The Singapore Conversation is in TRE

The real Singapore Conversation where Sinkies speak freely and exchange their views on core issues affecting Sinkies is in the TRE. Many highly qualified people are joining this conversation to express their true feelings as Sinkies. They can see the wrongs in the country, they can see how the interests of Sinkies have been undermined, eroded and compromised and are speaking out in protest.

No where in the island can there be a true platform where Sinkies are speaking as Sinkies and expressing their love and concern for their country more than in TRE. It is a no bluff platform except for the presence of some obvious IBs out there doing nothing but attacking the bloggers. You know them by who they are attacking and their emptiness in thoughts. But that is the best they could do since there is nothing between their ears, so don’t expect them to engage in a decent and logical discussion. A few attempted or pretended to be serious, but the hollowness was obvious and you don’t need to read past the second line to know they are uttering rubbish, totally incoherent and illogical, veering towards IMH.

Other than the small distractions to show how shallow these IBs are and having a good laugh, or like some bloggers, giving them a good whipping, the conversation is serious and insightful.

TRE is growing in stature by the days and will draw more and more serious minded people into the site. Sinkies who want to be heard and talk with other Sinkies minus being politically correct, to say the right thing, will find TRE the place to be in.
Anyone, Sinkies or foreigners, who want to feel the real pulse of the country must step into TRE to get the real stuff. For those who want the sanitized or politically correct version, they know where to find them, except in TRE.

Sinkies have a platform to air real Sinkie views, a place for Sinkies to voice their frustrations and unhappiness, to let the people who want to know the truth, not hogwash, to come visiting. To know the Sinkie truth, you cannot miss or bypass TRE if one is serious and really wanting to know.

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Anonymous said...

"TRE is growing in stature by the days and will draw more and more serious minded people into the site."

Tiok. And what a pity, if only TRE were a political party which can contest elections.

And not just contest, but able to contest 100% seats as one party.

And very sad, only PAP is capable of doing that, for the decades since independence.

Anonymous said...

In Matland, popular bloggers had even become elected MPs, for the opposition of course. And the Internet and blogs play an influential role in politics.

Will it happen in Sinkieland?

Will RB be the first Sinkie blogger to be elected MP?


Anonymous said...

"Many highly qualified people are joining this conversation to express their true feelings as Sinkies."

Highly qualified.

Join conversation.

Express true feelings.

Cukup(enough)??? Anything else?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

If the TRE is THE Singapore Conversation, I'm glad my self-proclaimed status is a Hotel Guest.

The TRE is reflective of the collective intelligence of the nation and its Sheeple...and one can easily conclude that thanks to the Sheeple who are 100% to blame: The cuntry is in DEEP SHIT.

The TRE also proves the Joseph de Maistre erudite observation: Toute nation a le gouvernement qu'elle mérite.

Matialah Singapura!

Got self-sabotaging Sheeple?

agongkia said...

Sad to say that not all,but many readers there are daft and shallow minded.
They only supported those with their same thinking and if one give a different opinion,they see them as IB.
Actually whats this IB about,I really confuse.Many claim that I am one.See how daft one can be ,just because I have different opinion.
But TRE is much better than the Shit Times,at least they moderated only 5 % of my comment.
Learn to be more open minded if one wish to go TRE,life is not about kpkb.Those who dun kpkb doesnt mean they are IB lah.
I love to go there,just to get those thumb down.Its a thrill for me .The more thumb down I got,the more stress I release.
Uncle RB ,at times I dun support you there.Believe you are not that petty .I help you to provoke those readers and illicit response.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Agongkia, there is no need to support for the sake of supporting. But thanks for the thought. I think you will feel more comfortable in the company of Matilah when he is in his flirtatious mood.

The sign of an IB is very simple. They don't engage in discussing anything or view, but just attack the blogger personally.

When you see that, you know that is an asshole who is not there to disagree but to attack like attack dogs.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Misery loves it's own company. That, to me is what the TRE is all about. The fuckers there will tell you a million ways to Sunday how really bad the govt is, how disgusting the foreigners are, how everyone is doomed to suffering as a fait accompli, how "unfair" life is...ad infinitum -- the same song played by the same band over and over. Yet, after all that collective bloviation: NOTHING HAS HAPPENED IN THE REAL WORLD -- instigated by those frotting at the mouth and typing like demon-possessed "revolutionaries".

Singapore has many wonderful things about it, but nary is there any mention of these in the TRE and suchlike.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


I thought I'd jump the gun before the "haters" come out in force against me...as is to be expected ;-) and it'll go something like this"

"Matilah yew tok so big how cum yew dun do anything huh?"

I am the least proactive politically. I could care less who runs the cuntry or whether the economy is up down or fucked sideways...dun care, not a flying fuck. What I do enjoy doing is being an armchair critic: making comments and vomiting out opinion on an on-going comedy show.

Singapore will be as it is -- without my help or interference. :-)

Anonymous said...

It's true.
The Singapore Conversation is in TRE.

In First World countries, the National Conversation is in the parliament.
But Uniquely Singapore.
Our real National Conversation is in TRE and not in our parliament.

Anonymous said...

A critic is a man who knows the way
but can't drive the car.

But Matilah is worse.

He can't drive the car
and doesn't know the way
but he thinks he knows the way.

That's armchair for yew.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, what's the difference between TRE and the MSM? They are two sides of a coin. The people need to see both sides now like here, when someone says yes you will say no.

What's so bad about that? You expect everyone to shout halellujah everyday? Come on, please be realistic, for everyone living a Swiss standard of life there will be many downtroddens.

You think everyone so lucky like you, can pee anywhere and everywhere?

b said...

Since we now know that pap will not slap the gov, we must vote in some more alternative people there to slap the gov. Only then, the gov will be more vigilant instead of complacent. Else, they will think we are sick cats. Action speaks louder than words.

Anonymous said...

knnccb ...

really ah?

god such thing as free speech in singapore?

dun be as foolish as tang liang hong ....ok

patriot said...

To be neutral, me likes to say My Singapore News, Singapore Notes, Yawningbread, TRE, TRS and most other social/political bloggers slap the Rulers more than politicians from the Alternative Parties.

Me not very active at TRE and visits it once a while, not having that much time to read all blogs. Did have coffee with Richard Wan once and like to say he is highly respectable. Would also say that he has been very neutral, allowing IBs as much say as those that are unhappy with the Rulers.

Like to say that without the Activists like Gilbert Goh, Leong Sze Hian and their volunteers and the Bloggers, the Alternative Parties will have little chance of getting into Parliament.

Since Matilah Singapura has a comment here addressed to me, I shall with courtesy, say that Matilah Singapura had more comments there than me. He had been very consistent at TRE or at anywhere that me had read him. He is my idol though there were much area where we do read and maybe even deciphered differently. Matilah Singapura is, in so far as me am concerned, one enlightened folk that Blogoland is lucky to have around. He is very entertaining and well like, one with the most interactions too.


Anonymous said...


Can't blame bloggers though. The MSM is controlled by the authorities and only those people who love to read propagandas will read. Anything the MSM say is always in favour of the rulers. Anything not palatable to the rulers is sanitised or totally not allowed. Yes, they report the news, but of the screwed kind.

So, the only outlet for dissenting voices is on blogs. And who can blame the bloggers for doing all the slapping. At least the opposition MPs have Parliament to let off steam, though their voices will always be drowned by the PAP orchestra even before they open their mouths.

Anonymous said...

yah. i remember when i used to read the straits times last time, every time got picture of opposition party members, all will look like crooks or drunkards but people from the ruling party all look so angelic.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


You esteem me far too highly sir. Far too much for what I deserve.

The TRE can count on me for one thing though -- besides my constant dissing them.

If ever the govt. tried to shut the down, I'll be one of the first people to come out and defend them, and hantam the govt. as hard as I can form my comfortable armchair somewhere in Western Australia, as a British Subject, protected by Her Majesty's justice in the spirit of the Magna Carta -- which seals my right to criticise the state without having to worry about "sedition" charges.

No doubt, govts wherever they can, will try and take away your rights -- count on it. But I do have a huge advantage of being a free man in a free society. As free people, we can call our leaders all sorts of nasty names in public, and not just "get away" (as if we'd done something wrong or illegal) with it, but stand proud.

Here's an idea (an idea is not "advice". Ideas are free. Advice costs money -- my exorbitant "consultancy fee"):

Ultimately the cuntree is run under the authority of the state, which applies the rule of law to do its business.

Singaporeans -- that is the people -- need to "de-sheeplize" themselves, and the best way to do so is by LAW. Singapore needs something like the Magna Carta or a Bill Of Rights. Clearly, the constitution is not enough to limit the powers of the govt.

You can't have a cuntree where the govt has unlimited powers -- that is just nonsense, and a recipe for complete oppression of any dissent or disagreement with the govt and/ or the state. OK, Singapore is far from being totally suppressed - very far -- but it was in the past, and it could happen again -- although it's unlikely.

If the people on the TRE are really serious about their future, then start conversations on something like a bill of rights, or some form of strong law to protect the individual right to not only freely speak, but also dissent, disagree, use "inappropriate" language such as vulgarity, bigotry and racist speech. Push hard on this -- it will take MANY YEARS. Not everyone will agree. In fact, most people won't. They will argue that "peoples' feelings need to be protected". Sorry, NO THEY DON'T: No one has the right to have their feelings protected from being hurt. If that was not the case, then everytime your GF or BF dumped you, you would have a legal claim.

Humans are imperfect. Humans can be mean and nasty. And greedy and selfish...but also they can be every manner of good. Human nature is such -- it CANNOT be changed.

Anyway, that's as far as my ideas go. Use your internet skills to learn more about FREEDOM and why it is so damn important to HUMAN LIFE. And then start a NATIONAL CONVERSATION about a bill of rights.

Guess what's going to happen: the govt will say NO!!! Count on it. Why? Because if you finally did get such an instrument, it would be much much harder for the govt to BULLY YOU -- provided you have the gumption to protect your hard-won-back rights.

patriot said...

Matilah Singapura

Noted Your Response and thank You for it.
Me has faith that You will hantam whoever You deem no good, useless, ball-less, evil or even just plain ungracious.
Your preferring the lesser evil over the great evil did come as a surprise though. The Chip from the Old Block is not is not an option in my view as there are certainly better calibres and respectable others around. It is not a case of having to choose between gallow and electric chair. Anyway, me does not blame the Two for the problems. It is the Sinkies themselves that chose theeir Rulers and as You had repeatedly reminded readers aptly; they deserves whatever they have chosen.

Do stay in conversation at My Singapore News, liked one commenter said here at My Singapore News, MS do provide jems at times. Me wont dispute that.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> t is the Sinkies themselves that chose theeir Rulers and as You had repeatedly reminded readers aptly; they deserves whatever they have chosen.

Yes they deserve who they choose. However I've also said that I prefer not to vote and thus not to choose between suicide by gun or suicide by poison, and that I place politics and religion on the same plane of existence. They both say the same things: that you, a unique individual simply are not good enough to life your life. You need to surrender to "special people" who will LEAD you to salvation, but on one condition -- that you have ABSOLUTE FAITH in them and allow them TOTAL CONTROL of your entire life.

Nah, I prefer not to vote for Hobson's choice. I will live and die according to my own abilities, or lack thereof, be the master of my own fuck-ups, supreme commander of all my losses big and small, high priest of my imperfections...but when on the rare occasion I do make a "profit"...it is ALL MINE ;-)

Sheep need shepherds. Sheeple need dick-tators. Real people are quite capable of leading themselves.

patriot said...

Matilah Singapura:

I like the Philosophy imbedded in Your vulgarity.


I just find Your Nick very prophetic and very real.

As we are both atheist or as You prefer an anti-theist, cant deify You for posterity. However, am sure many here have deep impression of You, Matilah Singapura.


patriot said...

Quote and unquote "Real people are quite capable of leading themselves".

May I add, real people speak the Truth to others, even to their military commanders, workplace superiors and rulers. If they are fuck-ups, they will be honestly call fuck-ups. Traitors will be honoured as traitors.