Chinese police to patrol Paris streets

This is a rather interesting and unfamiliar piece of news. The French govt is going to bring in Chinese policemen to help their police to patrol the streets of Paris, to protect Chinese tourists from being robbed or beaten up. Chinese tourists are now the second largest group of visitors in France but the biggest spenders and the tourist dollars are important in a French economy that is in deficit. And to attract more Chinese tourists, to give them more confidence and feel safer, after several cases of robbery and adductions targeting at Chinese tourists, the French govt is doing the right thing, a token of Chinese police presence in Paris. This is any time better than hiring Chinese or foreigners into the French Police Force.

Our SPF is considering hiring more foreigners to join the force. Maybe this is an option they can consider. We have so many foreigners here, from PRC, India, Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar, Indonesia and Malaysia and Vietnam! How about inviting their police to walk the streets with our police to show them how welcoming we are for their presence, to make them feel safe in our streets, to make them feel like this is home, like their country? Imagine, having foreign policemen in our soils? Not much difference from hiring them and letting them wear our police uniform right, and carrying weapons to rule over the Sinkies.

Now what am I suggesting? Ok, ok, I know it is a silly idea. Just thinking out loud only lah. But I am sure some people will think this is hell of a great idea. Well, having more than 2m foreigners here is not an issue, they may think what’s wrong with foreigners walking our streets as policemen and checking and arresting Sinkies, should be quite normal and acceptable tiok boh?

I am not sure whether this kind of thinking should be classified as Uniquely Singapore or Silly Sinkie mentality, a mentality of no nation and no country?

Good idea? No? But the France is doing it already so cannot be wrong what? Got western country doing it so we can do also right?

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Anonymous said...

The Indian govt will love this idea. There are so many of their citizens here and they would want to protect them in case we don't treat them fairly. And so would the other govts.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I tell you bros, some of those HK policewomen are smokin' hot lah. Send them to France for "duty" and the Frenchmen will go fucken nutz. They'll purposely break the law so the hot Chinese cops will arrest them ;-)

Euro guys just lurve our Asian gals. Who can blame them?

Anonymous said...

Similarly, we can also recruit ex leaders from the advanced economy to become our MP, Ministers, or even Prime Minister to manager Singapore Corp.
Their salaries are only considered peanut to us. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

French goverment has sold its sovereignty. They should have increase its own forces to protect the tourists instead. Stupid French.

Anonymous said...

Anything foreigners can do or replace Sinkies to do lah.

If PAP wanted to, even PAP MPs can be foreigners too. How? By becoming instant citizens lah, just like instant coffee.

And there is only one thing foreigners cannot do. And this a privilege reserved for Sinkies only. U know what?

Join the Sinkie opposition to fight PAP. Cannot, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Only Sinkies can make the Sinkie opposition strong.

So Sinkies have no one but themselves to blame lah, if their opposition cannot become strong to be ready to replace PAP which is bullying Sinkies.

And Sinkies deserved to be bullied, both by PAP and foreigners.

b said...

Pls lah, even if they bring in the chinese cops, it will not be 50% of their population. They will make sure it will not even be 5% of their population.

agongkia said...

Korean policewomen are the best lah.
Maybe its a dream but I do remember some times back, saw a patrol vehicle here with the word written in Korean "Kyung Chal"(Police).

Not a bad idea to have few of these PRC Gung An here but must be careful if we will to take in those from other countries.Majority of them in certain countries have got big belly ,carry pouch and should not be in our police uniform.

Anonymous said...

knnccb .... fuckturd papigs can take a cue from this;

bring in shitheads polices from the respective foreign talents cuntries to make those fucking ft bastards feel at home

shitshead from india can bring along their mighty canes for crowd cuntrol .. along with their sacred animals too

fuckturds pinoy will along be deployed too, with their anti chinese mentality and trigger happy behaviours can in the future be useful to control native stinkaputra

vietgook n burmese will also be deployed to make their fellows cunt feel at home too

last but not else .... our brethen up north will be deployed at all exits of the cuntry ... nothing new, plenty of shitshead already at changi airport under the umbrella of certis cisco oredi

knnccb .... fuck hsien loong n his papigs dogs n bitches

Anonymous said...

Actually hor, why PAP don't want to recruit PRCs to be policeman or policewoman hah?

It would then be good for these police to handle Geylang area what.

Kaki nang (own people) control kaki nang mah.

Like the saying, "Set a thief to catch a thief".


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> Matilah,
Korean policewomen are the best lah.

I have to agree with you there. It is a hard fight for me to decide which women are the most bangable in Asia -- Korean or Thai....or Indonesian, or Malaysian...or Vietnamese....aiyah...Asia has so many sexy gals, how to judge? Cannot lah. Just get naked and kongkek until dick pain lah. :-)

Anonymous said...

Never has MS been put in such a tight spot and don't know the answer. Normally he always very clever one and got all the answers.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> Normally he always very clever one and got all the answers.

You are mistaken TWICE. Or expressed in numbers: 100% rate of error.

1. I am definitely not what I consider "clever". I am very fortunate to know people who are "scary smart". And I will tell you I am lucky to have them acknowledge me who is definitely several orders of magnitude dumber than their little fingers.

2. No one has all the answers. Certainly not me. I have opinion -- which at best is suspect and dubious and at worst completely wrong.

Hope that clarifies matters. Please don't pump me up to a level I cannot sustain.

Thank you.