Grace Fu confirms that we are the best

At the Ong Teng Cheong Labour Leadership Institute’s graduation ceremony Grace Fu cautioned against some pitfalls that Singapore should avoid while running the country. She spoke about Sweden and Japan, two of the model countries in the developed world.

In the case of Sweden, despite having one of the best labour relations, remunerations and benefits for workers, there are problems of high cost of employment, loss of competitiveness of the companies and youth unemployment. Sweden thus has one of the highest ratios of youth unemployment in Europe. This in a way could see Sweden facing more problems in the years ahead. This is something that we should avoid if we want to remain competitive and continue to provide full employment to our people. In my view this is our greatest achievements, to be able to provide our workers with good jobs and also helped to provide more than a million jobs to foreigners.

In Japan’s case, it has serious flaws in its healthcare system mainly due to its stubbornness not to employ foreign nurses to take care of its ageing population. The quality of healthcare has dropped and there are long waiting queues in clinics and poor emergency health care. Must be worse than Singapore.

In short, we are the best in both labour management and creating jobs, and also in our healthcare services. Our healthcare system is so efficient that we don’t have long queues in clinics except only one or two wait for appointments to see specialists. But actually this is not true as well.  The waiting time can be cut to immediate if one has the money to pay. So it is wrong to complain of ridiculously long waiting time for medical appointments.

Now who is so stupid to send delegations to Japan and Sweden to learn from their flawed systems? These countries should be learning from us instead. We are the best. But one proviso, we are so good because we imported the best foreign talents to run and manage our systems. Without the foreign talents, we will have the same pitfalls as Sweden and Japan.

She should recommend to Hsien Loong to forbid sending delegations to these countries to learn their pitfalls. It is a waste of public funds, unless we are there to confirm that we are doing the right thing.


b said...

No country is perfect. If the people are highly educated and can easily migrate and find work, it is better than many other counterparts in this world.

Anonymous said...

Migration is the Best Option.
It will also allow sinkies to see
beyond the opening of the well.
More importantly, it will provide
a better future for succeeding
generations. They will have a
bigger arena to live and play in.
Do prepare for them to have a
Better FUTURE.

Anonymous said...

Actually no need Grace Fu or whoever to confirm lah.

What really matters is every 5 years, at least 60% confirm PAP is the best, or rather the best available, to be govt.

Once this happened, all the other best are secondary.

Anonymous said...

"Once this happened, all the other best are secondary."
Anon 7:50 am

Not only best, but even bad or worse is also secondary.

As long as the strongest opposition is far from being as good or better than the PAP.

Anonymous said...

Why until now the opposition still cannot become strong?

Like that ah, how can they be strong by 2016?

Can they grow strong in 3 years when they cannot be strong even after nearly 50 years, you tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

After nearly 20 years working in the same company, I am still only a junior staff.

So what is the chance that I can become the company CEO in the next 2 years? 7% chance? Or 0% chance?

Anonymous said...

This disgrace fool always talk nonsense lar so don't take it seriously mah, Tio Bo.

As for8.07am, I think u are screwed leh.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I think I should agree with some of you about migrating. All the Sinkies should migrate and leave this island and let the new migrants to take over everything.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is one of the smallest country in the world.
With one of the highest taxes in the world.
So when an overpaid Millionaire Minister tells you Singapore is the best in the world.
And that we have nothing to learn from other people.
You think you want to believe her?

Anonymous said...

Singapore is doomed, with idiot ministers like this. We know she is a fool, but when she opens her big fat mouth, doube confirm she is a fool.

Herr Loongsan, you are only as good as your people, and the quality of a leader is set in the people you pick. Well, what to do, when they all come through the back door.....

Anonymous said...

She is a Fu, not a fool.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

as I've said in many previous posts: All governments are bad -- aka the "necessary evil". Of all the world's governments, Singapore has the "least bad".

The Swedes won't learn from Singapore. Their political economy (of which Australia's is modeled after) prescribes "egalitarianism" which shits on "meritocracy". Meritocracy is, of course, the cornerstone of Singapore's REPUBLICAN political economy.

"Egalitarianism" rests on the fact that to have "equality", you have to take form the "haves" and redistribute to the "have nots" so that everyone is EQUALLY POOR.

Japan's healthcare system is fucked because they are broker than broke and have too many oldies in their aging society dependent on an under-funded ridiculous epic public failure.

So yeah, at the moment HOTEL Singapore comes out tops.

I just got a letter from CPF to top up my MediSave. The amount is so small it is laughable. Compare that to the MediCare levy I pay here in Australia (~AUD 1500 per year), I take the Ponzi-CPF-Medisave syatem of Singapore ANYDAY lah.

Have to agree with Grace Fu. Damn, I'd like to take her out for a serious makeover -- hair, makeup, new clothes. She has the potential to be a foxy MILF :-)

I'm just saying...

Anonymous said...

37Yah lor! Why are we wasting taxpayer's money sending teams to Japan and Sweden to study their system when we are already better than them?

I think nowadays are leaders have taken over the defunct 'Talkingcock.com'. By the way, would a she really knows much about talking cock.

Anonymous said...

Sin city, whats there for you, sinkies still trying to catch the last bus, even your pm has spoken, he told all of you to leave, theres no place for u guys, veritas had said also he prefers prc's rule, still grumbling because the crumbs are not enough, no brains, no guts, no talent, and they still make noise.

Let the PRC's take over, the blangar's can do the roads, and hard work which sinkies do not want to touch, everything else they can do. Stupid stupid dumb ass, still think this piece of floating board still belong to you!