Jonathan Eyal and his western lens

Jonathan Eyal has been given a special place in the ST to expound his western views on Asian affairs and influencing the unthinking minds of his Asian readers. His position is always about American exceptionalism and that the Americans either has the right to continue kicking the asses of Asians or the Americans are so innocent, angelic, and would not do anything mischievous or slimy. The Americans don’t conduct spying activities.

His latest article, ‘US China cyber nefarious new face’, on the Americans charging 5 Chinese officials in China for cyberspying in American courts is like the Americans doing the right thing and the Chinese doing the wrong thing as usual. The Americans would not do such a thing, spying on foreign corporations to steal commercial secrets. Neither would Americans be spying on foreign leaders until it was exposed by Edward Snowden. Before the revelations by Snowden, Eyal would likely to swear that the Americans would not indulge in such a dastardly thing, to spy on foreign leaders, listening to their mobiles and private conversations, even the leaders of their allies.

This is what Eyal said, ‘While the Snowden revelations raise questions,… none has indicated the existence of a deliberate US programme targeting foreign corporations in order to steal their know how.’ Yeah, before Snowden, there was also no indication of the existence of deliberate US programme targeting foreign leaders too.

How old is this Eyal, 3 years old? He is so innocent. Maybe he should consider writing nursery rhymes or fairy tales where the prince will ride into the sunset to live happily ever after with his princess. The gullible Asians would love to read his fairy tales of precocious innocence.

Oh, in his concluding paragraph he warns China that the US would launch a cyber attack against China if China does not stop snooping on American corporations. The snooping around of American corporations was started by the Chinese. The nice and innocent Americans would not have started it. CIA stands for Children Intelligence Association and NSA stands for National Students Association.

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Anonymous said...

What is his relationship...Is he related to anyone..

Anonymous said...

He is related to all the bananas. They all think and speak as one. Same DNAs, same papa, same mama.

Anonymous said...

It is possible the next election, there will be a change of govt, the govt likely form through various parties coalitions like those successful advanced countries?

They don't rely on single sources of talents, they diversify it to multi source, so that each party develop their best talent and bring it to the parliament?

Multi parties reduced the cost of govt?

They developed the oppositions because it is important for them to bring alternative ideas and talent as a insurance and not to reliance on single sources of talents which might fail?

Many critical issues had cropped up?

Like high inflation possibly due to massive influx of Foreign workers, some foreign workers is important?

Not excessive is good many highly successful advanced countries don't rely on too much on foreign investments, which relied heavily on cheap labour? Which they usually look for cheaper countries to run their operations

The develop their local though innovation, design and automation through free education until tertiary?

Most of their taxes are direct rather then indirectly?

They had low income gap, the lower section workers pay is not much lower then the higher income earners?

The had high standard of living and high birthrate through friendly babies environment and culture?

The build a culture of empowering and developing the people?

The know they can rely on been cheaper as many low cost countries like china are cheaper?

They don't excessively expand their population through immigration, which can lower the standard of living, causes inflation and job lost or depress pay?

Yes their direct taxes are a big more, but need to fund the free education, retrenchment benefit, old age benefits, birth subsidy they have high birthrate, all give back to the people?

They don't rely on total lower cost then their competitors, so they got to develop premium brand through innovations and better design?

They concentrate developing their SME to successful multi national companies?

Over reliance on foreign investments can causes the hollowing out of the manufacturing industries like in the late 90s and early 2000s? As China with massive cheaper workers and well educated, so the need to develop a niche?

S'pore now moving toward the service and tourism industries, and upgrading the manufacturing industries to a higher end?

Relying on foreign investment is good when the economy is in the early phrase of development?

They are happy to pay their ministers a very descent salary of $200K which is critical, as it is a honour to serve the public as not to causes inflation, they don't pay the ministers ten times which might attract the wrong kind of people coming in?

The higher cost of running the govt the more indirect taxes and revenues needed?

Anonymous said...

May 27, 2014 at 11:02 am (Quote)

It is true CPF started out with good intentions, housing, medical & retirement but it has been fine-tuned so much that it has become a painful instrument for the people.

I wonder by regurgitating the standard answer to the people will last them how long, cos the fact is the min sum is more for next generation and not so much retirement and there are more and more people seeing it that way now.

The minister says people are projected to live till 82 years old, but it’s just a fanciful figure by the actuaries from insurance companies. Perhaps only 1 in 50 or 1 in 100 will achieve it.

Sadly, people surrounding us pass on averagely at the age of 65-70. Don’t believe just go do your own survey with your friends and look around your relatives, reality is not the same as govt statistics and I trust the ground statistics more.

More people get Cancer at an earlier age, and there is still no good cure, so how to live till 82?

And how about in between 55-65 period, how are people going to feed themselves especially the retrenched thanks to the wonderful policies?

CPF needs a major overhaul, but it’s unlikely to happen.

For a start, our dear govt must kick start the revamp by first de-linking HDB concessionary loan to CPF ord +0.1%, many people have been paying higher interest in the past years than the norm the banks charge.

Next, scrap or reduce to half the accrued interest payback after sales of properties.

After these 2 are achieved, then we can talk more about interest rate return, minimum sum and withdrawal.
Vote Sav

Anonymous said...

The are trying to bring as much new citizens to vote for them, so to get another 5 years of lucrative income(10 times of similar population of some advanced countries)?

But these newer citizens could replace the new citizens jobs and depress their pay and their future generations?

Anonymous said...

Many new citizens in the Punggol East By Election, now realized they can be replaced by the newer citizens one of these days after the read the internet? That why the unexpected changed of result from a win to a lost of 10 percent for the main party?

Now the made it known they are targeting 6.9 millions people mostly to vote for them to continue enjoying their high pay?

New target may 9 or 10 millions if they got more then two-third of the seats again?

Many lower income could be in difficulties like the Hong Konger sleeping in the cages? Many could sleep in the streets and their children could have difficulties competing with the foreigners?

Anonymous said...

Singapore need to find 1.6 millions jobs for these newer citizens, many new citizens likely to be property agents, insurance agents, gardeners, securities and cleaners etc?

Can Singapore find more of these jobs when the grow old?

Anonymous said...

Is it less oppositions can get high pay want or more oppositions can get low pay one? You choose?

Anonymous said...

/// How old is this Eyal, 3 years old? ///

60% of Sinkies voted PAP.
So Jonathan Eyal being 3 years old is writing to an audience of the same age.

Fairy tales?
60% Sinkies believe in CPF.
Do you think they believe in fairy tales?


Anonymous said...

NEWSFLASH - Lim Swee Say English Gaining International Acceptance



Anonymous said...

May 27, 2014 at 12:22 pm (Quote)

(1)”If the full CPF balance is returned to members at age 55, some may squander away the funds..Government welfare systems would be needed to take care of them and taxes..raised” – I believe majority of Sporeans are prudent so don’t make use of a few blacksheep as a flimsy excuse to hold back our money. It is our money and we have the right to make our own decisions. By not returning all our CPF at 55 the govt has defaulted and lose our trust forever.

(2)”it is not feasible to have greater transparency..reveal areas of vulnerability..risk of speculative attacks on its currency and financial systems” – Another excuse to cover up how the CPF is being used and not pay us decent returns.

Holding back almost $200,00 in the minimum sum and medisave is akin to holding ransom our hard-earned monies and take away our right to our own money. Paying interests on use of our own CPF is daylight robbery. Pushing back the pay out dates and saying 1 in 3 will live till 90 is again abusing the trust and rights of the people who’s money has been withheld against their will.
Rating: +10 (from 10 votes)

b said...

there are already to much anti american views. thus, in order to balance the situation, some pro american views are required otherwise the anti american situation will become extreme. me think moderation rather than extreme is the best.

b said...

>>1:42 pm

me think the 60% must learn to vote other party if they want a chance to reverse the ever increasing minimum sum and low return of cpf but if they chose to act otherwise also cannot blame the gahmen.

Anonymous said...

Did you read any anti American views in the main media? Even our local so called thinkers are writing in praise of the Americans and everything Americans.

Virgo 49 said...

They loved the Americunts and ang mohs knowledge of penetrating any holes that they can find.

Meow (Males) or Femeow (Female)

So nothing adverse to write about them

b said...


all politicians aspire to be invited into the bilderberg group. membership exclusively by invitations only. obama is one of the small time members.

b said...

>>5:13 pm

correction - not all but most.

Eddie Leong said...

China, Russia, Isreal, Japan and just about every NATO countries have been stealing info.

Nothing new. Just some wayang show.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

At the present time -- the US has supreme bragging rights for SUCCESSFUL international hacking.

Look up the story behind "Stuxnet".

Stuxnet is to date, the only computer hack which had direct devastation in the real world. i.e. a computer hack had a direct MECHANICAL effect in the physical world.

But, in all things I.T. -- you don't have dominance for very long. In a short time, other people will not only copy, but best you.

China is no slouch however. Just check out the super computers they have.

But then again, we live in a world where bang-for-the-buck in computing increases everyday. Super computer? Not such a big deal anymore.

Even a small kampung like Perth can have a supercomputer. And its use? To look at stars...

Anonymous said...

He should look at the comments about
the espionage charges by the US on foreign news webs.-the overwhelming majority were calling the US
Just shows how far off is ST to public opinion

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> the overwhelming majority were calling the US

Logical fallacy: Argumentum ad populum -- argument from popularity

Cognitive bias: The Bandwagon Effect

Just because the "overwhelming majority" says something doesn't mean it is correct.

IMO the Americans are not hypocrites. They are acting 100% in conformity with the doctrine of "American Exceptionalism" (AE), which is a modern day expression of the earlier doctrine of "Manifest Destiny" (MD).

MD is based on the idea that god chose white christian people to rule the world because they are the best of all god's creations.

AE removed the overt racist declarations of MD and is based on the idea that god made America so special that it is MORALLY RIGHT for America to do whatever is necessary to secure American interests, and spread American values.

I have said time and again that morality is an individually personal issue.

The consequences of American Exceptionalism and Manifest Destiny
is exactly what happens when one group attempts to enforce THEIR MORALITY on others without their consent. In short, if you are weaker, you'll just get screwed.

No, the Americans not hypocrites. They might be tyrannical, overbearing and imperialistic...but they are definitely not hypocritical.

America is allowed to have awesome weapons, nuclear capability, unpayable debt, trade subsidies, and freedom. If you are not an American ally, you are not allowed to have any of those. (GW Bush: "If you are not with us, then you are against us" -- essentially the "I dun fren yu" reasoning of a 5 year old)

Anonymous said...

That ST correspondence whether for EU really pro-anglo saxon to the max.

dont expect to hear anything positive regarding the Chinese, Germans, Russians any country outside the 5-eye ...