Obama has removed his mask

After all the pretensions that the USA was not trying to contain China or trying to form a military alliance against China, the latest trip by Obama said it all. It was all about containing China and supporting its allies to challenge China’s rise as a superpower. 

Obama has removed his mask to show what this trip was all about.
China better stop fooling around with Obama and start to take Obama and the Americans as what they really are. All the niceties to appease the Americans, to cajole them even to the extent of strangling the North Koreans to please the Americans are futile. It is now serious business and China is best to strengthen its military alliances with the North Koreans and the Russians to take on the American alliance head on. The responses can be calibrated and need not be military. It can be economic and political in nature.  China must use its economic and political leverage to squeeze the Americans where it hurts. China must come out openly and positively in support of Russia and North Korea like the Americans supporting its allies. Doing otherwise would undermine its own position with Russia and North Korea.

In the case of dealings with the Japanese and the Pinoys, China must be prepared to play hardball as hardball will be what these two countries would want to play. China has to gear up for more provocations by Japan and the Philippines in the seas around the disputed islands. The military wargame has been set on play mode and the level of play will escalate to higher levels by the Americans and their allies.

China cannot avoid an open conflict with Japan and the Philippines and it better make its stand clear that it would take them head on if provoked. Only then would the two take China seriously and be more circumspect in their devious military schemes. Whatever, the Evil Empire would be there to pull the strings.

What American pivot? It is naked American military expansion and aggression in Asia. It is all about confronting China militarily. China needs not be polite with nice words and simply stands up to the Americans. That is the only thing the Americans understand. If China, India and Russia would to stand up to this bully, it would be the end of Pax Americana. China and Russia must go all out, openly, in support of North Korea, Iran and Syria and all the countries being condemned by the Americans. The Americans are gearing up for a fight and there is no where to run.

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Anonymous said...

"Obama has removed his mask to show what this trip was all about."

So what has this got to do with Sinkieland?

Will Sinkieland still buy the F35 fighter jets and reduce its $12.2 billion defence budget?

Anonymous said...

Sinkies got no time and interest to know what Obama is doing lah, if it does not improve their lives or make the Sinkie opposition ready to be govt.

Except maybe for RB, who may post it for some kopi money, if he runs out of Sinkie topics for time being.

Anonymous said...

Sinkieland need to know which side is winning so that the white can do a roti prata flip.

Motto: Always support the winning side. Evil or good is immaterial.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


China has been increasing her gold holdings to staggering amounts no one can put a definite figure on.

If China's back is pushed to the wall, I am quite certain China will unleash financial warfare. Japan is weakened by large sovereign debt. The US is effectively beyond broke - with debts so huge that 40cents of every USD is effectively borrowed -- mostly from the Chinese. The service-oriented economy of the Philippines depends on the outsourcing from richer cuntrees like the US.

With one fell swoop of aggressive financial engineering, China has the means to take out the economies of any belligerent nation talking big about military warfare.

They're not fucking around. If they launch financial warfare, the Chinese won't only destroy the economies and finance systems in their enemies, they'll cause massive social unrest and political instability. Systemic business failures, insolvent states and bankrupt municipalities, bank runs, energy, water and food shortages. Those cuntries will be destroyed from within, the USD will be SHIT.

Meanwhile at the IMF, the boffins and nerds will start printing up SDRs (Special Drawing Rights) as a new "emergency" world reserve currency. More fucking chaos as wealth and economies collapse all over the world.

Then all China has to do is buy up "distressed assets", and essentially OWN a significant portion of the world. "OWN" as in physically own material "stuff". Many 1st world cuntrees will be the new Turd Whirled cuntrees with huge populations of broke, unemployed white trash who now can't depend on their state welfare systems because everything in their cuntress is KAPUT.

Anonymous said...

China only needs to tell HK to send the pinoys back home.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Matilah, Hope President Xi Xin Ping reading into your Sun Tze's Art of War.


Hi Anon at 10.53.

Also do not import their bananas and let them eat their bananas.

Fruits and humans.

Also tell the Hong Kongers, my people go there to pee. Do not complain.

They are peeing on their own soil. Remember we are your actual Masters.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Ahem...inasmuch as my already inflated ego would receive a boost, China's financial warfare scenario is not mine. Not by a long shot.

Although the idea has been floating around for some time, and the Chinese definitely have this devastating arrow in their quiver, the main "popularizer" is Jim Rickards in his book "Currency Wars". You can look him up on the net. He is a polymath of razor-sharp intellect.

I've posted the link before, but here is is again, a simplistic explanation of what Financial Warfare could look like by China.

They use hedge funds dealing in physical and gold futures, as well as derivative markets, and cyber warfare. Gold has been trading at a huge discount for a year, and China's been buying BIG, not only physical bullion, but under-valued futures as well.

This is not fiction -- all this stuff already exists and the Chinese have been selling iPhones and whitegoods to the west, where consumers BORROW ON THEIR CREDIT CARDS to pay for these consumables made in China. China gets the money, the west gets flimsy trinkets and more into debt.

The restraint of the Chinese govt is to be admired. The imperialist-minded war-mongering Washingtonians are fucking crazy to push the Chinese into a corner. One day, the Chinese will run out patience, and they will effectively have no choice but to strike, and play a game they cannot lose -- "no money, no talk"

I think the strongest reason they haven't gone as trigger happy as the gunslingin' USA is they know if they did embark on financial war, Chinese all over the world (American Chinese, Aussie & Brit Chinese, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Canadian Chinese etc...) will be HATED and TARGETED by every (other) culture economically devastated and financially ruined by China's Financial Armageddon, as acute suffering and fear bring out THE WORST in people, especially in large groups.

Anonymous said...

This would not affect matilah. As an Aussie, he is like an angmoh. No problem, just flash the Aussie passport.

b said...

"The Americans are gearing up for a fight and there is no where to run. "

- chinese has to restrain from military retaliation to avoid prosecution of overseas chinese by other races.

- the usass has to be splited up into two or three parts using patience and tactics and collaboration from countries previously bullied by usass which is quite a substantial number of countries.

- financial warfare has already started by usass by flooding markets with cheap credits thereby bankrupting europa and several of their allies with the purpose of creating hatred between these countries and china.

- japan and pinoys will be wiped off by another tsunami and haiyan. modern technology will be so powerful that it can create a lookalike massive disaster. learn to be friend not foe to your neighbor. they are too dim to understand.


Eddie Leong said...

China is stupid...fooling around with a few rocky islands. It is inviting trouble.

Japan can fight a war and win against China.

China's last war was with Vietnam and they got a bloody nose from the Vietnamese.

USA wants to contain China and set it back many years. The Straits of Malacca and the Sunda Straits can be blocked. And China's navy is not capable of fighting a long-distance battle yet.

So it is not likely that China will want to go to war with USA or Japan.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Eddie, when you try to understand warfare in Asia during the 19th and 20th Centuries, you must know the economic and technological differences between the combatants. China was bankrupt in all fields, no technology, no money, no weapons except peasants and a few rifles given to them. Japan was a economic and technological superpower, with aircraft carriers, fighters, bombers, battleships, tanks, big heavy weapons. Yet they failed to take over China. The peasants fought bravely and many died for their country.

Today China can swallow Japan if it wants to. Today Japan against China is a mismatch. The Japanese still believe they could run over China like before. Now even the Koreans would run all over Japan when war starts.

As for the Vietnamese giving the Chinese a bloody nose, don't believe what the westerners told you. They were whacked by the Vietnamese and would want the Viet to whack the Chinese to save their infamy for being driven out of Vietnam by the Vietcongs.

Vietnam thought they could whack the Chinese and started to be aggressive at the Chinese borders just like India in 1962. Both were whacked and since then behave like very nice boys. No more nonsense at both borders.

If the Vietnamese came out better, China would never have peace at the Sino Viet border. That speaks for everything. The same at the Sino Indian border.

The Vietnamese also had to withdraw from Cambodia and Laos after that border war with China.