Invoking the Third Key

We had good govt in the past. They did so well that they could talk with great conviction and moral authority, and the people believed in them and were with them. To their credit, they built a big national reserve not withstanding that the bulk of the money are the people’s CPF savings. And it was seen as a right thing to do to introduce a Second Key to protect this reserve that is growing bigger and bigger every day. The people believe so too.

No future govt should be allowed to spend away this national reserve, and the President shall hold a Second Key to prevent this from being looted by a rogue govt. A rogue govt is something to fear about, our national reserve is at stake.

But the national reserve is not the only thing that a rogue govt can get their hands to or to do mischief. There are many big assets of the state that can be sold away by a rogue govt. Top on the list is land. This can be sold in many ways. Remember Christmas Island.

What could happen is that a rogue govt could sell off some of our islands and the Second Key may not be able to stop them. He could be too weak, or he could be in collusion with the rogue govt to sell the islands. Building properties exclusively in an island and selling them to foreigners, even with 99 year lease, is as good as selling the island away for 99 years. Cannot imagine if sold as freeholds.

What about selling away national assets or strategic assets? Should the Second Key be used to stop such sales in the name of national interest? The President is paid a huge salary and should be tasked to take on bigger roles and responsibilities.

What about bringing in big numbers of foreigners as citizens or PRs? Hypothetically, if our citizen population is 3m and 3m foreigners are brought in as new citizens or PRs, it is as good as giving 50% of the assets/country to the new citizens and PRs. They are brought in to share our wealth and our country. Should the Second Key be used to stop such acts?

A rogue govt can commit many acts of treasons against the citizens that we could not think of at the moment, and with a President in their pocket. Rogue govt can turn traitors to the citizens. And when they do, and if the Second Key failed to stop them, who else or what else can stop the looting?

The citizens of the island need a Third Key to prevent the country from being sold away by a rogue govt in collusion with a willing President as an accomplice. As the system is such, it is the govt of the day that appoints the President, in a way. Oops, the people voted for the Presidency. The probability of a rogue govt working hand in hand with the President is very high. Only a Third Key can stop this.

The Third Key is with the people, and the Third Key is the people. The citizens of the state are the Third Key and this key must be used in major issues affecting the state and the interest of the citizens.

The citizens of the state must use the Third Key on the issue of 6.9m population and on any matters that involved selling a part of the country away. It is time to invoke the Third Key. The citizens of a country cannot let 78 people decide their fate on a matter of such importance and with grave consequences. The people must know that they hold the Third Key and they are the Third Key.


Anonymous said...

And that is why the 3rd Key, the citizens must be kept as daft as possible.
The 3rd key must only be allowed access to the 'correct" websites and news media.

And how to stop the 3rd Key from educating ourselves?
By telling us we are no good.
That we are daft.
That we are non-elite.
That our academic achievements are below standard.

oldhorse42 said...

By the third key, is RB referring to a Referendum?

In other words, a referendum must be called and the people vote on the issue, be it land sale, mass importation of FTs, sale of strategic assets like power generators.

Just like in condo, the power of the MC is restricted and an EGM must be called to decide on issues.

After half a century of free hand in running the sampan.2, would our leeders now hand back some power back to the people?

Tan ku ku er!

Anonymous said...

Uncle: // The citizens of the state must use the Third Key on the issue of 6.9m population and on any matters that involved selling a part of the country away. It is time to invoke the Third Key. //

Technically it makes sense.

Practically it does not make sense.

Constitution cannot be changed.

Referendum cannot be called.

Your so called Third key is like a security guard with hands tied, legs tied, mouth stuff with his own socks and making muzzled kpkb noises.

Every GE likely going to be a non-event.

So all can continue to make muzzled kpkb such as the title of this post. No?

Anonymous said...

If everyone thinks like you, anon 9:32, then the people will always remain as a gagged security guard with hands and legs tied.

They have a choice, to break free. it is not easy and takes a lot of effort to break the chain. Too long being tied and with a defeated attitude, the daft sinkies would never see daylight again.

We shall not be slaves again!

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 9.50 am

Well said.




Can walk the talk?

Striped, tied, gagged , almost naked security guard with only underwear .........

Anonymous said...

'We had good government....... . .'

Redbean has not read the comments fr his commenter(s?) blaming the earlier generations for causing the woes today.

Without the early leaders and their adulators, the people may not be in such predicament now. These who sing praises for the early leadership are indeed as culpable as the current leaders, together they create the situation now.

It will get worse and many will have to suffer very miserably. So plse understand that the praises Rb and Co sang and sing for the early leadership is one major cause for the problem today.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I have read and understood. Many babyboomers benefitted from the earlier govt. But there was a change. Dr Jekyll became Mr Hyde.

The good works were eclipsed and now it is going downhill.

virgo49 said...

Mr RB, indeed baby boomers benefitted from the earlier government.

If not, many already starved years ago.

So many living on the passive incomes of their cheap cheep hdb flats.

Many also sold on the inflated one thousand percent profits living with their children or in Mat's land condos or landed terraces or bungalows.

How many of them got actual savings from their miserable meagre cpf funds.

Just heard in polyclinic,
Conversations between two elderly folks that some one offering several hundred thousands for their flats.

Several hundred thousands lots of monies for these folks who brought their flats for only several ten thousands.

b said...

'Many babyboomers benefitted from the earlier govt.'

- I think you are wrong. The MSM will never tell you the truth. Many were let down by the system especially those lowly educated ones. They have probably all died of starvation, frustration, depression etc.

- There is never any change between the old and new gov. They are all there to screw the people, suppress the truth, make people slaves and discard them once their useful lives are over.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I can't disagree with you on this. The undeducated and workers of the babyboomer will suffer the most. They have no savings and if lucky still have their flats to fall back on. The problem comes when this last support is gone. Most are living with a little leftover that cannot last with the high cost of living.

But there is a way out as someone suggested. Just help themselves in any of the supermarket and be invited to live the bungalow in Changi, with food and lodging and medical provided. Not a bad solution.

Anonymous said...

Too late, the only solution is to change the lock matched only with the Sinkie master key.