Roy Ngerng is not alone

The defamation suit against Roy Ngerng by Hsien Loong is not a case of Hsien Loong versus Roy Ngerng. It has taken on a national character. When it started it was like Goliath going to thump down David. And it was a non event as the ending was as good as history.

No one could envisage the outcry and ground swell in support of Roy Ngerng. The outpouring of support for Roy in the social media is only a tip of the iceberg. Many are opening up their Ovaltine tins and counting how much they have to donate to Roy’s legal fee. Some volunteered to donate their CPF savings to Roy. Some are calling for a public donation in the event of an expensive legal tussle in court.

This event is turning into the masses, comprising the CPF members affected on one side, and Hsien Loong on the other. Hsien Loong is looking like taking on the CPF members instead of Roy alone. The rallying cry in support of Roy is getting louder. There could be a bigger turnout in Hong Lim on 7 June than expected.

The Hong Lim Rally on CPF could be an indication of how strong is the ground and how strong the support for Roy. And there are many silent supporters not saying anything but fully behind Roy and waiting to donate money to Roy’s cause.

Roy is turning into a rallying point in this CPF saga. The people, and there are at least two million CPF holders, could be taking sides with Roy and turning this defamation lawsuit into a Battle Royale between the govt and the people. The event is just beginning to unfold and the trophy at stake is the CPF money.

Would this molehill turn into a mountain of grievances and an exploding volcano? Or would Hsien Loong take his winnings and walk away to close the chapter?

Fish could be singing in background. ‘Hear the people sing, singing the song of angry men….’

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Anonymous said...

/// Many are opening up their Ovaltine tins and counting how much they have to donate to Roy’s legal fee. ////

Give us back our CPF money.
So we have more money to protect us from the White PIGS.


Anonymous said...

Is this the Real NatCon ?
Yet another Singaporean getting sued by a PAP politician?

Anonymous said...

Amazing ! CPF is such a critical issue, and not discussed at the Natcon ? What Con is this !!! With millions of Singaporeans having a stake there, this dumbass could be fighting millions of people. Even the whole PAP machinery cannot do much

Anonymous said...

So who really represents Singaporeans?
Roy Ngerng or PM Lee?


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

To all the carrots/cucumbers or shall I call you vegetables, welcome to the blog.


Anonymous said...

RB, knowing sinkies very few will turn up that day. Like my friends said to me, no point going just vote wisely. So I ended up going alone.

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to heed to the call by PAP that "constructive politics" is important and is the singapore way.

Since the PM Lee has used legal lawsuits to sue citizen bloggers, then he is showing us the way that this is how constructive politics are condone and carried out.

As such, we the citizen should also come together (all CPF holders who are genuine about discovering truths of their CPF state and funds) should file a suit against the PM & CPF Board under his charge.

That is the Singapore's way, that is the PM LEe's way, that is the PAP way.

Remember, we have condone in the past to let LKY to sue, oppress and bankrupt political opponents. The last 50 years, we get what we deserve, a single party dominated by PAP and no other choice with a dented 3rd world democracy. If the current citizenry allow the PM Lee to sue citizen blogger from Alex Au to Roy Ngerng, we are condoning them the same practices over and over again, and the history cycle repeats. This must not start. It has to be STOPPED.

Anonymous said...

aiyah..junior lee and pap lapdogs keep sprouting useless rhetoric. the subtext of constructive politics means there is destructive politics lah...and guess who is the one carrying out the destruction? LTK is right..simi constructive politics sai...you talk high brown moral statements but your actions/deeds speak louder than your ka-chng lah..

go dissolve RC/CC and depolitcize PA, get rid of your GRO who has no place in the electorates' votes and release open details of what/where you engage our CPF funds...then you would have only just done 10% of your construction..talk so much for what...

Anonymous said...

/// If I have learned anything in my time traveling the world, it is the power of hope.
The power of one person—Washington, Lincoln, King, Mandela and even a young girl from Pakistan named Malala—can change the world by giving people hope. ///

from the commencement address by Adm. William H. McRaven,
ninth commander of U.S. Special Operations Command,
at the University of Texas at Austin on May 17.


Anonymous said...

"This event is turning into the masses, comprising the CPF members affected on one side, and Hsien Loong on the other."

Sure or not? U better have evidence to back it up, OK?

Anonymous said...

You want to sue RB?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Aiyah, please lah. Any reasonably intelligent crook can set up a SCAM "defence fund" to play off the sympathies of "do-gooders". How do you think religion has not only survived, but thrived for thousands of years? :-)

As far as an "outpouring of support" -- I just don't buy that idea. Sure, there is some, but not as much as you would mistakenly believe.

My theory is that the majority of people just want to see a bloody fight -- the proclivity for spectator sport live in, and excites us all. We are willing to pay media companies BILLIONS so we can watch UFC or F1 or World Cup Soccer live. The fact has remained unchanged since the Roman Empire: the public LOVES bread and CIRCUSES.

Next thing you know, the bookies will be taking bets on the outcome of the lawsuit.

Since now this "small matter" has been blown up into a full-on public spectacle, both "actors" will have to deliver their finest performance -- i.e. they'll be playing to win.

...and it wouldn't take a genius to figure out: Mr Ngerng is gong to smashed into a gooey, unrecognizable pulp. The more he gets biffed and bopped, the louder the crowd will cheer him to "don't give up!" -- oh how we all love cheering the underdog, even when he's being walloped within an inch of his life. :-))

Anonymous said...

matilah. your photo.
since when did you become pussy bait?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Since I was dashingly handsome at around age 15.

Now, apek already -- good looks long gone. So I use my wit and money ;-)

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

BTW, that is not pussy bait in the photo. It is off an old French Tampax ad which says "I'm like a fish in water"...mocking the "cao xi bai" (which women are sensitive about, and their pussies tend to smell more during their periods..).

The French have a great sense of humour.

theonion said...


From the blog of Anyhow Hantam

Ms Han Hui Hui, Roy's NMP proposer, fellow protest organiser and close confidant has revealed that the reason for 'upping the ante' and provoke the lawsuit is for Mr Ng to seek asylum in Denmark.

So why do all these things? I slammed Ms Han on Saturday, for her post on Roy's FB page about the 1 million hits, which would aggravate things. She replied that Roy wanted to seek asylum. I thought maybe, he's just so overwhelmed by all this legal matters, he just wants to go away to another country where he can have more freedoms, so I left it at that. Then today when the fresh demands came out and touched on some of the points I'd been slamming Ms Han and Roy for doing after 1st receiving the letter, I again chided her for her stupidity and immaturity. Below is what transpired next:

HHH: Roy wants to be a martyr and seek asylum. Is he who ask me to help him one.

Me: Where he wants to seek asylum in?

HHH: Leslie ask him go Denmark.

Me: Leslie? Leslie who? His bf? (Mr Ng is gay)

HHH: Leslie Chew the cartoonist.

Me: Ah. So Denmark will offer him asylum or he hopes they will if he's a political victim here?

HHH: That's why they wanna provoke lor.

Me: F***ing hell! So all this a bloody show to win sympathy! He's just making use of everyone for his selfish ends? Don't f*** care about the CPF, fighting for the people. All this just 'wayang'
His real intention was to seek asylum!
Disgraceful and disgusting behaviour.
Worst is you. Instead of stopping him, you helping him cheat ordinary Singaporeans, trying to win sympathy for some cheap gimmick!

With this final piece of the jigsaw, now everything becomes clearer and explains the series of rash statements and actions since he received the letter. With the reason given by his close confidant, whose been actively drumming up support for him non-stop, condemning the PM for taking action. She's even called for 'a global campaign' by bloggers to 'spread the word of the PM suing Roy Ng' for his writings and speaking about transparency and accountability in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Roy, 加油!!!!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi theonion,

Roy's intention to seek asylum came before or after the defamation letter from the lawyer?

Anonymous said...

Last time hor, some cock said sorry also must explain. Then suddenly the cock also had to say sorry and to explain.

Then another cock laughed at Yaw Shin Loong and not long after people all laughed at the cock for the same thing.

Do not underestimate the power of retribution. It can come very fast to return the favour.

b said...

Why cant he say "i stand corrected" leh? must learn from supreme master. anyway, it is a bad idea to claim asylum in denmark. the language and weather are horrible unless he wants to play lego all day long.

b said...

people should learn to be skeptical when someone starts to ask for donation.

Anonymous said...

knnccb ... papigs limpeh know u monitoring the internet, here is no exception

i so fucking scared, i pissing in my pants, knnccb hsien loong n running dogs n bitches


theonion said...


From the blog of Anyhow Hantam

Roy Ng should follow the advice on his tee-shirt. We don't want martyrs with ulterior motives.

In the end this is all just a cheap gimmick and publicity stunt, to help him get residency in Europe by portraying himself as a victim. In the process the thousands who have spoken for him and expressed concerned over the lawsuit have all been taken for a ride. The whole intention at the outset was to milk this to score points and paint himself as a victim. It could even be fair to infer that the offending article was written to exactly produce this result. After 400 articles that were normal and fair comment, all of a sudden he produces 1 followed by 4 others, which everyone knows how the PAP will respond to allegations of criminal misconduct.

And you cannot say he was given no opportunity to respond positively. He waited and delayed while on the side-lines encouraged maximising the issue, playing the victim's card all the time. And stoking the issue with more articles and a video, when others before him acted more cautiously. Not to mention acting in a way, no sound legal advocate would advice in a losing case.

Roy Ng has done a great disservice to ordinary Singaporeans, especially opposition supporters who've rallied behind him because they felt the PM was using his 'strength' to crush a poor hapless blogger, who made a simple mistake whilst trying to raise a pertinent issue. Instead his close confidant now comes out to say, he's been spoiling for a fight in order to further his own personal ends. And who better than the 1 person with the highest profile - the PM. A most disgraceful course of action. I'd rather have some political lightweight like Desmond Lim speak and raise the issues than Mr Ng, who has an ulterior motive. He can speak for himself from now on, ordinary Singaporeans can find better and more suitable people like Nicole Seah, Sylvia Lim, Pritam Singh, Paul Thambyah and Tan Jee Say, who have the credentials and convictions. Mr Ng just came back from Scandinavia, he can go back there and stay there, we don't want self-serving martyrs.

Anonymous said...

5.01pm no need to be so extreme lar. By the way they can track you down digitally so if u not careful, the midnight knock may happen and u end up in Woodbridge by talking like that lar.

So focus on the issue not personal attack except in matilar cause that knn asks for it daily lar

Anonymous said...

Yes, the fish spirit is forever living among us.

Anonymous said...

the onion, don't anyhow spread rumours and papsmear Roy. He denied that he is seeking asylum and nothing of that sort.

Some people are out to fix him.

Anonymous said...

@May 27, 2014 6:20 pm

AIYAH ... alamak, life so beri the chiam alrealee

lau uncle goes changi hotel also neber mind lah, actualee all homeless, jobless stinkaporang should welcome the prospect of staying there ... lau-nang said;

"roof over your head" plus food n medical thrown .... somemore, still have daily pay for working. c i praising papigs here??? we nonok forced labour camp

BUT i nonok the conditions where francis seow had stayed.

knnccb .... u carry handphone (even off) also can track u

.. dun carry handphone, carry passport ... also have embedded radio chip

... carry neither, many police CCTV keeping tracks ...

aiyoh .... lidat how,

knnccb .... fuck hsien loong n his running dogs n bitches

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> we don't want self-serving martyrs.

One type of person who is guranteed to make me fucking angry, is the type of asshole who has the temerity to presume to speak for other people or presume to represent them -- self-appointed of course, and just universally apply their wishes as if it was a motherfucking edict delivered by thunderbolt by a mighty god.

Eh kotek, fuck your mother's rotting chee bye with a rusty changkul, then take a watery shit in her mouth lah.

Have the fucking guts to say ==> I <== don't want him here/ want self-serving martyrs, and stand by convictions like at least Roy does on his blog.

So what if he's pulling an ALLEGED "stunt"? It shows creativity, guts, determination, passion, and specific goal-oriented ACTION.

Although I mostly don't agree with Ngerng on several points, FACT IS: he has done a lot of writing, and a lot of work, a lot of time. People have enjoyed experiencing what he CREATED. So if they are willing to shell out some coin for his sake...what is the harm?

If what you alleged is true, then IMO this young man has demonstrated superb entrepreneurship.

1. He has a product widely consumed and distributed

2. His product addresses specific needs in people -- anti govt/ PAP sentiment.

Everyone enjoys, connects with and receives an emotional pay-off when reading a good narrative. Many of the people hold similar ideas, but they cannot present it in a way like a writer can, evoking both reason and emotion and STRUCTURE. There are literally hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people like this all over the world.

People Read Blogs -- and the more relevant the content to their individual anonymous lives, the more popular will be the blog. BTW, it doesn't matter if you think the content is "good" or "bad". The only criteria is that the blog gets read, and hopefully goes viral.

Perhaps then, what Ngerng has done is unwittingly created a new "model" for motivated Singaporeans to use as a means of "escaping" a socio-political system they no longer want.

Tekan the govt. Boost your "credibility" by being "caught" -- on purpose, no less. Raise funds. Use your new-found "political notoriety" to boost your chances of emigrating to a free and progressive "equality-by-welfare" society -- the archetypal Western Social/ Liberal Democracy.

But Ngerng's ALLEGED scheme is not new. Creative artists from many of the world's oppressed nation-states have done similar things -- from bloggers and activists in China and the Middle East, to more recently the all-female band "Pussy Riot" in Putin's Russia.

So if you enjoyed Ngerng's creativity and activism, give the young man some coin to help him on his way, and your blessing/ good wishes for his new life in a new land. I think he's earned it.

That would be the decent thing to do.

patriot said...

@Matilah Singapura,

Me am touched by Your Last Posting here for I share Your Sentiment, however; is not able to compose it due to too little education
Now, You have better idea why I need idols and so far only one strikes me as an upright fucker.


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