Roy Ngerng needs your help

Hello everyone, thank you for your support and well-wishes. It has been an arduous two weeks. I am doing well so far.

Last Sunday, the Singapore prime minister issued a letter of demand to me for defamation. I have thus far acceded to the requests of the prime minister to remove several of the articles that I had written and a video that I made. I have also offered the Prime Minister my apology…

Raising Funds

My lawyer, M Ravi, will be leading a team in preparation for the hearing. As most of you know, he champions many Human Rights causes, most of which he undertakes without charge. However, he only has a small practice with finite resources. In view of the magnitude of the matter, the amount of resources required and the likelihood that it will last almost a year, I need to raise the legal fees required.

I expect the legal fees would amount to at least $70,000 and this would include:
• Filing fees
• Research
• Lawyer’s fees

If you would like to help me with this, you can make a deposit to the following accounts:

• POSB Savings Account Number: 130-23068-7 Name: Ngerng Yi Ling

Any amount will be much appreciated.

The actual amount of damages, which is separate from the legal fees I am trying to raise, will only be known after the court case is over.

Redbean: Roy needs your help, however small does not matter. It is a show of your moral support. And don’t forget to made a date with him at Hong Lim Park, 7 Jun at 4pm to hear him and Han Hui Hui speaking for your CPF savings.


virgo49 said...

will support Roy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


b said...

Again we see pinky acting like a six year old school boy who cried bullied when only an exchange of words, maybe wrong used words, existed. His lack of charimatic leadership is really gross.
I think Roy should learn to pay for his mistakes the hard way and learn to be more articulate in future. Asking the public to pay for his mistake is just like pap making the public pay for GIC/TH investment mistakes. Btw, many great country leaders spent some time in jail and that will help gain a lot of public confidence.

Anonymous said...

Way to go!

Sock it to 'im!

I took out my biscuit tin under my bed and will bank in $30 for you. One day's proceed from selling tissues at the MRT entrance.

Hope it helps.

Anonymous said...

This type of civil suit does not get a person in jail.

Anonymous said...

RB, you should pitch in with your month's kopi money from Google.

Put your money where your mouth is.

Anonymous said...

Pinky is always a childish kid keep crying foul when he himself is the cause of the foul. Call others wolf when he himself is the ultimate wolf, the only clown that give himself the world's highest salary in the world as a statesman as he wish.

Anonymous said...

"I think Roy should learn to pay for his mistakes the hard way and learn to be more articulate in future. "

Did all the PAP MPs that you yourself been the taxmoney pay $15000 per month, if even including bonus, "learn to pay for his mistakes the hard way and learn to be more articulate in future" ? And beside no one asking you to pay Roy, but yet you yourself force to pay those PAP clowns unworthy salary.

See the irony ?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I will definitely pitch in for Roy. I will also be at Hong Lim to support him and the call for returning the CPF money back to their rightful owners.

After 55, it should be voluntary for anyone to put their savings in the CPF, no compulsion.

This is a basic right that we must protect. When it is your money, no one has the right to keep it away from you. If you do not know how to protect your right to your money, you deserve to be robbed.

Anonymous said...

This CPF minimum sums will affect all the young Singaporeans adversely. Young Singaporeans must make it a point to attend this rally. It is their CPF money at stake.

They do not want the minimum sums to hit half a million before they start to complain. Then it will be too late. If they want it to be stopped, they must make a stand now.

Anonymous said...

" If you do not know how to protect your right to your money, you deserve to be robbed. "

these words should be 20 feet high on top of a tall building so everyone can see everyday.

patriot said...

Me exhorted all Singaporeans old and young to attend any talks on the CPF ISSUE. IT AFFECTS EVERY SINGAPOREANS. $200K IS NOT A JOKE.
Anyone with a monthly income of 3k a month and at around 25 year old now, how are You to start a family, owns a house and expect to have enough to retire with such a CPF System?

As a senior citizen working part time with an average income of about $600, me will go Hong Lim Speakers Corner as I had regularly.
Will contribute to Roy Ngerng Cause no matter how little the amount.
Like to call upon all Singaporeans to show our discomfort with the CPF System as manage currently.


patriot said...

Me exhorts to correct Me exhorted.

My apology


Anonymous said...

Way to go Redbean, I always knew neath your grumpiness was a man with a BIG WARM HEART, I have greater respect for you so enough of snow-jobs

Anonymous said...

It just goes to show that in Singapore, one must be mindful of what you say and write. Freedom of speech, in prints and maybe in thoughts is just non-existence in Singapore. Anyone can be sued and made to pay. It does not affect only that person but also to his/her family members.

Meeting in Hong Lim Park on June 7 will not be well attended. The reason why I say that? Well if you are working in a government organisation and trying to progress up the promotion ladder, would you dare show your face at the Hong Lim meeting? There will be many videos and photos taken and if your face is in one of those, your chances of promotion would go out of the window. Right? So much for freedom of speech.

Anonymous said...

Yes many cameras there to take photos and video. So if u scared type then better don't go if u have no balls or with two tiny only like matilar. For me I retired already so nothing to lose as no one can sack me mah no boss already.

Virgo 49 said...

Right on!!

Besides helping Roy and attend HL rally also remember to vote the PAP out this GE.


Virgo 49 said...

That's the reason why do many sinkies are slaves and serfs to the PAP.

Government servants cannot vote against the PAP???

Government servants got no liberties to have their own minds.

Government servants must be beholden to the PAP for their ricebowls??

Government servants lived in fear of their Masters or they should be our servants???

Bullshits!! My brother in law as ex vice principal told me he voted against the PAPies every elections.

Virgo 49 said...

Right bro, retired already, nothing to lose except one old life lived ripe enough to go anytime as tired off the bloody PAP screw up mess they created the last decade.

balance if that's what they want.

Anonymous said...

/// Freedom of speech, in prints and maybe in thoughts is just non-existence in Singapore. ///
@ May 30, 2014 5:39 pm

So what to do?
Donate money to Roy Ngerng for his lawyer's fees lah!
Vote Opposition lah!

No balls to fight never mind.
Support the fighters to fight for you.

Anonymous said...

At 55 we MUST get our money back, every cent of it. This is not negotiable because it is OUR blood and sweat money ! Return to us now, you already controlled the money for more than 30 years from age 25-55.

This is a grave moral injustice .

Anonymous said...

aiyah ... MAYBE he should

seek presidential redress .... knee in front of istana and seek the popular president to help and or to use HIS KEY. did OTC managed to???

conduct a poll and ask whether others believe what he was saying or was accused of saying

limpeh lau uncle think ROY is a nutcase, better to admit to IMH

knnccb .... look af JBJ, think donations used for a useless cause and he probably die with much hatred and anger

Anonymous said...

We shall not be slaves anymore!

Anonymous said...

@May 31, 2014 8:13 am

so ROY might be kind-of the biblical mordern day Moses?

will he lead us across the singapoo canal to promised swiss standard of living promised by wooden goH (for sure I still slogging to make end meet everyday).... since it near to hong lim park

knnccn .... hope the canal will not be red due to monthly discharges when we cross it

Anonymous said...

you mean m. ravi, the often touted so called hr lawyer, is not handling this case on a pro bono basis ? instead he is collecting a big lawyer's fee ? lol !

Green Peas said...

Green Peas will also donate to support Roy because it is a worthy cause. It means a lot of things, not just the CPF issues.

1. It is not just freedom of speech and expression, to me it means freedom from dictatorship, despotism, tyranny and total control.

2. It is not just our constitutional and universal RIGHT to our own hard-earned sweat and blood money, to me it means the future of my grand children and great grand children and future generations.

3. It is not just the rich and powerful bullying the poor and weak, to me it means the various unfair playing fields instituted over the last 50 years by the elitists have to be dismantled for the overall good of all Singaporeans instead of for the exclusive benefits of a selfish minority of the ruling and elitist class.

4. It is not just a matter of Roy being brought to court to be made a kangaroo example for all to fear, to me it means the beginning of a brave new movement to awaken and to free the enslaved minds of the fixated 60% of the silent majority.

So it is definitely a Worthy Cause for all of us - both awakened and still slumbering.

I will bring my friends, family and relatives to Hong Lim Park too.

Anonymous said...

@May 31, 2014 10:29 am


and most impoTENT,


knnccb ..... i swear upon my old kuku bird i will vote for papigs and only papigs if old fart kuan yew can STAND UP for the next eRection..

Anonymous said...

@May 31, 2014 3:04 pm

knnccb ..

goes fuck our chaocheeby ...

or at least offer it to matilah

knnccb ... fuck hsien loong, tomorrow u giving lau uncle $200 for workfare hah, lau uncle thankoo u, since my cpf is peh kim for old fart. this $200 cUm in handy, i go geylang backlane look for a few tangnahjee to sextify my leesire.

Anonymous said...

At the rate the money is rolling in, his bank accounts may be frozen. Better withdraw and keep it safe!