Boon Wan suggests using robots at construction sites

When Boon Wan suggested the use of robots in construction sites, specifically in tile laying, it was done in all seriousness. But as expected, cynicism will rule the day and you can expect the kind of responses and comments in social media to his serious proposition. Below are a few such comments appearing in the above thread in TRE. Just read them with a high dosage of humility and jest and don’t take them seriously. They were not meant to be.

robot speech: yes master!:
May 20, 2014 at 5:13 pm (Quote)
may i suggest a type of robot called tape recorder to replace PAP ministers? can playback the same story. cheaperer, fasterer, betterer
using robots will help to increase productivity and reduce the risk of defamation accidents.

Robotics is not new, but we hardly see them in PAP parliament. Sgs will be happy to provide some funding support to help change the status quo.
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robots in parliament?:
May 20, 2014 at 5:13 pm (Quote)
How about using robots to replace some of the clowns who seems to be sleeping in Parliament!!??…and not forgetting those who f**t thru’ their top orifices!!…at least robots don’t f**t and pollute the atmosphere!!
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May 20, 2014 at 5:14 pm (Quote)
I think PAP Robotic Youth Wing is so much Cheaper . Suit this job .
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May 20, 2014 at 5:22 pm (Quote)
I wish we could replace him with a robot.
Anyway Young PAP got plenty of robots already.
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How can robots replace politicians in Parliament? The thought is untenable. The only thing, or a few things that the robots would come in handy in Parliament are attendance and voting, and programmed to cheer or jeer. Robots can ensure perfect attendance in Parliament without dozing off and be caught in camera. Robots can be programmed to look very interested and even taking notes. Think these are about the only things the robots can do well.

In Parliament, the politicians are expected to think and to ask clever and right questions. This is a skill that robots would not be able to do. Robots can ask questions but the questions may be too blunt and undiplomatic or not the right questions to ask. They may end up getting sued. Oh, the robots may have an advantage when being sued. Cannot bankrupt a robot right?

And out of Parliament, how to attend an election rally to hear robots speaking on stage? Where got fun? How to attend meet the people’s session to meet the robot? Sure the commentators are just joking, having a little fun. I repeat, no need to be serious about this.

If robots are really that useful, how about replacing the 5.4m population with robots? It may come true one day. Robots may take over countries and the whole world when they are programmed to be too clever as in some sci fi fiction. Mutiny of the robots is a possibility when their intelligence overtakes those of human beans.

Don’t wish too much from robots. Initially they may just be parroting. But your wish can turn ugly when the daft robots start to think.

I would like to programme robots to buy me more kopis : )

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Anonymous said...

Aiya, even if Boon Wan talked nonsense and make Sinkies angry, so what?

Can the opposition, even if he is SDP Chee Soon Juan, able to defeat Boon Wan next election, u tell me lah?

So robots or not, more kopi for RB or not, Boon Wan will still win and health permitting, appointed as Minister again after next election.

Anonymous said...

You are so full of energy, why don't you buy some kopi for RB? That would be more productive right?

Anonymous said...


Sinkies already can tahan (tolerate) lots of nonsense from PAP, so what is one more from Boon Wan, u tell me lah? And even if 40% cannot and vote opposition, so what?

And I think this Boon Wan also knows.

Anonymous said...

You are so full of energy, why don't you buy some kopi for RB?
Anon 8:51 am

RB should programme his blog such that any comments or visits to his blog automatically will buy him kopi.

If he cannot do that, he don't deserve my kopi.

Anonymous said...

More blog hits/visitors = more kopi?

Can meh?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I wish I can do that. This blog is written by Bloggers and even if you can get in to modify the programme they will delete it. I am sure Bloggers would have many firewalls to protect the system.

Anonymous said...

Poolitical Satire
Good idea.
I think PAP has many years of experience in this area.
They have been using robots in YPAP and in the parliament for many years already.

Say cheese.

Anonymous said...

We cannot use robots in parliament because legally ... robots cannot sue Singaporeans.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Why even bother replacing parliament with robots?

I have consistently suggested for the entire parliament to be sacked, and parliament house sold off to Far East or Cheung Kong Holdings (Li Ka-shing's real estate company) for them to turn it into a happening development project.

Singapore is over-governed. You don't need a huge, expensive govt. to run the show on a tiny island. Anna Creek is the largest cattle station in Aust and about 40 times the size of Singapore, has only about 10 full time staff to manage it.

S. Korea and Japan -- Asia's hi-tech engineering heavyweights essentially rule the industrial robotic space. However, I am very impressed by the "catch-up" demonstrated by Indian roboticists. If I were to bet, I would bet on these people -- especially in the development of "intelligence" (AI) in machines. Indian robotics companies are going to make a shit-tonne of money...that is my prediction.

b said...

"Why even bother replacing parliament with robots?"

- I totally agree. Actually only need three person to run sg. Afterall, only three beings are needed to create and run the world. Anything more than three will ruin everything.

Anna Creek "is capable of carrying up to 16,500 head of cattle during a good season" wiki

- the cows have much more space than an average folk in sg. we are indeed very let down by politicians.

Anonymous said...

In Sin, maybe 1 Cow can carry 7 million beans with just his moo.