First sign of a blow up in the South China Sea

One week after Obama made his hostile visit to Asia, signing defence pact with the Philippines and warning China it would go to war to defend Japan, tension has gone up several notches today. Vietnam has challenged China for drilling in the South China and provoking China to fire water cannon at its sea guard vessels sent to the Chinese rig. And the Pinoys have resorted to what they knew and had done best in the past by arresting Chinese fishing boats. It has been crying as if it was the victim of Chinese assertiveness but has gone back to its wild and wayward behaviour with the full support of the Americans. It is openly challenging China. The Pinoys had killed a Taiwanese fishing boat captain and have in many occasions arrested ships from Taiwan and China. This time with the American navy fleet engaged in a major exercise in the area, it found it opportune and embolden to arrest a Chinese fishing boat and its crew. The Taiwanese and Chinese have never done such a thing to the Pinoys.

There is no doubt that China would take these provocations lying down. All its diplomacy and attempts to avoid a confrontation with the Americans were in vain. The Americans have made it in no uncertain terms that it is going into open military conflict with China. China is now forced into a corner and must hit back. Running away from the Vietnamese and the Pinoys is not an option. It is going to be hard knocks and the Americans are going to show their allies that they would back them up militarily, force with force.

With the Americans wanting to show they are still the big time gangsters that called the shot, with the Chinese refusing to take the blows, the situation is all set for a full blown naval and aerial showdown. Both sides would be rushing their military hardware into the region to bolster their forces. China would have to made careful assessment if it is able to take on the Americans at this stage of its military build up.

Obama does not come for peace. The USA has never been for peace but about the use of force. Both parties, China and the USA, are not going to back down this time. The Americans have been working for this day and China has been preparing for this day knowing that it will come, sooner or later. They would hope it will come later, but it is not going to be one day late. It would start with the Vietnamese and the Pinoys attacking Chinese ships only to lure the Chinese to retaliate and the Evil Empire will say, ‘I told you, China is aggressive and will use force to deal with its neighbours.’ And here is Uncle Sam to the rescue. Uncle Sam is for peace. The use of force is not acceptable. Uncle Sam will observe International Laws to resolve dispute by the use of force. But Uncle Sam was the one behind all these tensions and inciting and provoking wars.

Now who is the evil one? Would China be up to it militarily to take on the Americans, or would China play its economic clout and exert pressure on the Americans in other areas?

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Anonymous said...

No lah, China will not fire the first real shot, except water cannon shots.

U think Pinoy, Vietnam or even Uncle Sam will dare to fire the first real shot?

U think China is like Panama, Afganistan, Iraq or Libya, is it?

Even Obama also dare not touch Syria, let alone China.

So war is very unlikely, as unlikely as the Sinkie opposition being ready to be govt next election.

Anonymous said...


If the Sinkie opposition can be ready to be govt, anything can happen.

Even MH370 debris or even survivors can be found.

Or even a tsunami may hit Sinkieland.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Water canon only lah. This can hardly be classified as a "blow up". This is "hey man, dun fuck with me. I panchang you, so here's some water".

China shows plenty of restraint by sending clear message: Don't Push It. Back off".

If it was the US doing the firing, it would be live ammo, with drones, laser guided ordnance and Navy SEALs.

Agree with 906: China won't fire the first shot. However, the first shot fired will probably be blamed on China.

Anonymous said...

Any jokers still think the American devils are angels of peace?

Anonymous said...

Whoever fires the first shot is not the issue.

Whoever ends up as the victor does.

b said...

Obama very busy nowadays on syria, ukraine, venezuela and nigeria. After that, his country will be split up in three or more parts. China should keep cool until the right time comes along.

Anonymous said...

The pinoys have killed Hongkies, killed Taiwanese, arrested Chinese fishermen and nothing happened to them. None of these fuck countries dare to arrest the pinoys and put them to jail.

These fuck countries deserved to be bullied by the pinoys.

Sinkies don't think the pinoys are nice people. They are nice working for you as maids. They will pee on your head if they are given a chance.

Anonymous said...


No worries. God had punished them using Haiyan. Probably will be doing that again in near future if they still not repent.

Anonymous said...

knnccb ....

WHY angtow neber asked:


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virgo49 said...

hi china knew that obama only hot air.

has his hands full containing RUSSIA.

Now take opportunity to ram vietnam first.

then the pinoys

finally jepun.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Vietnamese sent in 35 ships to attack the Chinese. And the Chinese is not going to let them at away with it.

When Vietnam sent in 35 ships and claimed that it was the Chinese who were provocating and ramming Viet ships, it is like the Tonkin Incident all over again. Then the Americans accused the Vietnamese for ramming their patrol boats against giant American warships. How silly they thought the Viets were. But then it was the excuse the Americans needed to escalate the Vietnam War and to bomb Hanoi.

Now the Japanese are pretending to show concern when they are also behind the Vietnamese. And the Jap govt spokesman Suga said, 'We recognise this incident to be part of China's unilateral and provocative maritime activities.' So fast condemning China.

The Japanese liars are showing themselves again like the sneak attack on Pearl Harbour without declaring war on the Americans.

Now the devils are in cohort to provoke and attack China and point the finger at China as the provocateur.

Abao said...

Obama should probably end up as the weakest US president on Policy and Deterrence

1. Outsmarted by Putin
2. Exposed by Merkel
3. Talk and No Action in Asia

US is set for a reserval.

That gives all Asian Nation an excuse to rearm.