The American TPP must be a damn good piece of trade pact

The Americans initiated this TPP but many Americans, including the lawmakers, did not really know what it is, and are opposing it. It is so unbelieveable that the Americans started something like this pact and the Americans don’t believe in it and are against it.

It is even more ridiculous that a country like Singapore would send its Foreign Ministers to America to convince the Americans how good this TPP is to the Americans. This is what Shanmugam said at the American Jewish Committee Global Forum, ‘If the US does not have the TPP, it will be a big loss to the US…’

Without knowing anything about the TPP, and I think many Sinkies too did not have a clue of how this TPP will affect them, we must still believe that Shanmugam must have gone through the details, like the ministers who signed the CECA, and know that it must be very good to Singapore. We shall believe that Shanmugam is an intelligent man, like all super talents here, and we shall all go along with him. His confidence in trying to convince the Americans is enough to prove to me that this TPP is a good thing. I don’t even have to know what it is.

And I believe the American leaders too will be converted by Shanmugam. He is rising to the plate as the successor to the Oracle, the One whom the Americans would sought advice from for his wisdom and to tap his deep thinking. The TPP, like the CECA, is so good that there is no need to even tell the people what it is all about. Just have faith in the govt to do the right thing.

With the TPP Singapore’s economy is going to soar. So will the economy of the Americans. Are Singapore and the Americans the only two winners in this pact? The TPP is like being tailor made by the Americans for the good of Singapore. And we are now the flag bearer of this pact, the pipe piper.

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Anonymous said...

The party that draft any agreement ALWAYS stands to benefit more than other signatories. If not why propose agreement and ask others to sign. Trade agreements 101.

Anonymous said...

Also why so many countries chicken out and refuse to sign? Are they stupid or Singapore too clever?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Crony Capitalism knows no bounds.

But there's some hope. If govts can globalise and go "trans Pacific", so can hackers.

The more the cuntrees "pakat" with each other, the more their systems are exposed to attack. I think that is FANTASTIC.

The TPP violates many privacy protocols. It is my understanding that the hacker community HATES shit like this and we will probably see more and more intense attacks by vigilante hackers.