Daft Sinkies will lose their country

The Malays in Malaysia will never lose their country. They are fully conscious and politically aware that they are the owners of their land. The daft Chinese almost lost China when the country was ruled by a minority tribe, the Manchus, who cared more of their tribe’s interest than the interest of the bigger country China, chose to protect their own interest. As long as they could preserve their dynasty, even just the forbidden city, the rest of China can go to the foreigners. When the Chinese people did not believe in themselves, lost confidence and faith, did not believe that they own the country, they just give up. Foreigners were everywhere in China, with more rights than the citizens.
China was lucky that a new elite emerged to gather the lost Chinese together, to politicize them again, to renew their faith and patriotic love in their country, to take back their country. The rest is history.

Singapore is at a juncture when the lost sheep is led by blind shepherds that only believe in selling the wool to make more money. They would sell the sheep and the pen if the money is good. No one cares about the country and the people. It is laissez faire, and money can buy anything. The rich are intoxicated with the money they have made, and everyone is trying to make more money, selling land and properties and whatever they have, for more money.

Sinkies no longer think about country. Sinkies no longer believe that they own this country. Sinkies were told to share this country with any Tom, Dick and Harry. It is like lelong, come all and take all, come and feast. Whoever can and willing, can take and have everything. There is no ownership, no country, just a hotel.

While the rich Sinkies are merrymaking and laughing to the banks, the average Sinkies are lost, without a leader to lead. They simply give up, not fighting anymore. Don’t know how to fight or what to fight for. If Sinkies do not think they own this piece of land and allow others to take it away from them by default, they deserve to lose their country.

While they remain apathetic and disinterested, others are not. There are many waiting and scheming to take this island from the daft and pathetic Sinkies. And the good part, the daft Sinkies don’t even know that it is happening. The world is so innocent and beautiful to the daft Sinkies. They could not see the sinister hand of the real world at work. Their island home is slowly slipping away from their limp fingers. Their country is being taken away right before their eyes, wide shut.

Sinkies better wake up before it is too late. This is their only home, their country. Lose it and you will become boat people. The rich will fly away to be rich in other countries. Those left behind will not go on to live a life like what they have today, if they lose their country. And they will lose it, under a rogue govt of bad leaders that think of nothing but their self interest.

Do not adopt a tiada apa attitude and let this country become a hotel.


Anonymous said...

This little rock is owned
by the Rich and powerful.

Sinkies owe the landlords
rental and taxes

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

redbean: what do you mean "become a hotel"? To me and many others it is already a hotel , and a fucking awesome one at that.

The idea of "cuntrees" is fast becoming obsolete, thanks to the globalization of capital, trade, production, culture...and the last one...LABOUR and HUMAN CAPITAL.

Just as ideas, production, capital and trade go to the areas where they are treated in the "best way", human capital and labour now can freely flow to the areas they are required the most by entrepreneurs and their various enterprises.

In Europe, youth unemployment is around 30-50%, and one can observe a flow of labour from high unemployment areas (e.g. Spain, France) to more "productive" areas like Norway and Holland...and even China.

Haven't you noticed an increase in the numbers of YOUNG Europenas living in Singapore's HDB precincts?

Today's young has grown up in the borderless world of the internet. Many of them do not have a clue as to how the world was pre-globalisation. They expect to leave the towns and cities of their birth to go where the work is, so it is reasonable to expect most of them to have a very diminished view of "national identity". When they leave their cuntrees to work and live elsewhere, they often meet their life-partners -- who might be locals or themselves emigres from other cuntrees. They inter-marry and rear children, who might then grow up to work and live elsewhere.

The barriers to emigration are the lowest they've been in human history. Global travel is CHEAP, thanks to deregulation, extensive automation and economies of scale in air travel.

Fuck the cuntrees lah. As the days go on, the idea of "nation states" is fading into oblivion.

So where is home? Planet Earth. Just choose where you want to be, and go there.

Think of it as one big row of Hotels, catering to all tastes :-))

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, with 760 sq km and a pop of 3m, borderless world means we will be lost in the sea of humanity. We are not a big country or even a small country. We are a dot.

We can be open, be a hotel, but the new catch word, sustainable. If we go crazy and think too big for our hat, we will destroy ourselves.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


I shudder everytime I here these buzz words like "sustainable", I'm not sure even if people know what the word means or can agree on the meaning.

To me, I look on it as a species in an environment. The best thing about our species is that we are autonomous individuals when we need to be, and cooperative or competitive with other humans when we need to be.

Even if you do rough "back of the envelope" calculations, you'll find that Singapore --- small dot notwithstanding -- can accommodate very high densities of human life -- IF the engineering is done right.

In modern society, the degree of sophistication of the civilization it is all down to engineering -- from communications, to traffic, to buildings, to utilities, energy, services...you better have good engineers who know their shit because the ENTIRE ENVIRONMENT is man-made.

Don't worry. Singapore has good engineers ;-)

Anonymous said...

Let us go by Science and Logic.

Sg is small, in fact minute shud be more appropriate. Can it be shared by more people than a large country like Oz, US or for the Matter, Malaysia?
It is fine to talk cock but, one got to make sense to be sound.

Anonymous said...

Daft Sinkies already lost their country to the TRAITORS in white.

Anonymous said...

先死后生 could be the logic some philosophers divine for future.
Matilah, is akin to saying go and die lah in singrish. And with death will come a new beginning. This could be a wish that sinkies harbor. No science needed.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I also shudder when our super talented engineers over engineered. I only hope they know their limitations and the limitations of this island.

God punished those that tried to build the Tower of Babel. There is wisdom in this story. Unfortunately Georgie is not there to teach them. Maybe he also forgot about ths story or think we are better than God.

I remember him for CECA.

Anonymous said...

Plse lah.
Matilah Singapura simply means die lah Singapore literally. It cud be a wish, a curse or just jesting lah.

Anonymous said...

Or even just a lament lah.

Veritas said...

Singaporeans are still naive about certain groups of FT, especially FT Indians. Some half bake Malay Muslim populist intellect have fantasy of Chinese racism and often tag team with FT Indians against Singaporean Chinese. No one can be more stupid than these people.

The people High caste Indian hate most are Muslim. Hindutva will not forget 3 millions of the tribe got butchered during India partition. Hindutva simmered with anger whenever they think that they must shift their holy site from Indus river (now in Pakistan), to Ganges.

Look at Kashmir today. A large number of Muslim girls are raped. 1 out of 6 Muslim are tortured. Thousands and thousands of mass grave littered Kashmir.

I have watch documentary that Muslim legs in Kashmir was loped off by India army.

Worse, Kashmir do not belong to India. Kashmir is illegally occupied contravene UN convention.

I believe some stupid people who do not know history are not sure what they will get when they import Hindutva and or when they side with Hindutva against the good Chinese.

After taking over a lot of land, Hindutva wanted to take Tibet. China bail humanity out by defeating Hindutva. Now for the first time, Hindutva hate China -- until today. We have stop their evil.

Now Hindutva is taking over Singapore. Some Malay Muslim, Peranakan, asshole Kuan Yew and Loong cheers because finally Chinese are destroyed.

Anonymous said...

Red bean pau, please write more of such stuff. The 60% must become the 40%. The only way to regain back our country is to kick out the miw's. I've saw this article first in somebody's facebook page. I hope it spreads. I will be doing my part.

Anonymous said...

Matilah treats Red bean pau's blog as a hotel also. He is like a leach. Lucky he got give kopi money to Red bean pau. Nobody wants to go to Matilah's blog because there's nothing original there, all cut and paste like a hotel. Red bean pau's blog is a house and home, just like what he wants Singapore to be.

Anonymous said...

To be realistic - Singapore isn't a 'nation' in the traditional sense. Its a collection of peoples who recently migrated to a colonial island. If we keep this in mind there is a lot less reason to get excited about all these issues.

Veritas said...

To be realistic - Singapore isn't a 'nation' in the traditional sense. Its a collection of peoples who recently migrated to a colonial island. If we keep this in mind there is a lot less reason to get excited about all these issues.

So is USA and Australia. All are relatively recent migrants. That does not mean we must spread our legs and welcome everyone here to screw us. That does not mean we need deprive our son a job and give opportunities to others.

Anonymous said...

Die lah Singapore is a jeer by the Commenter blamingthe Sinkies for the Inevitable Collapse of Sin. I certainly agree with him except that I do not share with him the group of people he blames. It is the Other much Smaller Group but have the Power to destroy. And they will ultimately cause the Collapse.

Anonymous said...

the blind leading the blind, soon all will fall into a ditch...

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

We are a very small country/nation. We have a small population. We can be flooded by other people, taken over by a small group of people. We have no history, no tradition, nothing to hold us together.

But we must stay together, not to be diluted and scattered. We must not lose our country. It is a very young and fragile country and easily dismantled and become someone else's country.

Sinkies must not forget that this is theirs and must fight with tooth and nail, to keep this as their country. Giving away their country is their own undoing if they still adopt a tiada apa attitude. You have no where to go, unless you are the very rich elite.

This is home, your home. Not other people's home or other people's playground. You will be raped if you don't resist or protect your own home and the future of your children.

Do not underestimate the forces out there scheming to take over this island.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 2:21, how come my article in other people's facebook?

b said...

This island is too limited to be called home. It is only at best a stopover destination. Do not stay too long and you will end up like many aunties and uncles who kpkb all the time. Make and save enough monies and then look for other pastures to live out the rest of the live. All elites in this world act like pap - cakes for themselves and crumbs for the people. Do not expect any change in them but try to be mobile and go where dreams can be easily fulfilled.

Anonymous said...

Many Facebook users like your article, especially the young ones. They shared your article from the Facebook accounts of The Real Singapore website and Temasekemeritus website. I wish I could show you the comments. It is causing quite a sensation. You should write such stuff before the next GE, Red bean pau. Sure to tip at least 10 percentage points in the Opposition's favour.

b said...

Nationalistic is a bullshit tool all along to enslave the people just like debts, consumerism, languagues, religions, borders etc. All people in this world must learn to be mobile and fire their masters if they do not display the correct behaviour and move on to other masters that are more willing to provide a reasonable level of living. They have to help themselves on this.

virgo49 said...

Then no more country. what's the fuck we and our children do NS for??

Still tied fish to do reservists training.

To be sucker wasting our time and life with weekends recalls and mobilizations???

Anonymous said...

especially when sinkie run out of energy to KPKB.

Anonymous said...

singapore news tv is slowing engulfed by foreigners

the CNA is phillipinized with never ending coverage of the typhoon which they refused to call haiyan

malaysia english news has less coverage now

Anonymous said...

When the fast train/MRT project to link Singapore to major Malaysian towns is completed, there' II be a massive invasion from our North to take away all our jobs! Repent before it is too late...