Obama the comedian and the Yakuza

There is a report in the media about Obama reviewing American policies and ‘vows to act against aggression’ a few days back. Obviously Obama did not know or is unaware that the Americans are the biggest aggressor in the world, or pretending not to know.  The Americans have been conducting aggression in many countries for decades unceasingly, engulfed in wars of aggression but hidden under the guise of defending the democracy and human rights. I can’t help calling him a joker.

Oh, actually Obama was talking about regional aggression and regional aggressor that needs to be checked, like China. International aggression and international aggressor like the Americans have no checkers and no one to check them. It is the right of the Americans to be an international aggressor and they can do it with impunity. Who can check the American aggression?

Obama also cautioned against the use of force. American aggression did not involve the use of force. They were always peaceful in nature, without destruction and loss of lives. When Obama cautioned against the use of force, he was referring to other aggressor countries. The Americans never use force in their aggressions against other countries. America always led by examples, and American influence is always stronger by such examples of not using force, like in Iraq, Libya, Iran, Afghanistan, in Vietnam, in Korea.

Obama let the cat out of the back when he said America ‘is moving away from direct military actions.’ So there you have it, the Americans have been involved with direct military actions all the while, use of force. All the talks about not using military force were lies.
Obama is a great comedian in the making. He can start a second career in Hollywood when his term as the President ends, as a comedian of course.

Yesterday, ‘Hagel said the United States took no position on the merits of rival territorial claims in the region, but added: "We firmly oppose any nation's use of intimidation, coercion, or the threat of force to assert these claims."  Hagel then threw his weight in support of greater military role for Japan in regional affairs. Japan is now unleashed as the top war dog of the American pivot and the Americans are expecting the East and South East Asian countries to join this invader of their countries against China. Some of these countries have forgotten what Japan did to them in WW2 and that their fate as colonies of Imperial Japan. The Japanese are reviving their imperial and military ambition to be the military power in the region. Asian countries that failed to learn from the evils of the Japanese past would have to pay dearly one day should they be ruled by the Japanese again.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


You are forgetting one fundamental thing: When the US conducts acts of aggression and destruction, they are the "good guys" acting from the moral high ground of "protecting freedoms and liberty" by enforcing "justice" for world peace.

Instead of tekaning these fuckers all the time, take some time out to consider the goodness of their christian hearts, and the sacrifices made by their military and over-taxed, debt-ridden citizens for looking after all of us "lesser mortals" who do not have the wherewithal to look after ourselves.

You think Americans are exploiting you. Whilst that might be the case, in their eyes, like the true chrisitans they are, they are SAVING YOU.

Jesus will be impressed ;-)

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Anonymous said...

Please lah, don't call other country's leaders comedians. As if we don't have our own.

So please mind our own business. I know u have already written some but there is still a lot more to write about those in Sinkieland, before turning to other countries.

And all the more necessary to speak out for daft Sinkies because they are ones suffering under such comedian leaders, and unable to do anything about it.

Anonymous said...

Ya lor, that's why sometimes u see Hahahahahahaha comments in the blog.

It is a comedy, and not just talking about leaders.

Sinkies (daft one lah) are also a joke.


Anonymous said...

Now the environment had changed many old men depend on stocks and dividends as their income?

It could be as they grow older more difficult to find jobs and other factors?

Anonymous said...

American aggressions is centuries old,
not decades old
continuous throughout.

Anonymous said...

Are stocks n dividends dependable for survival n livelihood. Thot they are causes for bankruptcy n suicide.

Virgo49 said...

Americunts- Number ONE Savior of the World.

Do what I tell you to do and not do what I do.

Famous Army quote to subordinates.

Now telling the Thais, better call for early elections or else!!!

The Thai General should showed his MIDDLE FINGER to them.

On one hand, they preached not to interfere with another country's affairs, on the other hand, they quote:- Do what I tell you to do. blah blah blah....

Now China delegates in SIN at the Dialogue will show their middle fingers to this Hagel- who looked sheepishly away when the General in PRC told him off.

That guy- no personality one looked timid timid want to tell people off???


Anonymous said...

China is now facing the number gangster and WW@'s number One Asian gangster. And both tried to act as if they are angels.

Fucking gangsters!

Anonymous said...

Who hijacked MH370 and murdered more than 200 passengers, young and old?

Anonymous said...

I suspect MH370 was shot down.

And because search attention had been diverted (or distracted?) to the Indian ocean, there was hence more than enough time to clean up the debris at the actual site, and without a trace.

So folks can speculate on whatever, but with no physical evidence, the matter can be covered up without any chance of being uncovered.

Tio bo, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

As far as I am concern, America is finished. No more US$1 =S$3.Their only strength is their
airforce which they can carpet bombed a whole country. Even that they lost in Vietnam.

The biggest treat is the "siao gui". They invaded the whole SE asia and now want to be peace keeper. How, send more"siao gui" to become barbers, businessmen, etc and when the time comes they will rise to fight for their emperor. Of course the evil Empire is behind all these just like they are doing in the ME , Europe and Latin A not long ago.

See, the shittimes even gave him two headlines yesterday and today. Why?