American terrorism up another scale

The Americans unilaterally charged Chinese officials in China for cyberspying in American courts. And the Chinese officials have not even set foot in American soil but residing in China. China is understandably furious with such audacious act of terrorism against its state officials. It is lodging protest to the US Govt to drop the ridiculous charges. The Americans are unlikely to do so. What China can do is to declare all those parties involved in this scam, the prosecutors and the judges as terrorists and issue a warrant of arrest for them should they set foot in Chinese territories, Hong Kong and Macau included. That is the only way to deal with such international terrorists.

The Chinese have also retaliated by exposing the Americans as the biggest culprit in cyber espionage and attacking Chinese sites. The Americans have been so use to run roughshod over China and other countries for several decades in spying activities. They used to fly their spy planes over Chinese territories to take photographs of military and sensitive sites blatantly and with impunity knowing China could not bring down their spy planes. They only stopped this bullying when China started shooting them down.

This did not stop this international terrorist from stopping what they were doing to spy on China. They flew their spy planes up and down the coast of eastern China on espionage missions. They only scaled down such outrageous display of military might when a Chinese aircraft rammed into one such spy plane and forced it to land in Hainan for the Chinese to strip it clean of its espionage equipment.

The Americans are the biggest bullying and culprit as far as espionage and cyberspying are concerned. Edward Snowden had disclosed their nefarious activities and all the countries concerned should rightly charge those Americans for spying and intrusion into their privacy. The German Chancellor, the Malaysian and Indonesian leaders, and many world leaders are victims to such vile acts called spying by the Americans.

The victims of Americans spying should charge the Americans officials involved in their own courts and issue warrants of arrest when they set foot in their countries, and give the Americans a taste of their own medicine to stop such bullying. The directors of NSA, CIA, DIA and other American intelligence agencies should be charged in the same way the Chinese officials are charged. Both can play the same game.

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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The Chinese hackers/ spies are clumsy. That's why they got/ keep getting caught.

Although China has large cadres of cybernauts, they do not have the "finesse" of the Russian or American hackers. They lack what is known as "tradecraft". The best cuntries at tradecraft are still the US and Russia mainly -- plenty of practice from the decades-long Cold War, and also the Brits and the Israelis.

The Chinese are fast learners, and no doubt they will be addressing the issues of their cyber hacking legions. One thing on their side is sheer numbers: their legions of cyber warriors are HUGE, which is why they can steal so much stuff in the first place. I have no issue with this whatsoever: if you are careless or stupid enough to allow yourself to get HACKED, then you absolutely deserve it.

Cyber security is a proactive thing. It's like why you put good locks on your door. You don't leave your door unlocked and expect someone else like the police to look after your property. That idea is just simply untenable.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This cyberwarfare has been going on for ages by both sides and all sides. The biggest culprick is the Americans.

What are they crying about? Didn't they listen to what Edward Snowden said about their spying activities?

The Chinese knew what the Americans are doing but like you said, it if fair game, nothing to cry about. I steal your secrets you steal mine.

The Americans are just hypocrites.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> The Americans are just hypocrites.

It's called "tradecraft" lah. ;-)

Americans have the knack of fooling many of the world's people through their mindless TV show and movies. People in other cultures watch this shit (yes, shit) and they start slanging (for e.g. the Pinoys) or start identifying with American Black Culture -- "fake Negroes", slanging like US Black guys, talking "gansta" etc. And then there are the women in other cultures who want to ape US women's freedom adopting fake "attitude" and trying to be like Ophra or Madonna. And then there's the young ones apeing Miley Cyrus or whoever seems to be "badass flavour of the month".

In America BULLSHIT is the currency of success. It is what their economy, politics and society run on and produce for local and foreign consumption.

So how can you say it is "hypocrisy"? I say the Yanks are being 100% rue to their nature. ;-)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

In a way you are right. The real American heroes are in Hollywood. The best American Presidents are also from Hollywood. It is always show time.

Now when their President faced off with a real Russian President there is a mismatch. One is all style and no substance. Putin is not only style but substance.

Anonymous said...

The American action is akin to a pot calling the kettle black. As her very own citizen Mr Snowden has revealed, it is they who has been spying on every nation on Earth.
They obviously do not know who is the hypocrite till they look into the mirror

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Please lah. Putin is also a joke. He is a masterful self-promoter, i.e. "bullshit ex-spurt". Take off shirt. Show tetek. Eeee yeer... Disgusting. Pretend to be "tuff". Once upon a time, yes, tough guy. Now apek orledi lah!

Obama...he's just blur academic. If not for his "advisors", he's just another professor hoping that his tenure doesn't get cancelled!

All politicians are BIG FRAUDS. Please don't be a gullible asshole, fall for their shit and put them on pedestals...or you'll end up as just another one of those dumb motherfucker SHEEPLE!

Think lah.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I can sense that this baldy is jealous of Putin. This guy was head of KGB, not those academics appointed to be head of CIA. On any count, he is more real than the Americans. Oh you agreed.

Putin was ready to pull the trigger in Syria and Ukraine and who buckled? Of course he will flee when Arnold shows up.

b said...

does obama has anything better to do or not? why not think about improving employment in his own country? how about doing another slimming campaign for those obese kids in this own country ?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Please lah. You are so mesmerised by politicians. However, if you want to act out like a teenage fan-boy, please carry on ;-)

Me? I crack open a bottle of fine wine or champagne every time a politician dies, or better still, gets killed. It's as if my wish came true :-)

denk said...

thailand [another china friendly govt bite the dust], mh370 [i knew it's a ff from the outset], nigeria kidnapping [oops , nigeria has been cozying up to china lately], boko haram attacking chinese workers [is it obligatory for terrarists to *baptise* themselves with attacks on chinese ?], xinjiang terrorisms ......
now, an air disaster in laos [another china friendly country] in which the defence minister, his deputy plus a dozen of vips perished......
here's a simple math question, no conspiracy theory please, this is exact science,
whats the odds that this latest disaster in laos is just another coincidence ?


Eddie Leong said...

Yawn..everyone spies on everyone on the world stage.

The Chinese have penetrated even into the American military and may still be embedded in them.

And USA does the same. As so are the Isrealis who are perhaps the best in class in cyberwarfare.

So what is new with this wayang show? Back to happy spying everyone.