R(60) – A new restricted category

If I am not mistaken we have restricted categories to protect people of different ages from watching harmful movies or TV programmes. I can recalled seeing R(13), R(16), R(18), R(A) and things like parental guidance advised or PG.

The above categories are needed as children are either too innocent, too young, too immature, impressionable, gullible and may not be able to handle sexual, violence or adult teams in the movies. Children are vulnerable and need protection from the wise adults. It is for their own good.

Now, when the adults grow older, they will gradually lose their ability to think rationally too. Some will start to lose control of themselves and their mental faculty. And some will be easily lured, tempted by sex and money. Many would not be able to handle their money wisely. But when you ask them and they would not think so. They will fiercely defend their independence, their maturity and wisdom, eating more salt than you ate rice, and claimed to know what they are doing.

What is wrong if they find a beautiful young nymph that is so attractive that they would want to give all their money to, to live with her for a few days or a few months or forever, something to die for? What is wrong if he wants to give away his money happily. You know, when a person is happy, deeply in love or infatuated, money is not important. They will tell you it is good to die standing, to die happy, to live and die for the moment. Can you fault that?

And this is applicable to the feline sex as well. They too want to spend their money when it is worth spending, when the heart feels so good. They too want to have their one night stand or their fling as long as money is the only thing that matters. Can anyone say no if they want to spend their money the way they choose to?

The only time or condition that someone can say no to people spending their money, with the audacity, is to pronounce another person of unsound mind or mentally incapable to protect himself, to make sound decisions concerning his money. The person is retard and needs his protection. And many immortals believe this is so and they are the audacious ones, the chosen ones to just do that. Many or most adults are simply incapable of protecting or looking after their money once they reached 55 or above when they qualify to withdraw their life time savings from the CPF. This is the precise moment when these people are ruled as retards. These people must be protected from abusing themselves, from amusing themselves by exploiting their new found wealth from their life savings, money. They must be protected from the money they have saved and rightfully belong to them to do harm to themselves. They must be pronounced to be of unsound mind when money is concerned.

Let’s invent a new category called R(60) to protect these folks. They must not be allowed to watch movies or programmes that encouraged hedonism, freedom of choice, freedom to do what they want, freedom to spend their money.  They could still be allowed to watch movies under R(A) as long as they are kept from touching their money. They can ogle and imagine and fantasise, but not allowed to do the real thing with the money they have, like going on long holidays or having great meals or drinking sessions with their loved ones or friends, or pampering themselves.

R(60) category will be very useful to protect these retarded old folks from their life savings. These are people that cannot be trusted with their own money. They can will their wealth to their loved ones or nominees when they die. The more I think of this R(60) the more useful I think it can be.

Kopi Level - Red


Anonymous said...

No need to protect their money lah.

Just make them continue to work to get money. No work, no money, not even CPF money.

Work, work, work. From 55 to 60 to 65 to 70 and so on. Until 91 or even 100.

If cannot work as MP, at least blog and work for kopi lah. Then got money, tio bo?

But not as cleaner hor, the job and money all no good.

Anonymous said...

How many work as MP even up to 90 years old?

Only one in Sinkieland, and maybe also the whole world!

How many over 60 work as blogger and ask for kopi?

Only one also?

Anonymous said...

RB's resident commentator is stationed here full time, 24/7 to support him.

Anonymous said...

RB, I think the government should set out courses to teach the R60 on how to specifically managed mei mei. Example with modules as follow:-
Module 1-the art of differentiating true love and the 101 tricks that mei mei will use on you.
Module 2- the different between true love and lust.
Module 3- beauty will not last and how mei mei will bullshiting you on her ever lasting beauty.
Module 4- how can you validate mei mei is still a virgin.
Module 5-how to catch mei mei pretending she is inexperienced in sex and so on.

Many matilar can add more chapters dealing with homosexual and incest topics for those R60 that are keen in these kind of things.

Anonymous said...

10.04 u very funny. Are u the same guy that list the 10 books for matilar to write? That motherfucker never commit to witting leh

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
/// MATI-LAH, even the SKUNK is ashamed of YEWR SHITTY SMELL! said...
RB Post 27 Aril 2014:

"The books that I would want to write"

// Anonymous Anonymous said...
Matilar, u can also write the following books

1) how to boast about sexual power when both tiny are missing
2) the art of incest
3) the guide on how to bull shits
4) how to irritate people and waste their time daily
5) learning to be thick skin and flameproof
6) how to tahan when your ass kena fucked
7) how to act as patriot when you are a traitor
8) how to act and look normal when you are actually insane
9) learning to speak when a cock is stuck in your mouth
10) how to con your sisters and daughters to continue having sex with you without reporting to the police.

I am quite sure others can contribute other ideas for matilar so that he can become very rich like he always dream of. Knn motherfucker that waste the earth resources.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ cut and paste unoriginal asshole:

The more you post your cut and paste, the more you prove that you are an uncreative fool who is an embarrassment to the nation, and definitely needs to be replaced by a foreigner who is far superior to you in every way imaginable. Oh what? It's happened already? WOW! Celestial justice! ;-)


People and especially all those frauds claiming to be "spiritual gurus" (who've morphed into "corporate trainers" in recent times) have all sorts of complicated ideas on the objective of life. Mine is very simple: to have as much sex as possible before I die.

I think R(60) is an excellent idea. R(18) means that only those 18 and above are allowed to participate. Therefore the R(60) category is restricted to those 60 and above, meaning more opportunities for WILD HOT SEX for those of an age where they've earned the right to as much pleasure as they can handle :-)

101% support! Extra kopi for RB. Give that man a bottomless cup!

Anonymous said...

RB, I think the ten books thingi really get matilar upset for the first time. This motherfucker normally quite thick skin one. Good on the original and subsequent posters.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Oh yah. I'm very upset...boo hoo hoo. Better go see your butt-ugly toothless mom so she can suck my cock back to happiness :-)

Anonymous said...

Please don't give the PAP more bright ideas to keep our money.

Please, tolong, pai toh.

b said...

The gov can castrate them or immobilise their penises and there is no more excuse to withheld our cpf that they will be cheated of their cpf by some women. Those who refused, can pay a fine. Problem solved.

Anonymous said...


Starting with those older political leaders above 60 years. Or are they also on Parlimentary privilege?

Anonymous said...

Not a bad idea really. All R(60)can get a certificate of their castration and CPF release to them.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Hey, sounds like you cunts are jealous because old farts get more pussy than you can ever dream.

Got and improve your social status lah, then you can stop masturbating and have real sex with really hot women.

Losers :-) (hot women don't like losers)

b said...

"hot women don't like losers"

- they do like losers with lots of money. ultimately, hot women only like money not men. stop deceiving yourself.

Anonymous said...

Matilar, stop boating again on your sexual power lar. Go write your first book first.. That is how to boast about sexual power when both tiny are missing. Haha. You should stop your incest activity especially both your mother and sister are old already and stop abusing them. You are a real motherfucker and complete waste of earth resources as earlier post indicated.

Anonymous said...

better to have additional cat to protect local sinkieputra from integrating with cultures of foreign talents

for examples .... oh my holy cow, here it is


Anonymous said...


So... you are the man!!! U have my respect.

Knnccb..... fuck hsien loong

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> stop deceiving yourself.

Haha...if you improve your social status, you'll be able to join the rest of the "deceivers" and have lots of sexual variety.

However, at the moment, your low social status only guarantees that you can go no further than jacking off to free internet porn in your sad one-bedroom, instant-noodle existence ;-)

So please continue to be in denial of the evidence-based scientific research.

To women, a man with money is a sexy sexy thing. The horny old farts of Singapore accept this reality, but dumb fucks like you think you know better. You don't.

Got bang-balls loser?