B52s could have started WW3

Photo credit to Global Times.

The above map is produced in Global Times and showed the flight path taken by the B52 bombers on 27 Nov 13. The heading of the B52s directly into China is an act of hostility. Given the capability of the B52s, at 200km off the Chinese coast they are able to launch cruise missiles to strike at Chinese coastal cities like Shanghai or Xiamen. As China was not given a flight path and the intent of the bombers unknown, it could assume that they were enemy aircraft with hostile intention.

Given such a scenario which was aggressively provocative, China should have scrambled fighters to intercept the bombers and force them to turn around, firing warning shots if necessary. China should lodge a strong protest to Obama (and the UN) and warning him that any military aircraft heading towards China unannounced and crosses the 200km (or 300km red line) would be declared as hostile, an act of war, and would be shot at.

With this nasty experience, China should make this clear to Japan and the US and its allies that China will take military action to shoot down unidentified aircraft acting in a hostile manner with no exceptions.

At the very least China must scramble its fighter to intercept and force any military aircraft to turn around. This is a military protocol that all nations will adopt in the face of an intrusion by unknown aircraft. The B52s are not any civilian aircraft but nuclear capable bombers and getting anywhere nearer is a very dangerous and offensive act and cannot be repeated.

The Russians shot down a civilian airliner from South Korea when it claimed to have lost it direction and flown into Russian territory. In this case, the B52s cannot be allowed anywhere nearer than a 200km radius from China's coastline. The Americans are playing with fire.

China should also raise this issue at the UN Security Council and make its stand clear, that it will shoot down military aircraft encroaching into its airspace and within a specified distance that would allow it to conduct a strike against China's mainland. This message must be made known to all countries and the American's irresponsible act must be registered with the UN that such an event had happened and would not be allowed to do so again.

The stupid act of the Americans could have started a war yesterday. A hawkish Chinese general could have fired a SAM at the B52s as a defensive act and rightful to do so. The Americans were acting irresponsibly and in a very provocative manner. This was how close the world came to the Third World War should the bombers be shot and brought down.

The crazy cowboys must not be allowed to try this again.


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Mr. Red Bean

There's a mistake in your post PLSE, the duration is incorrect.

Thank You.

Anonymous said...

If China can follow PAP's method, problems are resolved. Just declared ADIZ as ERP zones. So every time foreign plane fly over ERP zone, beep one time with $500 entrance fee. Designated a lot of ERP over the ADIZs to discourage unauthorised flying. Very soon China will be wallaby rich as the pap cronies. Remember to send the bill to the foreign countries every month, and if they refuse to pay, summon them and charge them with contempt of court over unpaid fine.

Will PAP's money-mentality method brilliantly work for China. What do you think ?

Anonymous said...

If it was a show of one up manship, the US prevailed and will always be so.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 11:48, please enlighten. Thanks.

oldhorse42 said...

I wonder why China did not act as prescribed by RB. Surely there are Chinese in command capable of thinking strategically like RB did.
After all why declare unilaterally something you cannot enforce or unwilling to enforce when challenged.
It just exposed China's vulnerability!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There is no issue whether the Empire and its allies want to recognise or not recognise the ADIZ. I think China also does not recognise Japan's ADIZ.

What China needs to do is to scramble fighters to escort any unidentified aircraft, military or civilian, in the ADIZ. And if they adopt hostile manoevres or like the case of the B52s heading directly into China, they will be warned to turn back. Warning shots can be fired in their path and if necessary more serious actions can be taken.

When the two B52s headed into China, the Chinese would not know if they were armed or unarmed, hostile or not unless the Chinese scramble their fighters to see it visually. Even then, they would not see what is under the closed belly.

Without the fighters, the Chinese could have fired a SAM at the B52s if they continued heading into China. The Chinese must know the firing range of the B52s and would probably have their fingers on the firing button. The Americans too know what the Chinese know and crossing a certain threshold would draw fire. They turned around without getting closer and forcing the Chinese to do something drastic.

B52s are very offensive aircraft and cannot be tolerated to get too close to China's coastline.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

redbean is quite correct. Too many people played this down when it first occurred.

Basically the US and its military allies don't "recognise" China's claim to this airspace. Since then, S Korean and Jap planes have "violated" China's ADIZ, essentially giving the Chinese state a two fingered "fuck you".

It can be argued that China started this shit by unilaterally declaring an ADIZ. The point here is: The issue of "sovereignty" of Senkaku is still being disputed -- NOTHING has been settled so far. Thus really has no right to impose an ADIZ. However, China does have the POWER to do so -- and this folks, is no longer a matter of "rights", it is now a POWER game.

The only thing missing is some big-balled macho bullfighter from Mexico, because presently this is a Mexican standoff.

What I do during a Mexican Standoff is drink lots of tequila.

Anonymous said...

Boooohhhoooohoooo, I am so lonely. Can someone please talk to me, plleezzz....

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@Thomas Kim:

redbean is definitely a Sino-phile, and he has no love for the USA, often referring to America as the evil empire or the bullies, crazy cowboys -- all sorts of "weasel words" chock full of emotion, poisoning the well and psychologically priming the reader long before the reader can formulate an opinion of her own by digesting the cold, hard, unemotional facts.

Thus I don't take redbean's "fantastic" weltanschauung too seriously.

Every culture of humanity have their quirks, not because cultures are inferior or superior to each other, but by the simple fact that we humans have quirky emotion-fueled brains -- and are capable of being fuck-nut crazy. To quote Christopher Hitchens: Our adrenal glands are too big and frontal lobes too small.

Anonymous said...

“If you let a bully come in your front yard, he’ll be on your porch the next day and the day after that he’ll rape your wife in your own bed.” – Lyndon B. Johnson

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@Thomas Kim

>> In the United States, such people would in the form of the Klu Klux Klan or something similar. Which are not exactly admired people.

I'll bet you such people will always have their "admirers" ;-)

Anyway, I like the Americans and the territories and individuals all over the world who embrace the basis of human freedom: to live and let live. IMO, it's ok to be a total nutjob, certifiably mental and roaming free -- as long as these folks don't initiate violence. America is full of bat-shit insane people who are in full view in public" televangelists, politicians like Rick Santorum, conspiracy nuts, UFO "abductees", you name it, they have it -- from Alex Jones to Miley Cyrus. Crazy can be "monetized" to cash flow in the USA.

>> they got some serious deep-seeded personal issues and use nationalism or ethnicity to boost their own self-worth. <<

Culture can be divisive. In fact, that mechanism is in-built: In-group == good, out-group == bad. We're evolutionarily wired to be "tribal". The only way you can transcend that "impulse" is by intellect -- which has the danger of going th other way and actually reinforcing in-group/ out-group dynamics.

>> As well as ignorance as RB and several others here have displayed more than enough times. <<

This is a blog. It is a small piece of internet real estate of almost pure freedom -- the freedom to express in ways which you just cannot do in the real, off-line world without getting sued, arrested or beaten up/ killed.

Thus it is reasonable to assume that people will just "let it all hang out" -- libel, slander, misinformation, culture biases, cognitive dissonance, cognitive biases, logical fallacies, emotion-motivated reasoning...the whole fucken ball of wax!

Anonymous said...

Barrie Bear has suddenly becomes an US adulator, apparently very opposed to his past anti American Stance.
What has changed him?
Split personality.........?

Anonymous said...

Want to declare ADIZ, make sure you can back up your claim with willpower and firepower. Now, US has intruded into it, minnows Japan and South Korea have done it, all saying F you! to China. It is like a gangster declaring a neighbourhood as his territory. Another big gangster comes to that neighbourhood and shit in the place. Two small gangsters go in and take a dump too and the self-appointed gangster does nothing. What does this show to the rest of the countries in Asia? China is still not confident and Uncle Sam is the one with the big swinging dick and big stick. If another country does this to US or Russian airspace, surely the intruding aircraft will be shot down. Shoot first, talk later. In China's case, it is just pure talk. Certainly not one of China's best moments, this ADIZ fiasco.

Anonymous said...

Tribes are born.
Naturally come into being(as such).
It does evolve, but will not come to fruition to become an entity capable of ownership of an indepedent territory.

Anonymous said...

China is cornered and need to do something to be taken seriously.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


I suggest you bone up on evolutionary biology. Pay attention to the other homid species like Australopithecus afarensis, Homo habilis, and especially Homo erectus -- the first hominids to migrate out of Africa.

Migration is a group effort -- increases the chances of individual and group survival. Therefore we know that "tribes" some form of social structure was probably involved.

You'll also find tribal behaviour in other primates like the chimpanzee and bonobo. They engage is warfare and mass murder (genocide).

The part of the brain largely responsible for this tribal-nature and social organization is the NEOCORTEX ("new rind"), multiple layers of cells forming the "new brain" in mammals.

Anonymous said...

Science is as human construct as religion.
There are as much crackos in Sciences as in religions.
Fancy beans declaring they discovered this and that when the 'discovered' items exist and are components of nature long before word was invented.
Even word itself is part of nature.
Imagine and fantasize by all means, however, makes no claim that does not have logic.
Engineering is science and invention, but, not evolution. Beans demeanours behaviours and characteristics are parts of nature, except his/her imagination.

Anonymous said...

The act of assertion flying b52 is probably a bait. It is slow , loud, sluggish and unescorted making it a perfect target for engagement. But the Chinese did NOT take bait heng ah.

The japs zone drawn by ...is clearly to push back the China airforce , one long line drawn cross an expanse of the Chinese border based those islands whose occupants are indigenously non-japanese

Anonymous said...

The media when Us flew in with nuclear Bomber 52 it is called 'defy chinese adz ' ..When China fly into their zone with a tiny craft Y12 propellar plane it is incurson .. met with F-15 !!


US is siding japan loh, like shitty times also, today portray China like a black monster in a comic next to richard bitzinger article. so fast take side already

Anonymous said...

To survive, a minion has to behave double faced, sided, headed or interchangeable use of upper and lower organs.
All talks of principle and character are bull shit.
This is reality.

Anonymous said...


Think the duration for Normal and Technical stream is 5 years and not 6 years which you have written in your blog, "Education in Singapore"' under PLSE results, I have posted there as well, twice (did not mean to do it, but then it came our twice, sorry).

Thank You

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I read that there is a Normal 5 years and a normal 6 years. On completion of 5 years at Normal can moved on to take O level. This is not the case for those in the 6 years Normal.

See if anyone can confirm. I old bird, a bit out of touch.

b said...

A lot of people who knows nothing about warfare will want china to strike back just at the sight of slightest form of invasion. I applaud the way china handled this situation with class and magnitude. The china today really impresses me in terms of intelligence and sophistication. A good general will buy time and knows when to strike back at the time he wants and when the enemies are at their weakest.

b said...

In fact, the winner is quite obvious. US will not win this war especially if they joined hands with number one jinx japan. US is never strong in engineering not to mention strategies (think vietnam). They cannot even create a fuel efficient automobile! Anyone who have seen their display of engineering power will have to laugh off the chair. China, with the secret help of russia and muslims countries will easily win the war. US should back off and save some face. They cannot even cleaned up their own backyard (south america) so they better hands off asia.


Anonymous said...

probably true that when China radar registering 2 b-52, finger is already on the button. luckily the b-52 did not malfunction then !

from the incident, symbolic dispatch of such bomber capable carrying weapon of mass destruction is really worrisome especially when is despatched so readily. b2 was flying over SK toward only not too long ago.

Anonymous said...

The fucking Americans are playing a very dangerous game. Irresponsible and reckless bastards.