They don’t come for your lunch

Neither did they come for your dinner. The foreigners are here, more than 2 million of them, working happily here and replacing the Sinkies in their jobs. Some poor Sinkies, highly qualified and experienced, are jobless or underemployed, and some simply ended up driving taxis, becoming first class cab drivers.

The foreigners did not come to take your lunch or dinner. They were invited here to do so. If we don’t invite them, there is no way for them to be here to take your lunch and dinner. It is more like we owe them a living. We need to take good care of them while their govts failed to do so. It is our responsibility to do so, even at the expense of our daft Sinkies.

Why are we doing this? It is for the good of the Sinkies of course. We bring them here to take our lunch and dinner and they in turn throw some crumbs for us.


Anonymous said...

No lah, Sinkies must look at it this way.

If foreigners don't come, all 100% Sinkies, including MIW Sinkies of course, will suffer.

If foreigners come, only daft (40%??) Sinkies will suffer, while smart Sinkies will have it good.

So if u were PM Lee, which would u choose, u tell me lah?

So cannot really blame PAP and PM Lee, tio bo?

Anonymous said...


If PAP is voted as govt, only 40% Sinkies will be screwed.

If opposition is voted as govt, 100% Sinkies will be screwed, with 60% Sinkies being screwed even harder.

So any wonder why 60% Sinkies still want to vote PAP, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

/// Why are we doing this? It is for the good of the Sinkies of course.////

No lah.
It's for the good of PAP and their Millionaire friends.

Anonymous said...

RB, if the FT don't come, the whole economy will collapse lar. So Bo bian die die must invite them to save us. The older generation sinkies that were first class have all retired lar. The new generation is daft and no talent so government also Bo bian mah, Tio Bo? The local uni are good only because of foreign professors and FT students not local students lar. The local students straight A are only competiting within the no talent pool mah Tio Bo? But once compete with say outside ah neh, kena squash into pancake lar very jialuck.

Anonymous said...

Ya they don't come for you lunch lar. They come for your breakfast, lunch dinner, tea and supper and whatever food u have. The 60% including my aunt for example curse everyday but once receive the goodies before voting will vote for them once every 5 years. So curse four years and praise one year. So u tell me lar what to do?

oldhorse42 said...

Yesterday was a public holiday/ I took bus 170 from upper Bukit Timah to go to Sim Lim Square to look see.
Almost 90% of the passengers were west asian. They all alighted when the bus reached Race Course Road
At Sim Lim Square. almost all the shops selling cheap computer, audio video stuff were run by PRCs. They do not speak English at all.
On thinking about it, why do PRC want to learn English to communicate or integrate with locals? We have to speak their language if we want to buy their cheap stuff.
They get cheap stuff feom China to sell here and make the money to go and live in China. They are not going to settle down here to make sinkieland a better place!
Look at the ping pong girl LJW. She took her millions earned here and settle down in China.She was given whicha pink IC, mind you!

b said...

People must understand that politicians lie all the time since day one this occupation is created.

Anonymous said...

No lah, Sinkies must look at it this way.

Ordinary Sinkies did not invite foreigners to come in droves. We, or 60% of us, voted for the people to take charge of our lives and invite foreigners to come and take away jobs.

With 60% voting for the PAP, we are already screwed. If 100% voted for the PAP, we will be screwed from top to bottom.

So, come 2016, the choice is ours.

Anonymous said...

You PAP shills are getting ridiculous.

It is okay to let foreigners come here to work in Singapore.

What's not okay is letting in a horde of them, causing social ills, lowering quality of life through overpopulation and straining infrastructure.

It's the population density. The floodgates were thrown open just around the time when Lee Hsien Loong became the PM.

Already you are seeing the warning signs on the daily news. Can you honestly not see or sense something is terribly wrong?

The PAP govt must be knocked off its perch. This is what you get for letting one political party do whatever it wants. A nation of sheep will get a government of wolves.

Anonymous said...

Tio boh tio boh, tio bey pyo

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

PAP is at least 60% tiok.

Anonymous said...


Tiok million dollar bey pyo every year.

And even strongest opposition leader also said PAP tiok.

Song boh? Li cong lah?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Dear Foreigners,

Please ignore the epithets and ad hominems slung at you from every direction from the hordes of zombie sheep aka Sheeple (僵尸羊) of Singapore. Even if you don't forgive them, it is in your interest to understand them.

The 僵尸羊 of Singapore have been brought up and their brains infected with the Confucianism virus enslaves them to their political masters. Their political masters have successfully manipulated the Sheeple by providing them with Free Stuff for decades.

For e.g. "Public" housing. What started off as egalitarian public housing is now long gone. The Sheeple EXPECT to MAKE MONEY from their homes which they LEASE from the govt. This has been a very effective political tool used to manipulate the 僵尸羊. In effect, you "buy" your flat below market prices, and then sell it at EXORBITANT PROFITS later on.

This is only one of the SCAMS...er...sorry I mean "schemes" which have made the majority of Singaporeans wealthy way beyond their capabilities, had they been living in another cuntry like Malaysia or Indonesia, or even developed cuntrees like Spain or France.

As the 僵尸羊 got wealthy, they started to employ FOREIGN LABOUR to do menial jobs and domestic duties as maids at ridiculously low pay. The Sinaporean Sheeple themselves set the bar for employing cheap foreign labour to clean their leased govt flats and look after their spoilt kids who attend govt schools, where they have their brains "zombiefied" to become standardised, obedient, docile zombie sheep, who grow up and support the Masters.

The govt realised Zombie Singapore has no future, so they crafted policy to introduce HEALTHY human species such that in time future Singaporeans would turn out to be normal people -- able to think for themselves, autonomous, self-motivated, personally responsible, each with a spirit of individual enterprise.

So far, so good. However, as you would expect, the pissed off zombies are screaming and on the warpath. They speak of "revolt" against their masters...nothing to worry about, it's just hot air. The Masters will be masters for a long time yet.

Also to be expected is the inability for the zombie brain to see simple reason: Having a Pinoy "cheap maid" for around $200 a month was OK. However if a Pinoy MBA becomes a Singaporean's boss, the Singaporean loses his shit and writes all sorts of nonsense on the internet.

It's OK to have cheap Indian/ Bangla labour to build the roads and buildings. However when an Indian Phd or business maven becomes CEO, Singaporeans lose their minds.

Samsui women from China spent their lives working in Singapore, building stuff. Now if rich PRCs start buying up assets Singaporeans go fuck nuts.

Anyway, dear foreigner, please come for breakfast and stay for lunch and dinner. Stay as long as you like, you're welcome. You can't trust zombie brains to adopt reason and logic, so don't worry about it. And because they are Sheeple, please be kind to animals -- even the wild and ferocious ones who want to kill and eat you :-))

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


As a wannabe small-time "hacker" I am always at Sim Lim spending on cheap and spectacular Shenzen-made electronica.

In the past, Sim Lim had a stinky reputation for being run by violent cheating gangsters. No more today. Those PRCs (and don't forget the Indians) have done a fantastic job. I am happy to part with my cash there.