western media are not briefing a word of condemnation on the actions by these two countries. Asean too has been silent as well. But some Asian media think it their responsibility to look at the issues from western perspective, that it was the Chinese that were provocative and Asean must response robustly. The actions of Vietnam and the Philippines were in way, to these bananas, seen as normal and deserving. But such provocations are only to draw reciprocal actions from China. China is not going to sit back and let the two countries do as they please against its people and interest. China is going to hit back. It is expected and has to be. If the attacks were against the USA or India, Vietnam and the Philippines would be licking their wounds now.

And what would the western media say? Obvious, they would cry foul, that China is bullying the two smaller countries and behaving aggressively. The Americans would stand up to warn China against retaliation. The truth is that Vietnam and the Philippines have coordinated their offensive provocations against China. They are the provocateurs, the bullies. Their actions were hostile and verging on an act of war. To the anglophiles, they see them as only responding to the Chinese activities in the region. To these anglophiles, the American pivot into the region to muscle around is a natural right of the Americans, of the West. They would also agree to the Monroe Doctrine that South America and the Caribbeans are the spheres of influence of the USA and no other powers should think of pivoting into the region.

Would Asean utter the same thing as the western media and act like the asshole of the Americans, saying the right thing the Americans wanted to hear? Or would Asean be strong enough to take the stand of a neutral regional organisation and acknowledge that China is the victim of Vietnamese and Pinoy attacks and condemn their actions? After agitating for a peaceful solution to the territorial dispute, would Asean be bound by its own stand against militarising the dispute as have been done by the Vietnamese and the Pinoys? Or would Asean continue to blindly accuse China as the bully, as the provocative one, as the aggressive party, and ignore what Vietnam and the Philippines have done? Some asses are pushing Asean to take a united stand against China.

What is Asean, a neutral group of countries working to better their own common interest or a party meddling in the conflict of big powers and taking sides with no mind of its own? Is Asean the asshole of the American Empire, only farting what the Americans wanting it to do? Is Asean turning into another SEATO?

PS. I may consider writing a piece with a western viewpoint if I am paid handsomely for it. But I would not write such skewed views like I am a westerner and seeing the conflict from the westerner’s point of view for free. Could there be such silly Asians acting like the perfect bananas and thinking like westerners?

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Anonymous said...

This Dr Ian Storey from ISEAS said Asean Sec Gen, Le Luong Minh was right to say deploying a rig unilaterally would raise tension. Then he said Le misquoted by claiming that the rig was in Vietnam's territorial waters.

If it is in China's territorial water, why can't China deployed its rig and why should it raise tension?

If China builds an airstrip in its territorial waters, what has that got to do with the Philippines, like the Japanese building military garrisons in its islands near the islands of Diaoyu?

Every country has a right to do what it wants within its territory unless the act affects the environment of the other country, like building a nuclear power station at the border with another country.

Anonymous said...

When assholes talk;
It's called farting

Anonymous said...

Rb expecting too much lah.

The conflicts in Asia are very much due to instigations and purported by them. And they are waiting eagerly for the flare ups, how expect peace making from them?
Right now, it is mainly China's problem and it is only fair and right for China to settle things as it deem fit. The best solution is to be the most powerful in economy and military mights.

Anonymous said...

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden told the Chinese military’s chief of staff, General Fang Fenghui, in Washington Thursday that Beijing’s actions in the South China Sea are dangerous and provocative. Biden told Fang that China must not undermine security and peace.

So? What the Vietnamese and Pinoys doing not dangerous and provocative? What the Americans doing behing their cronies to provoke China not dangerous?

China cannot back down but to hit back. The Americans have brought the trouble into their court and it is their turn to hit back.

Anonymous said...

The Americans still thinking the whole world is stupid and did not know they are behind all this and the rising tension and wars all over the world.

More American boys and girls are going to go home in black plastic bags if this region flares up.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

ASEAN will always kowtow to the west because that's where the market is. ASEAN sells everything from cars to cheap massages for sex tourists, and it is all big money. Plus they all want to get on the "good side" of the USA, because when the Fed does QE (i.e. money printing) ASEAN does very well with all that "hot money" flowing into their cuntries, lowering interest rates and pumping up stock markets and real estate prices, so that land lords and developers can make big scores.

ASEAN is not the asshole of the US of A. ASEAN is the serf who LICKS the asshole of Uncle Sam, occasionally fondling his balls to make him feel "more shiok".

In that way, the Big Protector Uncle Sam will "protect" ASEAN for the evil Chinese.

Because of that The US can set up military bases anywhere at anytime. ASEAN likes to have US presence in their cuntrees. Makes them feel "special".

ASEAN leaders also like to send their spoilt-little-shit children to the USA for study, so that when they return they can also be a part of the cronyism that runs Asia.

b said...

In international and political affairs, there is no right or wrong. There are only winners and losers. Asean or whatever countries will switch side once uass loses power or china/russia gains power. Follow the money or go with the flow.

Anonymous said...

Just imagine what will happen if EU decides to embrace china/russia instead of uass and uass is splited up into several states because of the oil discovery/drug n guns problems.