The bull of retraining PMETs

The pathetic plight of the PMETs did not happen overnight and is affecting a large pool of our PMETs. Many of them are highly qualified and experienced in their areas of expertise. Now we can hear daily diatribes and garbages about how these PMETs are not fit or did not have the skill sets to be reemployed in their fields of expertise and their jobs have to be taken over by foreigners. So the only remedy is to retrain them. I will touch on these two fallacies here, the lack of skill sets of PMETs and the retraining.

There is this myth that the foreigners brought in to replace our experience PMETs have the experienced and skill sets to do the job that the PMETs have been doing as the incumbent. As the incumbent he is suddenly not fit for the job? How come? And the successor, where is this turkey from and what skill sets and experience that he possesses to be able to do the job that the incumbent no longer is able to do? Think? Even if the successor comes with a string of PhDs, it does not mean he is more able to do the job when the extra qualifications and experience are irrelevant and redundant. There is no need to hire a nuclear scientist to be a technician.

Why are the PMETs being replaced by foreigners to easily and cannot find another similar jobs in the industry when there are hundreds of thousands of jobs being taken over by foreigners? Think. What the fuck is happening?

Now the retraining part. A highly experienced professional needs more training to be employable? What the fuck is that? What kind of training can one provide to a highly experienced and technically qualified professional at the peak of his career unless you are talking about a career change?

What career change, upgrading, promotion to a more senior level? Or training a professional to downgrade, to become a salesman, a technician in a completely new field, like a nurse or a counter sales staff or a cleaner? Why are we wasting the training and experience of these highly qualified professionals when we can offer hundreds of thousands of jobs to funny foreign talents with funny qualifications, background and experience? Are we thinking? Do we know the problem? Are we creating new problems, wasting our talent and resources to under employ our talents?

It is utterly foolish and idiotic that our local talents who are educated in the best educational system, universities, acquired a lot of experienced as senior managers are found no longer fit to do jobs at the same level and funny foreigners are deemed to be better. And we consigned our precious human talents, after heavy investments, to the rubbish dump at the prime of their lives, to retrain them to do non executive or low level jobs when there are so many good jobs given to foreigners.

The answer is to ensure that our local talents are gainfully and appropriate employed according to their expertise and experience. The foreigners should not be here to displace them. They are here to complement our shortage in skilled labour. Isn’t that the objective? Until all our PMETs are fully employed, MOM should not grant any more EPs to foreigners at the expense of our PMETs.

Are we crazy to retrain our PMETs to lower jobs? It is not a matter of pride but misallocation of resources. Do they believe that human resource is our most precious asset? Why are we wasting this precious resource and keep replacing them with funny foreign talents? This is like a nation of people self administering poison to kill themselves. It is economic suicide of a population of professional and talented people. 

It is euthanasia of the PMETs.

Kopi Level - RED!!!!


Anonymous said...

/// Are we crazy to retrain our PMETs to lower jobs? It is not a matter of pride but misallocation of resources. ///

Slaves should be re-assigned to lower jobs.
They have no choice.
It's not as if they will wake up and vote Opposition in GE 2016.

Aliens on the other hand are free people.
If we don't treat them well with good jobs and high salaries, they will not come to Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Kick PAP out, the same way the Indians kicked out their Congress party !

Anonymous said...

Actually there are 3 main reasons for this lah. And they all due to weaknesses of Sinkies.

1. Sinkies no enough. There are simply not enough Sinkie PMETs to do all the jobs that come with GDP growth.

2. Sinkie PMETs are expensive, a lot more expensive than those foreign talents. So if quality wise not much difference or critical, it makes lots of business sense to hire foreign talents, tio bo?

3. Not only more expensive, a Sinkie PMET employee may not click better with a foreign talent boss than the boss own kind mah.

So why hire or keep Sinkie PMETs in their jobs, u tell me lah?

Retrain them to be taxi drivers, cleaners or hawkers make better economic sense, especially if these loser Sinkie PMETs are 40% or less of all Sinkie PMETs.

Anonymous said...

Should retrain retired ministers as janitors so they can continue to work happily and have dignity.

Anonymous said...

This country is really going to the dogs. The leadership is weak and does not have any clues to solving the problems they created with this tsunami of foreigners. Even Tan Cheng Bock said as much. It does not have anything to do with 20/20 hindsight, but a modicum of foresight. Hence you have schemes for retraining you rightly lambasted. Every step they now take or promise to take is a step that should have been taken ages ago. It really is time for change.

Anonymous said...

When the floodgate is open to any FTs in the world, let's face it, any job in any field can be easily replaced no matter how qualified or experience you are.

Mind you, you are in fact competing against the whole universe, so there are millions out there who are available to take over your job.

Anonymous said...

Instead of Sinkies going out to the world to compete they brought in the whole world to compete with Sinkies in this small place.

How silly can people be when they should limiting competition as best they could in areas that do not need competition. They even bring in hawkers and market pork sellers to compete with the locals.

Anonymous said...

If the heart and values is "to serve and better the life of Singaporeans" ... good policy solutions can be found.

That's why I no longer trust PAP.
And would rather trust and vote Opposition.

Regardless of qualifications and career achievements, if the heart and values are not right .... the policies will not be right.
Policies & actions are a reflection of a person's values and heart.

Anonymous said...

Well said RB, as a jobless 65+ yr old living on a CPF-Life, even after meeting the MS in 2003.(it is insufficient) I was asked to re-train from an Asia Pacific area-manager to a road sweeper on account of my age. I personally think JLB Tancho Tan down to their arrogant civil servants, need a total overhaul of their mindset. In regards to our so called flame proof leader, he should be discarded as garbage.

Anonymous said...

Yes, retrain them to be janitors to wake them up.

With good health and medical care, many PMETs are good to their 70s.

Anonymous said...

Many PMETs would be suitable to be retrained to be Presidents and Chairmans or Emeritus.

Anonymous said...

Its a let down. After graduating from our educational system, we are deemed unsuitable in mid career. PAP knows we are being replaced by foreigners, cheaper and certainly not better. Instead of helping us to ensure a level playing field, they give all sorts of bullshits to smoke the people. As citizens, we are asking for hand outs but fair job opportunity. It seems meritocracy is applicable to PAP and the rest is cheaper the better. We have been screwed big time!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The job market is open and free, if you are the sort of increasing rare individual who accepts the fact that the world does not owe you jack shit, especially a living, you will probably prevail and who knows...the fact that you try harder might mean you're going to elevate yourself well above the job you lost.

Losing a job is not the end of the world folks. Millions of people throughout the ages have overcome this "setback".

One thing is for certain, if you depend on the govt to "fix" this, you're going to get a nasty surprise.

The "cubicle jobs" all around the world are disappearing. Even the "cheaper labour" paradigm will be over in a decade or so, You already see this in the financial sector where automation and highly efficient algorithms are replacing human effort and intellect. The next phase of the world's productive economy is going to be based on automation, AI (artificial intelligence) and robotics. Most of the "hot money" in Silicon Valley (and places like Bangalore, India) is being pumped into these areas.

So yeah, eventually nearly everyone's employment in the state the world is in presently, is subject to change.

Anonymous said...

Yo, stop talking nonsense can? You know I am referring to you. The people are not asking to be raped with their hands tied. The people are asking to be given a fair chance. You know what is a fair chance don't you? Level playing field. Is this asking too much?

By right the citizens should be demanding some kind of positive discrimination against foreigners. What the shit, talking to an ass that cannot understand.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> Yo, stop talking nonsense can?

Can, but especially for you, I won't. So take a flying fuck at the moon ;)

>> The people are asking to be given a fair chance.

The the people are deluded and possibly stupid. There is no such thing as a "fair chance" -- not even if you bet red or black at roulette -- because of "zero" on the wheel.

BTW, I didn't realise you were "spokesperson of/ for The People". They must have really low standards.

>> By right the citizens should be demanding some kind of positive discrimination against foreigners.

What is this mythical "right"? Did it come out of your ass in this morning's shit?

>> Level playing field.

Again, there is no such thing. Competition is a fact of life. If there's a game being played, do the smart thing and join the winning side.

>> Is this asking too much?

Not at all. Anyone can ask for anything, in fact why stop there...ask for everything.

However GETTING what you ask for is what counts ;-)

>> The people are not asking to be raped with their hands tied.

You must be living in another universe.

However here on Planet Reality -- I don't see any rape victims. Most people I see have their hands free -- so at least they can masturbate, and of course rabah and sebok one another.

Got any more nonsense?

Anonymous said...

That's why I no longer trust PAP.
And would rather trust and vote Opposition.
Anon 10:23 am

But only 40% are like u. And that was in 2011 when things were already very bad, maybe even worse than now.

So if happened in 2011, why not also in 2015/2016, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

So if happened in 2011, why not also in 2015/2016, u tell me lah?
Anon 12:09 pm


Just like RB was already a blogger in 2011. And still a blogger now, and most likely till 2015 and beyond.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> That's why I no longer trust PAP.

For me, I don't trust ANY government, universally.

Your status of employment is ultimately up to you. Even if the opposition did win a election, they can't just wave a magic wand to make jobs "appear", and ensure that there are private sector employers willing to PAY for these "miracles" forever.

If your skill are obsolete or no linger marketable, then there's probably no job for you.

Reality is a harsh master. But it's better than being deluded by bullshit.

Anonymous said...

As I am traveling I don't have Pc to copy and paste but anyway stop talking fucking nonsense u motherfucker and go write your books start with book 11

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


May your plane crash into a giant asshole filled with the shit of satan ;-)

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


May your plane crash into a giant gaping asshole filled with the shit of satan and the cum of jezus ;-)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, you are so lucky to have a fan club. How can you be so rude to your fans?

Anonymous said...

The solution to the PMET problem is to place them in the jobs according to their qualifications and experience. Whose cock idea to train them to do low level jobs?

b said...

Lots of PMETs/ uni graduates/ scholars are jobless in first world countries. Its a natural phenomenon for any first world countries or any country that is becoming first world. Why would LKY not become a PMET but risk everything to be an opposition? He knew PMET is a temporary assignment. Learn to develop other skills that have increase in demand but decrease in supply such as con/ ponzi/ exploit foreign workers.

b said...

"Why are the PMETs being replaced by foreigners to easily and cannot find another similar jobs in the industry "
- Actually they deserved it. Many of them used to be so yayapapaya and went around bullying fresh recruits or low level staff. Sometimes justice is served in a different way.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to disappoint u the plane landed on time u motherfucker. Go write book 11

Anonymous said...

The truth is Indians, Pinoys are in middle and top managements, they will only have their own as subordinates... So be prepared to have more local PMETs out of jobs... its sad but true... we created our own shit hole....

Anonymous said...

" How silly can people be when they should limiting competition as best they could in areas that do not need competition. "
May 21, 2014 10:17 am

What makes you think they are silly?
The net effect drives down manpower costs.
So who benefits?
Follow the trail of money & profits.
This will lead you to the beneficiaries and the real reasons behind the crazy immigration policy.

Anonymous said...

If you are an owner of a company and obviously you are in business to make money, why would you employ expensive Singaporean PMETs whom you have to pay more than the PMETs from India, PRC or ever the Philippine? Singaporeans are more demanding and maybe have more days of MC than the foreign talents who are easier to control and who will work harder because they are in Singapore with a work permit which can be cancelled if they lose the job and cannot find another.

With that argument, can you not see the reason why Singaporean PMETs are slowly being replaced by their cheaper equivalents from oversea?

Anonymous said...

PMETs in Sin could indeed lack the talents needed. Had they been just wise, they probably would not be in their predicament now. These PMETs must be the largest group of voters that have chosen the Sin Leadership all these years. The result is, they have helped themselves to get what they wanted.

Anyone says Karma?

b said...

Its all about COSTS. THe lower the costs for labour (PMETS or whatever), the higher the profits for the owners. ITs a class war.

Anonymous said...

When a business owner votes PAP ... I can understand.
When a Singaporean PMET votes PAP ... I don't understand.
Old fart also don't understand. He just calls it daft.

Anonymous said...

The retraining is a trap.
You trade your experience, skill, knowledge, qualification and most important your dignity as a cheap labour exploited by those so called kind employer, you encountered when you seek for re-employment.

Anonymous said...

This whole training bullshit is just an excuse / justification by foreigners and the PAP to deny Singaporean PMET good jobs and to put the blame on them, instead of the career ethnic cleansing by foreigners abetted by the PAP. You think those ang mohs, pinoys, india indians got the job because they went through these so called "trainng"? You think that arrogant ang moh will ge here if his goverment let in foreigners to take over his job back in his hone country when he was getting established in his career?

Anonymous said...

The best training is actual job experience. By letting in foreigners and causing singaporeans to be retrenched you are destroying the singaporean pmet workforce

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


You should get out and live in a western society for awhile. You read negativity into almost everything you see, hastily jumping to its concomitant conclusion which shows off your "Asian insecurity" so well ;-)

I was cracking a joke lah. Everything I wrote in that post is completely imaginary. You are nuts to even give it a moments consideration.

Chillax, dude.

Please consider a visit Colorado, buy some weed (legally) and bong-out. And stay awhile. Soon you will realise that all these so-called "problems" in Singapore, are just the negative figments of your imagination playing tricks on you. i.e. in the grander scheme of things, they are irrelevant and totally unimportant.

Anonymous said...

The whole employment scene involving foreigners is a big scam. Can't you people see what is happening?

Anonymous said...

Is the PAP brand becoming synonymous with bullshit?

Instead of saying don't bullshit me lah!
Is it now correct to say don't PAP me lah! ???

Anonymous said...

cheers ...

it's great to hear the plight of these stinkaputra

hope the percentage grow expotentially

cum the next eRection these assholes will still be voting for papigs ... why?

they claimed ... alternative parties candidates are lousy, papigs are the bestest

knnccb ...

Anonymous said...

If you are a retrenched PMET and you voted for PAP, then sorry but you reap what you sow and you deserved it.

Anonymous said...

Foreign governments are smart. Protect their own citizens' job, let them gain experience and send them abroad to grab Singaporean's jobs.

Singapore government... not so smart. But they think they are smart. And they keep listening to foreigners saying "you need to open your legs wider and bend over lower... yeah.. that's it.... yeah..."

Anonymous said...

Open legs to let foreigners do the bonking is second nature in the minds of our elites. They think this is the only way to go....getting bonked. No way out.

Anonymous said...

The way and rate in which foreigners are replacing Singaporean PMETs in private organisations and companies are so frightening that allowing it to happen is traitorious. It is a selling out of the country and the citizens.