Why are there still persistent calls for Sinkies to go overseas to work?

If Sinkies can’t make it here they should go overseas. There are plenty of opportunities overseas. The world is your oyster. Now, if we have built a paradise here, good living environment to set up family and grow children, good jobs and pay, why would Sinkies want to go overseas? And then let foreigners to come in to take over their jobs, live in their houses, take care of their families, and take over the country?

What is the point of a owning a mansion when you cannot live in it? Go overseas, by all means, to travel, to enjoy, to see the world, but to work for a living and leave the paradise behind, or leave your family behind? Going overseas to work must be not out of necessity but a choice to experience, to widen the horizon, for the adventure.

Going overseas to work is different from going overseas to do business, to sell products and services. Our companies, manufacturers, service providers, should venture overseas to increase their revenue, their profitability like Sembawang, like Capitaland, like Hyflux etc etc. Chasing our people overseas to be employees is a stupid thing when jobs are plentiful here and the living environment is good. Why must we hire foreigners here and chase our citizens away, from their families, from their homes and country?

Why chase our citizens overseas only to replace their absence by foreigners that don’t really contribute much to improve the country but to fill up the vacuum, to take their place and enjoy the comfort and infrastructure built by our citizens…that were chased away? Whose bright idea is that? I hear a lot of parrots parroting the same silly tune. Do they know what it means, what are the implications to the lives of these people who have to leave their families behind?

Do they know the implications to the future of this country? Do they know that the country has been taken over by foreigners? One day they might realize their folly too late when they returned to find their country no more. Or they might not be able to return home any more.

They are the best talents available, the thinkers and planners. The wise men and women.


oldhorse42 said...

Getting Sinkies to go overseas to work dovetail nicely with the population replacement policy of the ruling party.

To make way for the influx of new citizen who are willing to work harder, longer and cheaper to make the ruling class richer.

And they do not bellyache too.

Anonymous said...

How to go overseas to work if the fucking PAP gahmen does not want to look after my two 80 year old parents?

Hey PM Lee.
Got any job openings at the Tanjong Pagar GRC for my 2 parents?

Anonymous said...

In ancient China.
When the old emperor dies.
All the wives, concubines, servants and ministers are buried in the tomb with the dead emperor.

In modern Singapore.
We replace the old Singaporeans with new citizens.

theonion said...


the call to work overseas in the first place is for overseas posting experience.

Do you know how difficult it is to persuade people to work overseas especially in developing countries even though they are still getting paid in S$ plus housing and yearly home leave and by those standards are well to do in those countries.

Very slanted opinion in your above article.

This must be due to maybe heartburn from the recent guys who despite taunting got caught.

agongkia said...

Sometimes its good to work oversea.
If one is deployed outside the country by the company,he should feel happy for being treasured.
I am posted oversea at least once a month for few days.My clients are usually those widowed,divorced lonely Tai tais who insist on professional like me to clear their choking pipes.
Not only I get paid,I get free Tongkay Ali.The only moment I feel I am a man is when I am working oversea.
Only Ah Lau will be jealous of those younger one who have a chance to work oversea.

patriot said...

Working anywhere is never an issue.
The Issue is; at the end of the day, there is a sweet home to go back to.

Is Singapore a home anymore?
Is it not too hot and less hospitable
by the day with ever rising cost of
living and population?

Ti kor liang, ti kor chor meaning
where it is best to live, it shall be
the place to set up home.


Anonymous said...

@ the fucking onion

How to go overseas to work if the fucking PAP gahmen does not want to look after my two 80 year old parents?

Got any job openings at the Tanjong Pagar GRC for my 2 parents?

Anonymous said...

In fact a lot of real talented Sinkies have already gone overseas lah.

Not only to work, but also to live better, retire and even die overseas.

What is still remaining are those suffering Sinkies who "pa see buay zau" (beat him to death also don't want to run) and those smart Sinkies who still can make lots of money and have a good life in Sinkieland under PAP. So no need to go overseas, tio bo? At least for the time being lah.

That's why not enough smart Sinkies join opposition an hence even the strongest one is also not ready to be govt lor.

And PAP will remain the best available party to rule those Sinkies who still remain in Sinkieland till extinction lah.

Anonymous said...

Is it time to join the opposition?

Anonymous said...

Everbody expected somebody to do something but nobody did it, everybody, was not happy because somebody was suppose to do it, .....sounds familiar, that's what we become, the choices made today is not for us.


agongkia said...

anon 1037
Who is the strongest oppo?
You mean the one not ready but only ready about boleow parental leave and urging the Authority to punish the local poor employers facing difficulty jialat jialat for not paying CPF on time?

Drink Ah Huat kopi better than listen to Ah Huat story.

We have talent just that many dun know how to use their brain lah.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Better to drink kopi with RB.

Anonymous said...

@ the fucking onion

I wish your parents a long and happy life.
I hope they live till 120 years old.
And that you will be working overseas during this time.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Onion, I have HR and general management experience. Make me a decent offer for an overseas posting. Medically perfect. No sickness.

How? I hope you don't be like those people, no takers leh. There are many PMEs out there that would take up the offer if not already given to FTs.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I just check, today only half a cup of kopi for me. What happen to you guys? It's OPM also so stingy ya.

Anonymous said...

I-pad, Lap top all used liao, how's the kopi level now?


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thanks Kaki and all. Now got one and a half cup : )

Anonymous said...

All part of the process of transforming this little red dot into the Kingdom of Lanfang.

virgo49 said...

Right anon 10.19

Working overseas fir family men/women are nit easy.

If one posted overseas, the other like a single parent bringing up children plus old parents. Real stressful.

Unless really high management post plus great incentives and benefits like whole family relocated there with all expenses paid for housing and education, then its worth the effort.

When back, children also had difficulty adjusting to SIN educational demands.

Go overseas when you are nearly retirement stage when the children are all grown up and do not need your full attention further.

That's why many Japanese senior management staff are posted overseas to be the CEO or representative of their business. Younger ones are the junior or middle management staff who are posted because of economic reasons.

I have, had the opportunity to work overseas for a short stint before retirement and that's the best for both economic as well as leisurely pleasure to discover working in another country.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

It makes perfect sense to go where the work is so that you are the main beneficiary -- financial, career wise etc.

Go overseas, return to Singapore as an expat. I used to do it, and I am no one that "special".

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Cognitive Dissonance

One thing you can be certain of is the amount of widespread cognitive dissonance in Singapore.

1. Govt introduces immigration policy
2. Singaporeans not satisfied. Become xenophobic
3. Singapore "too crowded" "too expensive" "too restrictive" "too stressful" blahdebladeblahdeblah...
4. Govt suggest Singaporeans go overseas to work -- most Singaporeans being well-educated and multi lingual, and therefore have a chance of doing really well
5. Singaporeans quickly look for reasons why this is a BAD IDEA.

Cannot win lah. Matilah Singapura!

Anonymous said...

Going abroad to work and
live is a golden opportunity
for sinkies to leave sin. Heaven
for future.
The future for sin is hell.

Anonymous said...

Must say that wise old matilah is someone sinkies have a lot to learn from. Had he stays in sin, like a frog in a well, he would not be able to talk about his exploits at Jalan Chow Keat, BangkokOz cities and other happening places like a yayapapaya. Wait for him to venture into Madras, Mumbai and Chitagong, he will tell you how hot the chicks there. And if he goes Zurich, Paris, Bahrain, New York and Rio de Janeiro, there will be more stories here.
Yes, be like matilah, exploit advantages from the different places and be proud of prowess and financial status. Best, he can afford to fuck all the governments everywhere.
Got intelligence like matilah?

Anonymous said...

DAFTNESS .... is a quality and a value that we must export thru out the planet earth

this will be peace to all the ruling party .. imagine americunt need not resort to the various springs revolutions to overthrow govt that are not of value to them

knnccb ...

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Please don't pretend to lick my hairy balls and make me into someone I am not.

I don't make trouble for governments: I am an "under the radar" guy. So no, I do not "fuck governments", I am not a crazy nut who has "something to prove".

Also, I am comfortable but definitely do not have "financial prowess" to go here there and everywhere to have a good time. My work requires me to travel, and stay overseas -- which means I get to earn decent money in a foreign land, which in turn enables me to indulge in leisure activities.

Also I do not have a "racial fetish" when it comes to women. I don't care what race a woman is -- in fact I don't care about race -- period. Or sexual orientation, or politics. One area of concern is religiosity -- the degree to which people cling to their chosen faith, or lack thereof. I tend to avoid very religious people, as I consider them deluded and dangerous.

So please lah,I am a very average guy just trying to make his life as interesting and entertaining as possible. There are many people smarter and wealthier than I am, but they are -- from my observation -- unhappy, jaded, angry and some bordering on, or in depression. So if there's a message here from me it will be this:

1. You'd better take charge of your life and your own "happiness" -- because if you don't, other people will HIJACK your life for their own agendas.

2. Never hijack other people's lives for your own agenda. Be upfront and honest from the start.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


3. You are going to FAIL -- even if you think you are "playing it safe". It will piss you off and many times gnaw at your spirit to the point you feel like giving up and surrendering to be "just like everyone else". FAILURE is the DEFAULT SETTING for life

4. "Happiness" and "Success" comes in drips and drabs - and are to enjoyed in the moment for what they are. They are not permanent, nor do they confer upon you any special "status" to elevate you above everyone else.

please feel free to add to the list or to disagree with me ;-)